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What Do The Blind See At The Time Of Death - Alternative View
What Do The Blind See At The Time Of Death - Alternative View
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Vicki Umipeg, a 45-year-old blind woman, was one of more than 30 people studied by Dr. Ken Ring and Sharon Cooper during the two-year study that was dedicated.

NDE (Near Death Experience) in the blind. Vicki could only see a moment after birth, when her optic nerves were completely destroyed by the excess oxygen in the incubator. It turned out that she can see during the NDE. Her story is a prime example of how this near-death experience evolves in the same way as people who see (except that she did not see the color).

After a car accident, she ended up over her body in a hospital room. She realized that she was climbing to the ceiling, looking at the doctor and nurse who were trying to save her. Vicki remembers well how she found out that it was her body.

“I think I had two rings on my right hand. I must have seen my wedding ring - I must have noticed it because it is very unusual."

Journey to the afterlife

After getting out of her body, which happened very quickly, she found that she had passed through the ceiling of the room and was above the roof of the building.

At the same time, she saw the whole area. She was thrilled as she climbed up and enjoyed the freedom of movement and harmonious, divine music like the sound of a carillon in the wind. The transition was barely noticeable. Then she felt herself being sucked into the pipe. The area was dark, but she still knew she was heading towards light.

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When she reached the mouth of the pipe, the music seemed to turn into hymns, and then she “rolled” to find herself lying on the grass. She was surrounded by trees and flowers and a lot of people. She was in a place illuminated by an immense light that she could feel and see. People were shining too. Everyone here was made of light. That which emitted light was love. Love was everywhere. As if love flowed from the grass, it came from the birds, from the trees. Vicki then met some acquaintances. There were five of them. Debbie and Diana were her blind classmates who died a few years before her, when they were 11 and 16. In life, they were both very retarded and blind, but here they shone, beautiful, healthy and vital. They were no longer children, but they were "in their prime."

She also saw two caregivers who took care of her when she was little, they were married. And finally, she met her grandmother, who basically raised her and died two years before her accident. During the meeting, they did not talk, but exchanged only feelings - feelings of love and greeting.

Mystical knowledge

In the midst of these wonderful feelings, Vicki suddenly felt complete knowledge. “I felt like I knew everything,” and it all made sense. I knew that here I would get answers to all questions about life, about planets, about God, about everything … As if this place was this knowledge.

Vicki then noticed that there was a figure not far from her that shone much brighter than other people she knew until now. She suddenly realized that this was her mentor. He greeted her affectionately as she expressed her enthusiasm for her suddenly acquired omniscience and her joy.

The mentor telepathically told her, “Isn't that wonderful? Everything is fine here and everything goes together. And you will find it one day. But now you cannot stay here. Your time has not come yet, you must return"

Vicki expressed her great displeasure and objected that she wanted to stay with him in this world. But the being assured her that she would one day get here, but now she "must come back and learn more about how to love and forgive." She must also return and have children. This convinced her to return because she always "desperately" wanted to have children in her life. Since then, she has had three. She agreed and began to return for a long time. At that moment, the creature said to her: "But look at this first."

Then Vicki saw her whole life from birth to full panoramic view. The last thing NDE's Vicky remembered after repeating her life was, "Now you have to go back."

Visual reports like this were no exception among blind respondents, but they were the rule. In total, 80% of the entire sample said they had some visual experience during the NDE. However, Wick's report was unique in its detail.

It is sometimes disorienting and even destructive for the blind when they begin to see the physical world. Vicki said:

“It was very difficult for me to get used to my vision. I have never experienced this. It was very foreign to me … How can I put it into words? As if someone hears the words and does not understand them, although he knows their meaning. It was something new, something unreal.

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