Sowing Field - Alternative View
Sowing Field - Alternative View
Video: Sowing Field - Alternative View
Video: Ploughing and Sowing of Wheat Seed 2023, February

Many dead, passing into That World, do not realize that they have died and that their environment has changed. This happens for two reasons. The first is ignorance, the second, and extremely important, consists in the following: having thrown off a dense body, a person feels that he himself has not lost anything from this from what he considers himself: his “I”, he himself remained in all his fullness … After amputation of arms or legs, a person continues to feel them and even feel pain in them. Exactly the same sensations, coming from the physical body, remain in it in the form of remnants of its sensations even after liberation from the body, that is, after its death. There is no body, but the usual sensations remain for a while. Hunger, cold, and thirst also do not immediately disappear.

Knowledge quickly frees one from earthly vestiges, but it must be acquired. It is difficult to do this when denying the possibility of life outside the body. Something similar happens at the "second death", that is, when the thin shell that has already become unnecessary is shed. A person does not even feel that he has lost something, since all of him, himself, his “I”, goes higher with him. He thinks about this no more than about discarded old clothes that have become unusable, not for a moment identifying himself, his “I”, with it. Therefore, the death of the physical body, the death of the subtle body, and the death of the third - the mental - We Call liberation.

Indeed, only in the fiery body of Light, which is no longer replaceable, does the spirit gain freedom. Life in the body of Light is determined by the quantity and quality of the elements of Light-Fire accumulated by a person during his earthly incarnations, that is, in the world of causality. He who has not collected anything, who has not accumulated anything, will be poor in the World of Light. He who sowed nothing will reap nothing. The one who has sown will reap according to the nature and quality of the seeds sown.

Sowing psychic seeds is extraordinarily important. The sowing field is space, and the seeds are sown by thought. Sowing is created in the spatial field and in the aura of one's microcosm by the thoughts and aspirations of each day. The sower and the sowing are inseparable from one another. The predestined harvest occurs by the consonance of the energies of the aura with the emergence of the spatial stubble of its own psychic seeds. The Creator and his creations, generating and his products are inseparable in space, for they are bound by the magnetic force of fire.

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