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The Secret Of Clinical Death! What Are The Most Common Experiences Of People - Alternative View
The Secret Of Clinical Death! What Are The Most Common Experiences Of People - Alternative View
Video: The Secret Of Clinical Death! What Are The Most Common Experiences Of People - Alternative View
Video: Researchers say there's evidence that consciousness continues after clinical death 2023, February

What will happen after death? Will there be something or nothing at all? People have been asking this question for centuries. We will probably never get an answer. But there are people who have experienced clinical death and have special memories of this. Experiences on the borderline between life and death are considered absurd, but people who have been there speak differently. What met them there? What did they feel or perceive?

What do people go through when their hearts stopped and they were on the verge of death? Surprisingly many, although they are unconscious and should not feel or perceive anything. However, it is not.

A feeling of overwhelming love

During clinical death, many people felt an incredibly strong presence of immense love. Often this love could not be defined, they "just" perceived it as part of the atmosphere of the place. Some people associate this love with the beings they met “there”. Sometimes they were religious figures, sometimes vague minor figures, sometimes dead relatives.

Telepathy ability

Many people, after experiencing near-death experiences, report that they had the ability to communicate with people at the level of consciousness, and not verbally. For example, they heard what the doctors were talking about and communicated with them through telepathy.

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Retrospective of life

Most clinical death survivors report that their entire life went through their heads at the time. Some witnessed their lives from birth to the end, others saw their lives in reverse order, from present to birth. Some even described how they witnessed each event and the details of their lives.

Meeting with God

Many people claim to have met some kind of divine being similar to God. Interestingly, however, almost everyone who saw God never believed in Him and were atheists.

Great ecstasy

This experience goes hand in hand with the first experience, a feeling of great love. While the first feeling comes from an external source, people perceive it as their inner ecstasy, a great joy that they are in this place, that their bodies are free and that they met loving beings there.

Unlimited knowledge

Many people feel unlimited knowledge of everything due to clinical death, sometimes they receive only part of this knowledge, sometimes absolutely everything. It is said to be an amazing feeling, as if they share the wisdom and secrets of the universe. Unfortunately, all this knowledge disappears upon awakening, but there are still some traces of the fact that they possessed this ability.


Many people on the verge of death report that at some point they faced a barrier in which they had to decide whether to stay in the afterlife or return to life. In some cases, this decision was made by light creatures who told them to return, because their time had not yet come and they still had a mission. Others, however, had a choice and were very reluctant to return.

Visions of the future

Many people see the future and future events during clinical death. They are witnesses to world events that have not yet occurred, or events that are specific to the life of a particular person. This then helps them decide whether to return to earthly existence.


Although the tunnel is considered almost a "trademark" sign of near-death death, it is often said that people do not see it. Instead of traveling through a tunnel, it feels like a soul without a body rushes towards bright light through a fast moving passage or down stairs.

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