About The Near-death Experience - Alternative View
About The Near-death Experience - Alternative View
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Near-death experience of states of "clinical death" for those whose consciousness is able to remember it, gives a very large experience and knowledge about the existence of the "other world". But the most important thing is that it allows us to understand that we come to this world of physical three-dimensional reality not just like that, but to perform certain tasks, having completed which, we can return to where we came from. At the same time, after the death of the physical body, consciousness does not die at all, as the hired talkers of the parasitic system are trying to instill in us.

Personally, I had a similar experience back in 1983, and therefore I know about it not by hearsay. But today I would like to acquaint readers with the transcendental experience of the Russian researcher of esoteric knowledge R. Dol, which he received during the near-death state. This is how he described what was happening to him in his book "Journey through the inner worlds of Consciousness":

It is surprising how many common details exist among people who have experienced a state of "clinical death" or other near-death experiences. And this is another proof of the reality of such an experience of out-of-body travel and the existence of consciousness outside the physical body. In addition, this knowledge is able to console people who have lost their loved ones, who have left this world. Precisely those who left for other planes of the multidimensional Universe, and did not cease to exist after the death of the physical body. And, of course, it is very useful to know that after the death of the physical body, everyone will be ashamed of their actions and deeds that have caused pain and suffering to other beings in our world.

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