Who Will Go To Hell And Who Will Go To Heaven - Alternative View
Who Will Go To Hell And Who Will Go To Heaven - Alternative View
Video: Who Will Go To Hell And Who Will Go To Heaven - Alternative View
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Hell and heaven really exist and we can really find ourselves either in heaven or in hell. It all depends on how we live, what kind of activity we conduct.

Hell and heaven are places where they either punish (hell) or reward (heaven) for our activities.

Everything is very simple.

The Vedas, the revealed scriptures say that hell, heaven are such planets in the universe. All planets in the universe, in all 14 planetary systems (galaxies) are divided into three types of planets - upper (heavenly), middle (our Earth belongs to them, there are hellish punishments and heavenly pleasures-rewards) and lower (hellish) ones. In the heavenly planets there is only enjoyment, life is very good there; on the hellish planets there is only suffering, life is terrible there; on the middle planets there are both pleasures and sufferings, but lower in level than in heaven and hell.


You ask, how do I get to heaven or hell if I now live on planet Earth?

The answer is that it can happen in the next life.

We are eternal souls who live for some time in some kind of material body, then the body dies, and the soul receives a new body from God. This is where all our activities in our life are evaluated. All our activities are recorded by higher powers and analyzed what we did good and what bad. Naturally, a righteous pious person, who during his life was good for people, all living beings and the world around him, gets to the heavenly planet in a new body and will enjoy a high standard of life there for many years. A sinful person who caused suffering to others, brought evil to the world around him, as a punishment will receive a body on the hellish planet and will be subjected to terrible suffering there. At the same time, he can repent of his sinful wicked activities and change for the better.

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A person who, as it were, turned out to be an average peasant, did not perform many good deeds, can be born again on this planet Earth in some new body. The concept of death is for our material body. We are spiritual personalities, souls, are eternal in nature. Death is like a door to a new next life. And on the heavenly and on the hellish planets, our material body also once perishes and then the soul will again receive a body on the planet of the middle level. It is on such planets (like the Earth) that we can conduct some kind of creative activity for our future, accumulate karma.


But in general, the meaning of our life is not to go to heaven for a while and enjoy there. Not. It turns out that we are souls, created by God for God and must live with Him in the spiritual world, in eternal spiritual bodies, a life full of happiness and joy. This is our mission.

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