About The Purpose Of The Ancient Pyramids - Alternative View
About The Purpose Of The Ancient Pyramids - Alternative View
Video: About The Purpose Of The Ancient Pyramids - Alternative View
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Official historians tell us tales about that. that in ancient times people built pyramids only in two cases: as tombs of rulers or for religious and cult purposes. At the worst, these were temple astronomical observatories for observing the luminaries, scientists say. But all these versions are clearly far-fetched to hide from us the true purpose of the pyramids.

Many alternative researchers have already expressed their version that these were technical structures for various purposes. And although these versions themselves differ in details, they are united in one thing: the true purpose of many ancient pyramids has nothing to do with tombs and temples. Unless, of course, we do not consider the temples themselves, for example, ancient power plants. And some of the independent researchers adhere to just this version.

But today I want to tell you about the opinion of the Russian researcher of esoteric knowledge Roman Dolya. For example, here is what he writes about the ancient pyramids in his book "A Journey through the Inner Worlds of Consciousness":

As you can see, R. Dolya also connects the ancient pyramids with their technical and technomagical purpose. Ancient civilizations were not only able to collect types of energy that were not yet available to our civilization, but also consciously use them for their own purposes. Technologies for using such energy make oil and gas rigs with their fuel pipelines unnecessary, as well as giant hydroelectric power plants, thermal power plants and nuclear power plants with large-scale electrical grids and substations. And most importantly, they deprive fuel and energy TNCs and their owners of monopoly and price diktat, and hence the extortionate super-profits. And this is one of the reasons why the true purpose of the ancient pyramids is so diligently hidden from us and blind faith is imposed on the implausible tales of the falsifiers of history.

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