Pyramid Of Pepi II - Alternative View
Pyramid Of Pepi II - Alternative View
Video: Pyramid Of Pepi II - Alternative View
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Speaking about the pyramids of South Sakkara, one cannot fail to mention the pyramid, the construction of which is associated with the pharaoh Pepi II. By itself, it belongs to the same group as the pyramids of Aunt, Pepi I, Jedkar. In the same way, it is based on the ancient foundations of the times of the civilization of the gods. In the upper part of it, there is the same primitive masonry, radically different from the high-tech ancient core.

However, the pyramid of Pepi II stands out to others. Near it there is a pyramid - a companion, inside which lies a block of black basalt. This is an unusual block - it contains traces of both manual and machine processing. At the same time, the machining appears too clearly: the saw has gone to the side, leaving a characteristic trace - a concave bead. Interestingly, there is also a hand tool chipping mark, but it was made after machine processing.

It is almost impossible to confuse machine and manual processing, since the machine-processed surface has a characteristic shade of dark color. With manual processing, a whitish tint is observed.

Modern stone cutting machines use steel saws with diamond tips. To cut a stone, such a disc must rotate at a high angular speed - this prevents the disc from pinching, and also provides surface grinding. The conclusion suggests itself: in order to ensure such rotation, at least electrical energy and an electric drive are needed. In addition, technologies are needed to create cutting parts and materials comparable in strength and hardness to steel alloys. Based on this, we can say that modern science either does not know anything about the period when the pyramids were erected, or does not disclose …

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