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A Copy Of The Cheops Pyramid Was Built Near St. Petersburg - Alternative View
A Copy Of The Cheops Pyramid Was Built Near St. Petersburg - Alternative View
Video: A Copy Of The Cheops Pyramid Was Built Near St. Petersburg - Alternative View
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A copy of the Cheops pyramid was built in a village near St. Petersburg.

The road to the village of Istinke goes through the field, so the pyramid on the outskirts is clearly visible from afar. In a strange way, it does not discord with the pastoral of the Russian village. Because it was built in its place, according to its creators Victoria and Andrey Vakhrushev.

With millimeter precision

The Vakhrushev family is a typical Petersburg intelligentsia. Victoria is a psychologist, Andrey is a lawyer. Six months ago, they erected a smaller copy of the Cheops pyramid on their suburban area. An old log sauna, an apple tree and right there - a real Egyptian pyramid, on the steps of which a pensive cat is warming himself …

- What for? - Victoria smiles. - Yes, there is simply such a word - a dream.

The dream began to take shape ten years ago, when the Vakhrushevs first came to Egypt and discovered the mysterious and boundless world of the pyramids. At first glimpse, with numerous tourists, then thoughtfully, issuing a permit for a long visit to the pyramids and traveling to "sacred" places that cannot be found in guidebooks.

- It became obvious that the pyramids influence people in the most wonderful way. Those who manage to stay in them outside of the tourist flow experience delight, ease, inspiration. Physicists have been studying the properties of pyramids for a long time - they store food better, sharpen knives, regenerate processes faster,”says Victoria. - I wanted to understand the reasons for these amazing things, but it is impossible to work regularly and for a long time in Egyptian monuments. And then we thought, why not build our own pyramid?

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The preparatory work took about two years. The Vakhrushevs sparked friends and associates with the idea of ​​building a pyramid. The technical drawing was made by a well-known specialist in Ancient Egypt, on the basis of which the architect developed an unusual project. The pyramid of Cheops was taken as a basis, reduced exactly nineteen times. No mysticism - it was necessary to fit into SNiPs. The result is a pyramid with a base length of 13 meters and a height of about 8.5. If the Egyptian original is made of limestone and basalt, then the true one is made of polystyrene concrete.

Miracles began already during the construction process.

- For the Tajiks who worked in the brigade, our pyramid was at first an ordinary object, perhaps with non-standard masonry. And then they began to have sore backs, legs, shoulders, - says Victoria. - And no one caught a cold in the rain and wind. Chronic inflammation on the leg of a girl whom we hired to clean construction dust was also healed.

Four levels, four meanings

The pyramid was given the name of Thoth - the Egyptian god of wisdom. She still has finishing work, but the lack of cladding does not affect functionality. About one and a half hundred visitors have already experienced the beneficial effect of the pyramid. These are both friends of the Vakhrushevs and "pilgrims" - from Moscow, Vladivostok, Belarus. Inside the pyramid there are four levels, each of which carries its own information and energetically corresponds to the chambers in the Cheops pyramid. Leading us on a tour of the internal structure of the pyramid, Andrei is trying very hard to speak in the most simple and clear language for the uninitiated.

- Here is the lower chamber, it is lowered a couple of meters underground and is designed to work with the subconscious. Here water is structured. Remember, as in fairy tales, there is living and dead water …

- Is it alive?

- It's dead. But not to kill, but to remove negativity, dirt from a person's energy. Imagine your subconscious mind as a glass of cloudy liquid. We remove impurities with the help of dead water - half a glass of pure water remains. Then we top up the glass with living water. Got it, right?

The second floor is the so-called queen's chamber. There are wide wooden floors and a kind of sandbox with unusual shimmering sand. This is quartz. In general, about five tons of rock crystal in the pyramid are scattered, laid out and walled up - it acts as a kind of lens for collecting energy. The third level is the king's chamber. With a sarcophagus for meditation. If on the first floor a person is cleansed, and on the second one finds peace, then magic begins here - changes in the physical and mental plane. And the final stage is the fourth floor, at the very top. Here, say the creators of the pyramid, there is an upgrade of consciousness, the expansion of its abilities.

Pyramid - not always a tomb. But what is she for then? The Vakhrushevs hope to solve this riddle. Photo: Sergey Nikolaev / RG
Pyramid - not always a tomb. But what is she for then? The Vakhrushevs hope to solve this riddle. Photo: Sergey Nikolaev / RG

Pyramid - not always a tomb. But what is she for then? The Vakhrushevs hope to solve this riddle. Photo: Sergey Nikolaev / RG.

- Roughly speaking, a person becomes smarter. Well, for example, someone works as a middle-level manager and would like to become a department head, but consciousness does not allow. This is where it will change in the right direction. Adjust your personal life? You can, too, - Andrey casually lists. - We have a lot of amazing things happening here. One lady came - did not unbend. Legs, head, joints - everything hurt! Two hours in the pyramid, and she still runs.

This is not an art object

Nobody specifically advertised the pyramid in Istinka, but the glory of it goes. The Vakhrushevs treat the curious without irritation, but one day they woke up from the noise and saw that some young people with beer had climbed onto the pyramid and happily selfie.

After that, they surrounded her with a fence. They say that this is not an art object or an attraction, but a place for research and, in general, private property.

- I am amused by the comments of some people on social networks. Like why they built a tomb in the courtyard. But not every pyramid served as a burial vault, Victoria argues, pouring tea in the shade of the pyramid. - Yes, there were those in which they were buried, in them the sarcophagus is underground.

And if the sarcophagus is above ground level, then the building is intended for something else. The Cheops pyramid is just that. Neither the mummy nor the untold treasures prepared for the afterlife were found in it, this is a well-known fact. But what such pyramids are for and how exactly they work is a mystery that we are trying to solve …

By the way

The pyramid in Istinka is far from the only one in Russia. According to the Vakhrushevs, there are at least half a thousand of them in the country. But so far no one has been able to build the same "correct" one. While developing their project, Andrey and Victoria did not rely on the existing examples: “We needed not just an expensive toy, but a truly 'working' object. Therefore, we were repelled from the Cheops pyramid, trying not to change anything, in this regard we are definitely not smarter than the ancient Egyptians."

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