Pyramid Of Pepi I - Alternative View
Pyramid Of Pepi I - Alternative View
Video: Pyramid Of Pepi I - Alternative View
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The area between Dashur and the main complex of the pyramids of Sakkara is commonly called South Sakkara. There are two groups of pyramids here, one of which is closer to North Sakkara, and the other to Dashur. The first group includes the pyramids of Pepi I, Jedkar and Merenre. The second group includes the pyramid Pepi II, Ibi, as well as the Shepseskaf mastaba.

As a rule, these pyramids look very nondescript, more resembling heaps of rubble, but between them researchers find such amazing artifacts that even one of them is able to overturn the generally accepted history of Egypt. Their entire complex is simply impossible to explain by traditional methods.

The pyramid of Pepi I, for some reason, attracted special attention, since now there is an intensive work around it, called restoration. However, according to a number of specialists, the given form clearly does not correspond to the original one. Some of the blocks move randomly, taking out of place. The pyramid is given a stepped shape, although, judging by the ruins, it was not like that. One of the granite slabs was not laid across the gate, but diagonally. It is difficult to say for what purpose such changes were introduced, but interestingly, in ancient times, the pyramid of Pepi I was also restored. To be more precise, we are talking about a pyramidal temple.

The most striking in this temple is the floor, in which the traces of restoration are most clearly visible. It consists of blocks that are made of a wide variety of materials, which is not typical for such buildings. The blocks are large. It contains pink granite, black basalt, alabaster and limestone. They show an incompatible picture, but at the same time they represent an interesting example of ancient restoration. In other companion pyramids, similar combinations of the incomprehensible are also found. But the general rule always holds true. Despite the outer masonry (even if it is made of fine gravel), the inner part of the pyramids consists of high-quality stone blocks of a giant mass of tens of tons. A magnificent sarcophagus of black basalt was discovered in one of the pyramids …

Pyramid Pepi I in its center has a hole, looking into which one can see the blocks of the central chamber overlap. The overlap is seriously damaged, but the structure is clearly visible, which is characteristic of many other pyramids.

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