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Was The Pyramid Of Cheops Built By The Atlanteans? - Alternative View
Was The Pyramid Of Cheops Built By The Atlanteans? - Alternative View
Video: Was The Pyramid Of Cheops Built By The Atlanteans? - Alternative View
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In September 2002, world news agencies reported a sensation. Scientists intended to penetrate the cache discovered in the Cheops pyramid with the help of a new generation miniature robot. It was assumed that the work will be broadcast live by the National Geographic TV channel. The news literally excited the world scientific community.

Was visible from the moon

Tourists who come to Egypt will definitely find time to get acquainted with this gigantic structure. The pyramid is believed to be 4,500 years old and weigh 6.2 million tons (more than all the cathedrals and churches of England combined). It consists of 203 rows of masonry, its height reaches 138.75 meters (originally - 146.6 meters).

The perimeter of the pyramid is a perfect square, which is located on a granite surface and has deviations from the horizontal by no more than two centimeters. The structure is oriented to the cardinal points with an accuracy of 0.015% (in our time, this would be possible only with the use of laser theodolites). The ratio of the length of the base of the pyramid to its height is equal to pi (the ratio of the circumference to its diameter) with an accuracy of six decimal places. In addition, many numerical knowledge that humanity discovered much later are encrypted in the sizes of the pyramid parts: the circumference of the globe and the Earth's orbit as it rotates around the Sun, the acceleration of gravity, the speed of light, and many others..

In November 1996, American engineer Raymond D. Manners announced a sensational discovery: the faces of the pyramid were once concave! Now this feature cannot be noticed with the naked eye, because in the 13th century the Arabs who conquered Egypt disassembled the polished facing of the structure, using it to decorate mosques. But in ancient times, at noon on the summer solstice, thanks to the polishing and the effect of the concave surface, the structure became so shiny that its light could be discerned from the moon! For what purpose was it needed?

10 times thinner

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The Great Pyramid hides many other mysteries. The stone blocks from which it is made have perfectly square corners and are placed with such precision that even modern technology cannot achieve. How were the multi-ton parts of the structure raised to a height of tens of meters?

At the same time, no traces of roads were found along which the blocks could be delivered to the construction site. Some researchers suggest that in this case it was not slave labor that was used, but some unknown technology, the secret of which was lost over time.

Another mystery - with what tools did the ancient Egyptians cut stones? These tools have never been discovered, and their properties can only be judged by the traces they left on stone blocks and granite foundations. Engineering calculations showed that the holes drilled in it were made under a load of at least two tons. A powerful drilling machine can provide it - but where could it have come from at that time? And if he did exist, what energy did he use?

In Egypt, many objects dating back to ancient times were found from diorite, a very hard rock stone. They have inscriptions and drawings. How could they be made if diorite is stronger than iron? Did the Egyptian civilization possess the secrets of modern superhard instruments?

The cuts of stone slabs also look mysterious. Cutting stones of this size requires a chain saw at least three centimeters thick these days. But, judging by the footprints on the stones, the saws of the ancient Egyptians were 10 times thinner - only three millimeters. How can this be?

Major triad

Another mystery of the Cheops pyramid is its acoustics. The stone structure is made like this. which can make sounds. Moreover, the sound is carried out according to the principle of chords - others, higher ones, are periodically superimposed on the main and constant bass note. Studies have shown that narrow cavities are specially made in the internal structures of the pyramid, due to which the movement of the wind causes a strictly defined "music". And the main gallery of the building plays the role of a resonator.

In 1798, during Napoleon's Egyptian campaign, French soldiers entered the Cheops pyramid. One of them fired a pistol to scare off the bats. As a result, the others almost lost their hearing - the sound of the shot amplified so much that it could lead to a shell shock.

The sound of the pyramid was analyzed by professional musicians. It turned out that it is absolutely harmonious and tuned to a major F-sharp triad. But the formation of musical harmony took place in Europe in the 9th-11th centuries! How could the ancient Egyptians "tune" the pyramid 3.5 millennia earlier?

But that's not all. After analyzing the remains of man-made canals around several pyramids, scientists came to the conclusion that these hydraulic structures were also used to amplify the sound power. Water streams passed under the pyramids at several levels, their depth was regulated with the help of valves, their channels once amplified the sound of cult objects many times over, including the pyramids of Cheops.

Aliens or inhabitants of Atlantis?

Let's summarize the above. So, we have an object called the Cheops pyramid. It was built with the help of unknown technologies and mysterious tools, which, according to modern ideas, then simply could not exist. Many physical and mathematical laws, discovered much later, are encrypted in the size of the pyramid. The pyramid could give the strongest light and sound signals.

The main conclusion suggests itself: this structure was erected thanks to the knowledge that someone passed on to the ancient people. This point of view is shared by most scientists. But further their opinions are divided. There are two main versions: either space aliens or the inhabitants of the mysterious Atlantis shared their knowledge.

In favor of the aliens, it is said that the pyramid is capable of giving signals - that is, it could serve as a beacon for spaceships.

On the other hand, the first mention of Atlantis and its inhabitants is found in the "Dialogues" of the ancient Greek philosopher Plato - and it says that the catastrophe of the island-state took place around 9500 BC, and it became known only from the priests of Egypt! That is, Atlantis could once have existed in the Mediterranean.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the famous American clairvoyant Edgar Cayce predicted that the scientific heritage of the inhabitants of Atlantis was preserved in Egypt. In particular, he argued that there was a cavity under the right front paw of the sphinx, where the records were once kept. In addition, the great pyramids, including the pyramid of Cheops, are repositories of knowledge.

In 1993, American geophysicist Thomas Dobecki using seismic instruments proved that there is indeed a large rectangular chamber under the sphinx's right forepaw. True, it was not possible to get there: the Egyptian government categorically banned any work, including further listening with the help of echo sounders, for fear that they could damage the ancient architectural monument.

Red hieroglyphs

It is extremely difficult to obtain a permit to work inside the pyramids. In the early 2000s, representatives of the Supreme Council for Antiquities of Egypt even filed a formal complaint with the prosecutor's office, demanding to admit that all the pyramids were built by local residents. The officials motivated their actions by the fact that if the structures are recognized as non-Egyptian, then they can be dismantled and taken out of the country. However, the court refused to consider this issue.

In 1993, the German engineer Rudolf Gantenbrink, with the help of the "Upuaut" robot (translated from ancient Egyptian as opening the door), discovered a cache and a sliding door-flap inside the Cheops pyramid. To the cache led a laser measuring 20 centimeters in height and 23 in width. A version immediately appeared that this is where the knowledge of the Atlanteans is stored.

It was also found that the tunnel is precisely oriented towards the star Sirius and the constellation Orion. But why?

Then the robot failed to complete the task to the end - the second was behind the first door. Coordination of further scientific actions with the Egyptian authorities was delayed. Only in September 2002, permission was received, and the designers began to create a new generation robot called "Jedi" - after the magician who served at the court of Pharaoh Cheops. All major mass media reported the sensational news. The scientific community looked forward to an imminent grand discovery.

But the robot's journey itself took place only in 2011. It looked like a toy train. The robot entered the tunnel, disappeared behind the first door, drilled a hole in the second - and ended up in a mysterious chamber.

It turned out to be empty. But at the same time, its floor was covered with mysterious red hieroglyphs, which have not yet been deciphered.

In addition, the operation of the device made it possible to carefully examine the door from the other side. It was attached with brass rods and hinges, and handles for opening were attached to it. But who and for what purpose could open it from the inside?

Another study of the cache in the Cheops pyramid led to the emergence of new questions. Maybe the legacy of Atlantis or aliens from outer space is hidden behind one of the walls of the chamber? One way or another, the mystery of the cache continues to remain unsolved.

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