In Hollywood, They Began To Shoot A Film, Where The Main Role Will Be Played By Real Artificial Intelligence - Alternative View
In Hollywood, They Began To Shoot A Film, Where The Main Role Will Be Played By Real Artificial Intelligence - Alternative View
Video: In Hollywood, They Began To Shoot A Film, Where The Main Role Will Be Played By Real Artificial Intelligence - Alternative View
Video: How Far is Too Far? | The Age of A.I. 2023, February

The transformation of modern cinematography, which strongly resembles degeneration, has long been noticed by everyone. Today it is difficult to even say when it began, however, it is already obvious that now the time has come when it all definitely ends.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, American producers have begun filming a new sci-fi movie with an initial budget of $ 70 million. The main money for the film came from Bondit Capital Media, Happy Moon Productions and Ten Ten Global Media. Some of the money went to critics, so although the film is still being filmed, it is already being promoted to an Oscar.

The script of the film is quite consistent with the spirit of the times: a nutty professor creates an AI, embedded in a humanoid robot named Erica. Naturally, the fighters against AI begin to hate Eric terribly, a storm of protests rises on Earth, so the professor takes the side of Erica and together they kill everyone.

We have already seen something similar in "Westworld" and dozens of other films, but here the trick is that the robot Erica will play…. Eric's robot. No special effects, no clowns disguised as C-Tri-Pi-O. Everything will be for real - from acting on the set, ending with dialogues and facial expressions.

Erica was made by Japanese engineers Hiroshi Ishiguro and Kohei Ogawa. It is controlled not by a gang of lighting animators, but by a full-fledged Artificial Intelligence.

The Japanese have been doing Erica for a long time and it was planned to make a film with this robot actress in 2018. However, something didn't work out there and the shooting was postponed. The premiere of this film is promised in 2021.

Naturally, one should not expect any miracles on the screen, since modern OFFICIAL robotics, despite some successes, is generally rather weak. However, this is not the point, since the main trend is here.

Promotional video:

Vikings recruited somewhere in Africa, Kievans from Central Asia, led by Danila Kozlovsky in the role of Danila Kozlovsky, French African American musketeers, crowds of lovers of same-sex love, and so on appeared on the screen more than one day. They were pushed onto the set one at a time, so that the audience got used to it and did not destroy cinemas.

Then these pioneer pioneers were launched into the world two or three, after which the world came to the situation that if the film does not reveal the theme of same-sex love, stupidity / meanness of Indo-Europeans and genius / heroism of African Americans, then the road to the top of the film will be closed and the producers will go down the drain.


And now a similar first swallow flew in from the AI ​​side and we see the moment of the birth of a new trend. Now only Erica was brought to the studio, then, probably, the robot Sophia will be added to her. We do not know what they will do there, but we are sure that after this cinematic act there will be more and more robotic actors.

In general, this is probably good, because it is not very clear: why for the same job one person making faces in front of the camera gets one hundred bucks an hour, and another one hundred thousand - for exactly the same antics. And he also shakes the rights, disrupting the release time of the film. And with robotic actors, everything will be fair and honest.

It is even possible that someday Hollywood will come to what androids will do to replace the great supreme leaders. You can, of course, not encroach on the sacred yet and start by replacing the legislature: Erica will probably cope with pressing the voting button, and the AI ​​manager will tell her whether to press or not. So we are following the development of events, we are waiting for messages on scientific progress in this direction.

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