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Artificial Intelligence. Why And Who Needed It? - Alternative View
Artificial Intelligence. Why And Who Needed It? - Alternative View
Video: Artificial Intelligence. Why And Who Needed It? - Alternative View
Video: EU ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE ACT: Why we need it, how it works, what it means. 2023, February

Recently, I have increasingly come across publications on the development of artificial intelligence. Surprisingly, the fact is that, according to my observations, the growth trend of AI propaganda is firstly cyclical, and secondly seasonal. Every year, adherents of this trend, their lifestyle more and more resemble a bear. At the end of autumn, they fall into suspended animation and throughout the winter are in a state of altered consciousness. They cannot be seen or heard. They must have wonderful dreams, in which they open up new possibilities for the continuation of the life of old irons. It is known that brain activity requires the same expenditure of energy. Whatever one may say, but you can't trample against nature. And therefore, having sucked all the life juice from their thumb during the winter, the creators of AI wake up in the spring from an intolerable feeling of hunger. It's scary to look at them at this time of year. But let's not talk about sad thingsand let us open the curtain on a small fragment of a huge problem called artificial intelligence.

Maybe AI is another, relatively honest way of taking money from taxpayers, which is increasingly used by the immortal children of the then famous Lieutenant Schmidt? In this case, the statesman promoting the idea of ​​the common good through the implementation of the project for the development of smart machines is the image of the blue thief Alexander Yakovlevich, the head of the household of the 2nd house of Starsobes from the famous “12 chairs” by Ilf and Petrov.


Why does a person need a machine endowed with abilities similar to the person himself?

A toy that, on the one hand, is designed to amuse the ambition of earthly kings, and on the other, to satisfy the material needs of ideological crooks. Maybe it is so. But why pay so much for a toy, even a super fancy one? You can imprison everyone and every house, and dictate your own rules remotely without regard to the will of people. As the history of COVID-19 shows, this is a quite working tool. And with the correct presentation of the material and the effective distribution of role responsibilities, the flock will generally be able to graze itself. By the way, it is worth noting here the fact that good shepherds, having closed parishes for the period of quarantine, do not participate in the life of parishioners. It will be interesting to look at the statistics of saving lost souls during this period. Self-isolation is perhaps the easiest way for the state to protect itself from the unpredictability of citizens' behavior.

What are the creators of AI trying to achieve?

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Let us assume that humanity will manage to create a unified, general civilizational database, which will contain knowledge and experience accumulated over all epochs of the world. Let's assume that it is possible to combine absolutely all machines (computers, robots, etc.) with such a database. It is possible that by this time a sufficient number of computer programs will be written, which will allow machines to find the information required to solve specific problems. Note that I am talking now about what has already been partially done, what is already working and is showing results that exceed even the most daring expectations. We are talking about the global search systems Google, Yandex, etc. But this is not artificial intelligence yet.

It should be understood that a giant leap in the development of search capabilities in machines does not mean that a machine can actually develop a thinking ability. Go there and bring what I am telling you, this is not the same thing in order to set a concrete and reasonable task for yourself. Search engine tasks are narrow in terms of AI. The algorithms are tuned to the relevance of the execution of requests from users. Here the task of the developers is to study as closely as possible the behavior of a person, his characteristics, his interests and inclinations. The more successful a search engine is, the closer it will be to anticipating a person's desires. As many people understand, the purpose of such systems is the same - it will allow you to earn much more money.

This means that to you, as a person, if the AI ​​developers are successful, the machine will say what you want at a particular moment in time. Moreover, what you want will follow from a number of justifications. Here the usefulness of the wishlist for your health will be taken into account; time of acceptance; permission from authorities; permission from parents; permission from children; various kinds of tolerances and restrictions and so on, so on, so on. Or maybe the efforts of AI researchers are aimed at making the machine begin to understand itself and learn to be aware of what it wants? Maybe the beneficiaries of AI do not have a goal to establish a dictatorship over a person, his life, desires, aspirations and capabilities?


Who seeks total control?

In any state there are special institutions where the practice of restricting human rights and freedoms is implemented on completely legal grounds. A prison is a place in which a person who is there is deprived of freedom, limited in time, in space, in the choice of opportunities for self-expression, self-realization and self-regulation. The prisoner has no will, because this energy arises from the intention to have something, with the simultaneous ability to act according to his own view. A person imprisoned is deprived of any possibility of independent choice of his own life, the system assigns him tasks and monitors execution.

Who needs such a system? - it is obvious to those who seek to control people, their desires, their aspirations, their goals, their faith, their hope, their life, behavior, reactions, feelings, sensations. System of total control over all human activity. Hmm.


This prison, even with a not-so-strict regime and a widespread practice of open doors, may have as its goal the transformation of a person into a fossil resource. From this position, the creation of artificial intelligence, as an integral system of global control over the use of resources, is perhaps the most significant task for solving. The costs of its creation are quite justified, and the economic effect will be enhanced by reducing the costs of maintaining the system itself.

When we answer ourselves to this question, then it will be possible to ask another question: does a person need such a state? And if you don't need this, then what is needed and what needs to be done to live in the state in which you want to live? I believe that each of us, now living on earth, should seriously think about ourselves. About where and how we want to live. Then only we can already think about the future of our children and grandchildren. What will be the world that we will leave them tomorrow? Who will our children be: people or a resource?

Author: Sergey Kovtun

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