Debriefing Of Historical Thought On The Example Of The Construction Of Pyramids - Alternative View
Debriefing Of Historical Thought On The Example Of The Construction Of Pyramids - Alternative View
Video: Debriefing Of Historical Thought On The Example Of The Construction Of Pyramids - Alternative View
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No one has yet learned about the true purpose of the pyramids. Many copies of historians of all stripes have already been broken about who built these ill-fated structures. Therefore, let's start with this example as the most familiar to everyone. And we will try right now with you to find out which of the historians is right: the officials or the alternative.

I will continue the thought expressed earlier that they are definitely not the tombs of the pharaohs. Why? Yes, just from the point of view of rationality, there was no point in building them for half a life with all slaves (oh yes, here the idea was shammed, and now they were being built by free people) of Egypt only in order to bring the dead king there and put him there to dry out. And the kings in those cruel times died like flies, so that the unfortunate builders did not have time to finish building one pyramid, as it was necessary to start another. I want to put a laughing smiley here.

In addition, as it turned out later, there are a great many such structures stuck around the world. In America, in China, in India, Thailand … What happens? Did all the people of that time waste their worthless lives just for this? Hardly. Because from such a life, this people should have simply died out due to the fact that after working for the Pharaoh, they still had to live and multiply. Yes, I'm not afraid of this word - to multiply. Otherwise, there will be no people.

Mayan pyramids in America
Mayan pyramids in America

Mayan pyramids in America.

And, as you know, the pyramids only in Egypt have a whole valley. According to the officials, they were built by several generations. Well, after all, some kind of horror. And all because here just the flight of thoughts did not happen among the officials. Tombs, period. Even as a child, I wanted to say - I don't believe it.

Therefore, there were alternative ideas arising from thinking people. However, a huge number of such opinions were expressed. Most of all I liked the idea voiced by V. Yashkardin in 2013. In short: the pyramids are "vibroacoustic infrasound interfaces for broadcasting energy." For some reason, I immediately wanted to agree with him that these are really high-tech structures, ancient infrasonic generators with a frequency of 9-16 Hz, powered by the energy of air streams. By the way, dolmens, which are also scattered all over the world and also operate at a frequency of 16 Hz, for the most part, have a lot in common with this frequency. But more about that sometime next time.

I will not repeat the theory of V. Yashkardin here, everything is described in sufficient detail on the site. For anyone interested, I give a reference.

How the pyramid works
How the pyramid works

How the pyramid works.

Promotional video:

Unfortunately, substantiated from the point of view of real science of physics, this theory did not find ideas from other alternative enthusiasts who are closer to conspiracy theory. Or it turned out to be too difficult for them to understand. And now you can hardly find her anywhere.

I substantiate my idea that it was impossible during the time of the pharaohs, fig knows which dynasty, to build structures of this size with those primitive tools that were available to the "free people" of Egypt.

But in this case, we are not talking about the pyramids, but about the construction of the world's tallest bridge in France, called Millau and opened in 2004. The essence of my position is that it took a lot of time and materials to build and develop. And they built it for 3 years using all modern means. And the pyramid with hands is 20 years old? Don't tell my sneakers.

Link to the source., in Wikipedia Millau also has a movie about its construction. The coordinates of the bridge: 44 ° 5'18.64 ″ N, 3 ° 1'26.04 ″ E.

The Millau bridge in France
The Millau bridge in France

The Millau bridge in France.

It was built over the valley of the French Tarn River at an altitude of 270 meters, a length of 2.5 kilometers and a volume of 206 thousand tons. It is because of this size that this bridge was chosen for comparison. Think about it - 206 thousand tons! And the Cheops pyramid weighs more than 5 million tons !!!

In addition, there are official data that the project of the bridge itself was developed by the Eiffage group, N. Foster and M. Virlazho for 10 years. Of course, here you can be indignant and say that maybe the project for the pyramids was developed once and then built according to a single template. But even here one cannot agree with this. After all, the pyramids are all different in size and built on different foundations. Well, you get me.

Farther. The most interesting thing about the construction of the Millau Bridge is how its pillars were installed. There are 7 of them. By the way, the main pillar of the bridge consists of 16 sections of 2.3 thousand tons each, which is a world record. But there are still no vehicles that could deliver these huge sections to the installation site.

So the designers had to figure out how to do it. Needless to say, they could not think of anything better how to bring them in parts, dividing them accordingly. Each particle is 60 tons. So they collected it. And then they also installed a pylon on each support, pouring it in place with concrete, about 87 meters high, to which 11 pairs of high-strength cables were attached.

Look at the beauty.

Bridge of Millau
Bridge of Millau

Bridge of Millau.

So this is modern construction, which turned out to be not so simple. Moreover, the construction of the bridge was constantly interfered with by weather conditions, because the valley of the Tarn River is distinguished by a harsh climate with sharp gusts of wind and heat, abruptly replaced by outrageous cold. And in summer in Egypt, in calm weather, the temperature rises to +50 degrees, and on average + 35-40. I'm just dying in this heat, where can I run and lift huge blocks.

Conclusion: the Egyptians really could not build pyramids in such a short time of the life of one pharaoh. In this case, I agree with the alternatives that these giants were built earlier by a completely different civilization. But to confirm this idea, it would be necessary to find out the usefulness of such a structure for people. Therefore, we will further consider what they were actually intended for.

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