12 Elements Of Near-death Experiences - Alternative View
12 Elements Of Near-death Experiences - Alternative View
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For the first time, the topic of near-death experiences that arise during states of "clinical death" was raised to the level of public interest by the resuscitator R. Moody. Interest in this phenomenon in society began to grow rapidly with the publication of his bestselling book Life After Life, which was published in 1975. In this book, “near death” conditions were first studied by medical methods.

Since then, many other researchers have studied this phenomenon using a variety of scientific methods. One such researcher, oncologist Jeffrey Long, who has 30 years of experience, founded in 1998 the Foundation for the Research of Near Death Experiences (FIPSP), whose specialists studied the near-death experience of 1,300 people in the first 10 years.

However, the first conclusions were made after a survey of 613 people, based on specially designed questionnaires. During the analysis of the phenomenon of near-death experiences, 12 basic elements were identified that usually accompany it. Here are some explanations on this subject J. Long gives in his book "Proof of Life After Death":

  1. Near Death Experience (PSP): the separation of consciousness from the physical body.
  2. Aggravation of feelings.
  3. Strong and mostly positive emotions and feelings.
  4. Entering a tunnel or going through a tunnel.
  5. Mysterious or very bright light.
  6. Meeting with mystical creatures or deceased relatives and friends.
  7. Feeling warped in time or space.
  8. Review of the events of your life.
  9. Acquaintance with unearthly ("heavenly") spheres.
  10. Getting special knowledge.
  11. Collision with a border or obstacle.
  12. Return to the body, conscious or involuntary. "

As you can see, there are researchers who are serious about the scientific study of this phenomenon, in contrast to the members of pseudoscientific "commissions" who are mainly engaged in self-publicity in the media, based only on unfounded denial of everything that is beyond the scope of their limited horizons. They are not engaged in any real research and experiments, and some of them are openly working out a certain “order” of certain structures so as not to lose the “feeding trough” in the form of a whole ingenious system of grants aimed at protecting the interests of the world parasitic satanic “elite”, which carries out the secret the maintenance of all these "commissions to combat pseudoscience" through funds like the "Rockefeller Foundation."

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