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The Boy Experienced Clinical Death 3 Times  - Alternative View
The Boy Experienced Clinical Death 3 Times - Alternative View
Video: The Boy Experienced Clinical Death 3 Times  - Alternative View
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… And when he woke up, he told his mother that he had seen his deceased father and his unborn brother and sister

This happened in 1997. The Whitley family was returning home from church. Landon, eight, sat in the back seat. At the intersection, the boy's father, Andy, suddenly screamed. In the next instant, an ambulance crashed into the family's car.


Andy died instantly, Julie was injured, but later her condition stabilized.

The rescuers did not know that there was still a child in the car until they noticed his shoes. They managed to get the 8-year-old boy out of the wrecked car.

Landon was found lifeless, but he received first aid and was able to start his heart.


On the way to Carolina Medical Center, the child stopped breathing and was resuscitated again. For the third time, clinical death occurred when he was already taken to the hospital.

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Although Landon was brought back to life three times, the doctors were not optimistic. They warned Julie that even if the child survived, "he will not be able to walk, talk or eat due to brain damage."

Landon had a massive head injury and was in a deep coma.

Two weeks later, the boy woke up. To everyone's surprise, his brain was intact. It seemed like a miracle.


Even more incredible were the words of the child when the mother spoke about the death of his father.

The son said that he saw there "golden streets", Jesus and angels. He also met his father's friend Olan Palmer and his son Neil. Both died in a car accident several years ago.


Then he suddenly said to his mother:

This incredible story is a "huge blessing" for Julie. This gave her strength and gave Landon the opportunity to "use this story to help others not give up."

Mother and son together wrote the book "The Road to Heaven", which tells about Landon's stay in heaven and what a wonderful place it is. They hope the book will help comfort children who have lost their loved ones.

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