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Clinical Death And Afterlife Experiences - Alternative View
Clinical Death And Afterlife Experiences - Alternative View
Video: Clinical Death And Afterlife Experiences - Alternative View
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Technological progress and medicine are rapidly moving forward. And, nevertheless, no one can answer the question: what happens to a person after death? Thousands of eyewitnesses who have experienced clinical death tell similar stories to one another. Doctors, in turn, claim that all these are hallucinations. However, sometimes there are such stories about clinical death that even the most ardent atheists begin to think about the afterlife and the existence of the soul.

Clinical death. Alina's eyewitness account

This happened on the morning of April 11, 2015. My heart became ill. When the ambulance took me to the clinic, I was no longer breathing, and the doctors accompanying me could not find my pulse. It was clinical death. As a consequence, I became a witness to the entire procedure of my resuscitation. Yes, I watched the actions of the doctors from a certain point outside my body. However, this is not all, in all this there was one peculiarity. At that moment, I was very worried about how my parents would perceive the message of my death. And as soon as I thought about it, I immediately saw my parents sitting on the couch at home.

I, in some amazing and inexplicable way, was simultaneously in the intensive care unit and in the living room of my parents. It was amazing to be in two different places at the same time, which are far from each other. There was a feeling that there, such a concept as space does not matter, or it exists according to other laws of physics. I sat down on the edge of the couch and said, “Mom, Dad, I had a heart attack, I died, but I don't want you to worry. It's not bad here."


My parents didn't look at me, so they didn't hear me. “Mom, dad - I did not stop whispering, - it’s me, Alya. I need to talk to you. " I tried to get their attention, when suddenly the focus of my consciousness returned me to the intensive care table. And I was back in my body.

Later, when I came to, I saw my brother at my bedside. As it turned out, my mother had a feeling that something bad had happened to me. Calling my mobile phone, she was answered by a doctor who told me what had happened to me. She immediately informed my older brother about this, who flew to me from another city.

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Was I really able to overcome a distance of 400 kilometers without a physical body? When I was in my parents' living room, did my mother hear me? Later, she said that she felt something, that something bad had happened to me. Father, did not feel anything. Looks like we women are more sensitive.

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