Life After Death: How Much Does A Person's Soul Weigh - Alternative View
Life After Death: How Much Does A Person's Soul Weigh - Alternative View
Video: Life After Death: How Much Does A Person's Soul Weigh - Alternative View
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The question of whether there is life after death is as old as humanity itself. We do not know the time of leaving this world, the reason, and most importantly - what awaits us next. But in recent years, more and more scientific facts about life after death have appeared. Is there an afterlife?

For the first time, the concept of "life after death" was used by the American physician Raymond Moody. In the 70s, he published a book with that title and managed to draw the attention of the whole world to this phenomenon. The main idea of ​​his work is that a person dies, but the soul continues to live. The doctor gave dozens of examples of people who have suffered clinical death. He went through it himself. Science can neither explain nor refute such facts. Moreover, the more scientists study subtle matters, the more questions arise.

One thing scientists have found out for sure: after a person's death, his body becomes lighter by exactly 22 grams. Many experiments have ended with this result. The reasons are unknown. However, some are inclined to believe that 22 grams is the weight of the human soul.

Petersburg specialists under the guidance of Konstantin Korotkov, professor of the St. Petersburg Institute of Fine Mechanics and Optics, have created a special apparatus that records how the soul leaves the human body. The experiments lasted a year. A whole team was involved: doctors, mathematicians, programmers. We worked in a blind mode so as not to question the purity of the experiment. Everyone took their indicators, not knowing why they were needed in the end.

Researchers have not been able to understand the reason why the deceased's weight was either decreasing or increasing. This inexplicable phenomenon impressed Professor Korotkov's team so much that many believed that a person is not only a physical shell. And that with the death of the body, some unknown life continues.

You can relate to this experiment in different ways, but the researchers noted that there is a certain field around a person, and that it changes depending on how the person died: naturally - from old age, or it was suicide, murder, or a disaster. The researchers hope their work will attract the attention of forensic scientists. And that in the near future this will be taken into account when investigating crimes along with human DNA.

In addition, a new experiment was recently announced. For three years, American and British doctors will study the stories of patients who have had heart failure or brain shutdown. Among other things, the researchers are going to lay out various pictures on special shelves that will be installed under the ceiling in the intensive care wards. They can only be seen from above. If patients, having experienced clinical death, tell what is depicted on them, then the soul exists and is capable of leaving the body.

Author: Nikolay Chindyaykin

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