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In Search Of Evidence Of Life After Death - Alternative View
In Search Of Evidence Of Life After Death - Alternative View
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Life After Death - Seeking Evidence

World famous illusionist Harry Houdini was interested in the problem of life after death. It took him many years to study mediums and psychics, but he was never able to get solid evidence that there is life after death. Before his death, he warned his wife that if he could, he would try to return and communicate with her. Unfortunately, as far as we know, this never happened, although there were some who claimed that Houdini's spirit came to earth. In the 20th century, many people believed that after their death they would be able to contact their loved ones and give them any information about the other world.

At the same time, it was believed that it was necessary to use a certain technique: for example, agree on a key phrase that would be recognized as a pre-agreed message, and find a way to convey it after death to a loved one through a medium. But if a loved one knows this phrase, then the medium can telepathically extract it from his consciousness. In this case, this method cannot serve as proof of the reliability of the connection with the other world.

How is it possible to avoid this? Perhaps it is worth trying to refer to the complementary messages and try to define the general meaning by connecting separate fragments? So far, this kind of attempt has ended in failure, perhaps because we wanted to learn too much.

There is one more opportunity to obtain sufficiently reliable evidence. To do this, everyone needs to hide some object without telling the partner what kind of thing it is and where it is. In general, no one around you can know about this. After the death of one of the partners, through the medium, one must try to find out from the spirit of the deceased where the hidden object is and find it. If the deceased only one possessed this information, then the medium can receive it only from him.

There is evidence that several such experiments were carried out. But to obtain accurate evidence, it is necessary not only to conclude such an agreement, but also to methodically fulfill all its conditions. You should make a video recording of communication with mediums and record both positive and negative attempts to find the hidden object. To our time, few such experiments have been carried out due to a certain attitude of a person to his own death and to the death of his loved ones. While there are many other ways to investigate the existence of life after death, this experiment is considered the most reliable.

Contact with the spirits of famous people

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Evidence for life after death comes from a variety of sources and varies in degree of reliability. For example, in April 1993, Stockport artist William Turner put up for sale the only oil portrait of the late L. S. Lowry. The famous artist, the creator of the "match man" agreed to pose for Turner shortly before his death and never saw the finished picture. But after a certain medium told Turner that a spirit had come into contact with him, calling himself Lover. It soon became clear who it was. In a message conveyed to Turner, Lowry's spirit said that in the afterlife he continues to work, paints a lot and creates drawings. He approved the portrait and advised Turner to donate the proceeds to the epilepsy department of the local hospital.

There are many reports of contacts with the spirits of deceased celebrities: the spirit of John Lennon returned to forgive his killer; Marilyn Monroe - to tell the real circumstances of her death. George Orwell's spirit answered the medium's questions about what he thought of the real 1984; and the spirit of the gangster Jesse James, a century later, tried to justify himself before the descendants. But all these entertaining stories are only for the entertainment of the public and have no scientific value.

Stories that happened to ordinary people

The cases that occur with ordinary people are much more important for researchers, but it is necessary to pay attention to those of them that are not only of individual but also of public interest.

For example, in October 1995, a woman from Lancashire told me how, after the death of her father, she and her sister went on vacation to the Canary Islands. One day she woke up at four o'clock in the morning and saw that the light was on in the kitchen. Her mother and father stood there with their hands outstretched to her. The woman felt that she was getting out of bed and floating towards her parents, and felt that a telepathic connection was established between them. Her mother warned her not to touch them, but the woman hugged her father tightly, and she was overwhelmed with a feeling of love. After that, the woman woke up in bed, overwhelmed by the joy of meeting her parents. No one could prove to her that it was just a simple dream. She remained completely convinced of the reality of what happened and since that time is confident in the existence of life after death.

The next example, if you look closely, has the same subjective character.

One night, the mother saw her daughter talking on the stairs with some invisible interlocutor. After this happened again, the girl, answering questions from anxious parents, insisted that she was talking with a stranger, but no one else in the family could see him. A few days later, it was reported that the great-grandfather of the child, whom she had never seen, had died many miles away. He died at the very time when the girl's interlocutor first appeared on the stairs. Later, when the child's mother was looking through the family album, the girl, seeing a photo of her great-grandfather, said: "This is a man on the stairs."

The case that happened in 1988 is one that researchers should pay attention to. Although it is not solid proof of the existence of life after death, because it depends on the subjective perception of witnesses, their honesty is usually not in doubt. While skeptics might consider this self-deception and imagination, such cases have a high degree of certainty.

Experiments with the help of mediums are gradually being systematized. One of them I did for the BBC, organizing a seance for a skeptical psychologist. Several mediums took part in it. A few months later, we reviewed the results of the experiment again, since it was assumed that some of them may be related to the future. The psychologist did not show any enthusiasm for what was happening. He stated that mediums are simply watching closely the reactions of people and on this basis they make guesses. Nevertheless, mediums suggested that I become a direct participant in a spiritualistic seance, some of the results of which were surprisingly accurate. But the problem was that, although I was able to identify some of the images recorded by mediums (for example, the image of an elderly woman,carrying the banner out of Sunday school, fully matched the image of my long-dead grandmother), it was unclear why they appeared in the form of a snapshot. If a medium extracts an image from my brain, then this may well be. But if the medium really was in contact with my deceased grandmother, then would her spirit appear exactly in the form in which I remembered her in the last years of her life?

A much more compelling argument in favor of the hypothesis of the existence of life after death would not be the image of an 80-year-old sick old woman that has been preserved in my memory, but the image of a young blooming woman, whom her spirit could feel. Of course, the image of my grandmother in her youth has not been preserved in my memory, but if mediums had given an accurate description of her appearance, I would have identified her from old photographs.

There are cases when people on the eve of death lost an arm or a leg, and after the medium described them in this form. Does this mean that we are taking our injuries and shortcomings to the afterlife? Or is it evidence that, as some skeptics say, the image that the medium sees does not come from the deceased, but is teleported from the memory of the participant in the session.

Psychic artists

1995 Valerie Hope of ASSAP describes an experiment in which she used psychic artists. These were people who sketched the images in which the spirits of the dead appeared before them. Coral Polge, for example, presented participants with frighteningly accurate portraits of their deceased relatives during a seance. Many then openly admitted that she proved to them the existence of life after death.

Valerie recruited three psychic artists with whom she had never worked before. They were asked to send her an extrasensory portrait of the spirits of the dead who were close to her during her lifetime. For tuning, psychics were allowed to use Valerie's letter. The results of the experiment, which were published in the journal Anomaly, were depressing. Valerie received four portraits. But none of the images even approximately resembled her loved ones. Valerie Hope concluded: "If I had not previously seen convincing examples of portrait similarity created in the presence of a participant in the session, I would have decided that psychic artists are completely unable to contribute anything valuable to the study of life after death."

This opinion is confirmed by my own experience. Several psychic artists sent me their drawings. According to the assurances of their authors, they depicted my spiritual mentors taking care of me after death. One of them showed a nun. On the other is an American Indian. These images didn't tell me anything. Perhaps these people once lived on earth, but this cannot be regarded as proof of life after death.

Electronic contact with the world of the dead

So, are there any other ways to prove this phenomenon?

Mrs Jones of Sturrey related how one day, shortly after the death of her father, she and her husband, going to bed, heard strange sounds. They managed to write them down. It was something like distant voices. But no one could make out the meaning of this vague muttering. Therefore, this record cannot serve as proof that this family was visited by the spirits of their deceased parents.

Nevertheless, this electronic form of storing information about contact with the world of the dead is another trend of our time. Everything is used to record signals from the other world: from tape recorders to specially equipped video cameras. Some success stories with electronics have been reported from researchers in Germany and Austria. But most scientists are wary of these reports.

There are reports of abnormal images suddenly appearing on home TV screens. This happens when a recording is made from an idle TV channel and there should be only interference on the screen. But time will tell if the advancement of electronics will be the path that will help us understand this complex problem.

Jenny Randels

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