Ural Student Claimed Proof Of Life After Death - Alternative View
Ural Student Claimed Proof Of Life After Death - Alternative View
Video: Ural Student Claimed Proof Of Life After Death - Alternative View
Video: Is There Life after Death? Fifty Years of Research at UVA 2023, February

A 22-year-old student at the Ural Federal University allegedly proved the existence of a posthumous life using mathematics. On the evening of January 16, the Sverdlovsk regional television reported this. According to the student, the mathematical formula derived by him proves that after the physical death of a person, intangible information is retained, perceived by this person during his life. This was reported by DV-ROSS.

“Life is a function of time. Then death is the limit of this function with time tending to infinity. Upon opening, we get uncertainty, infinity to infinity. But if we solve it, then we get that this is the sum of our thoughts, our feelings, our desires for the entire period of our life. To what we see, hear and feel here and now. The decision is the final value that after death we will have a clear, definite perception of the world. This proves that life after death exists ", - Yuri Berland, student of UrFU

The student intends to publish an article in one of the Western journals and present his evidence to the scientific community. To finance the publication, he launched a crowdfunding campaign on Boomstarter, with the help of which he plans to raise 25 thousand rubles.

“We can believe or not believe, love or hate me, consider UFOs to be a myth or reality, but two times two will always be four”, - Yuri Berland, student of UrFU.

Berland was nominated for the Youth Nobel Prize. The award will take place during the sixth Eurasian Economic Youth Forum, which will be held in Yekaterinburg in spring 2015.

TJournal approached the student for comments.

- Yuri, how did the idea of ​​the study come about?

- The idea came up gradually. I have been returning to it for several years, but my work was not very long, I definitely do not presume to answer.

Promotional video:

- You were inspired by someone's scientific works, do you have a curator?

- Inspired by the work of scientists related to the field. Among them even A.I. Oparin, who wrote in his book that life is the result of a long evolution, and not a spontaneous phenomenon.

- The description of the project on Boomstarter says that you wrote the book at 15 years old. Has it been published? Where can I download it?

- Yes, you can read the first chapters. I will totally redo the whole book, so I won't give it.

- How do you feel about the inevitable appearance of skeptics?

- Perfectly. Once they exist, it means that progress is moving.

Especially for TJ, the formula was also commented on by the head of the publication about science "Obrazovach", candidate of physical and mathematical sciences Andrey Konyaev.

“The third expression of the last series of equalities must contain parentheses. With square ones, this is proof that there is no God,”- Andrey Konyaev.

The editor-in-chief of "Obrazovach" Alexander Ershov explained in detail what, in his opinion, is the disorder of Berland's theory. “Pay attention to the fraction with two infinities. It is not found in mathematics - it is just nonsense, you cannot divide infinity by infinity. In mathematical analysis, functions are used, not meaningless icons. This young man even writes the limit (lim) with a capital letter - it is unlikely that he has ever seen a textbook on calculus. In general, Sergei Aleksandrovich Kurekhin proved in the last century that infinity in this case should be replaced by a seven ", - Alexander Ershov.

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