Life After Death Really Is - Alternative View
Life After Death Really Is - Alternative View
Video: Life After Death Really Is - Alternative View
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One of the "pioneers" in the study of conditions of "clinical death" is the now world-famous resuscitator R. Moody, who has written several of his books on this topic. However, few people know the name of another doctor - oncologist J. Long, who has also studied this phenomenon for 30 years and became convinced of the reality of conditions "outside the body" through scientific experiments. Based on this experience of many years, he wrote the book "Proof of Life After Death", in which he writes the following in relation to near-death experiences (PSP):

So, the value here is not only the conclusion that scientific research, in contrast to the unfounded chatter of various "fighters against pseudoscience," the existence of consciousness after the death of the physical body is confirmed, but also the mention that real out-of-body experience does not coincide with religious ideas about posthumous existence. It turns out that both the pseudoscientific statements of “fighters against pseudoscience” made “on behalf of official science” about the impossibility of “life after death” and the views of religious authorities about the posthumous state do not correspond to the real picture.

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And, most likely, both the first and the second are imposed on humanity by the same force that seeks to lead us away from the truth, from that "forbidden" knowledge for ordinary people, which can free their minds from the thousand-year hassle induced by the servants of darkness. Therefore, draw your own conclusions.

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