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Egyptian Pyramid Builders, Time Traveler Or Aliens? - Alternative View
Egyptian Pyramid Builders, Time Traveler Or Aliens? - Alternative View
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An Egyptian proverb says "A man is afraid of time, time is afraid of pyramids." Over the past century, the mystery of the Great Pyramids has haunted many researchers, historians, archaeologists, lovers of antiquity and ufology, and just adventure seekers looking for answers to who and how built these colossal structures?

There are many versions, from the most fantastic to the more mundane. But still, it is really interesting how the Egyptians, who did not know the wheels, erected these colossi?

Let's take a trip into the past and try to look at the ancient world through the eyes of the inhabitants of the country of Kemet, as the ancient Egyptians themselves called it.

Did the slaves build the pyramids of Egypt?

For a long time, there was an opinion that the pyramids were built by slaves. But the latest finds of archaeologists prove the opposite, namely that the construction of the pyramids, the labor of slaves was not used. Yes, in fact, there was no special need for this, Egypt did not need slaves.

The life of the Egyptians was closely connected with the Nile, which flooded every year and covered the land with fertile silt, which gave the state rich harvests. Egypt was a country where the peasants did not spend too much time growing their crops.

At a time when all agricultural work was completed, the rulers decided to use them in the construction of some significant structures, the same pyramids, various temple complexes, so that the people would not idly walk around in festivities.

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Everyone was interested in this, the state headed by the pharaoh, since he could realize his plans, and people could earn money on the construction of certain structures. So as soon as the crops were harvested and harvested, in all the villages located by the river, the voices of the emissaries of the authorities were heard calling to the people "in the name of the pharaoh, in the name of the pharaoh, in the name of the pharaoh!" So they announced the call for general conscription.


Thus, young and healthy men were called to the service of the pharaoh, who left their homes until spring, and some never returned to their homelands at all. Some made their careers and stayed on construction, others died, because accidents were not rare, there were those who loved to drink, as in our days their life was also short. But all this is only a small part of the displayed history, everything began much earlier.

Pharaohs, descendants of gods / aliens

As we well remember, the pharaohs considered themselves to be the direct descendants of the gods, and there was no ruler on earth with more power than the Egyptian kings. Even the Roman emperors, the kings of the kings of Babylon and Persepolis were far from the conceit of the Egyptian pharaohs. Well, if you are a god on earth, then your house is somewhere out there in the heavenly height, so the pharaohs and priests peered in looking for signs of their divine origin. I must say that in some ways they were right, maybe they felt like people from another world?

Or maybe a certain genetic code, the very same genetic memory, told them that their home, the world of their ancestors lies among the stars? That when they complete their earthly journey and the Ba (soul), will go to heaven where he will wait for his rebirth?

Here we must agree with the fact that the pharaohs were really not ordinary people. After all, they were endowed with a special mentality, one might say not the same as the majority, endurance and special energy.

Kings and high priests were attracted and attracted by stars, mysticism and magic, here it should be noted that Egypt really was a land of mystics, because it was here that the "Book of the Dead" was written, and the journey of the soul after the death of a person is described. But in the understanding of the ancient Egyptians, each person also had his double, "Ka" (this is very much reminiscent of the modern theory of parallel universes), and the ancient Egyptians knew or guessed about it at least five millennia before the emergence of this theory.

The ancient Egyptians argued that a person consists of the following entities: "Hat" (body), which was just a mortal shell. "Ren" (name), which determined the future fate of a person. "Ka" (double), it was a complete copy of a person. "Ba" (soul), life energy and strength.

Initially, in the ideas of the ancient Egyptians, only the pharaohs and deities were endowed with "ba" (soul). "Ahu" (Light or Illuminated) is what a person gains in the afterlife, after death. "Shuit" (shadow), it was defined as the essence of a person.


Let's look at all these ideas of the ancient Egyptians from the point of view of a person living in the 21st century, who discovered a lot in the field of mathematics, physics, astronomy and other sciences. And here's the picture: the Egyptians attached special importance to the name of a person, and for good reason, because the name carries a certain information code, along with the number of birth.

"Ka" (double), scientists say about this in "string theory" or parallel universes today, and it fits well into this theory, as a kind of copy living in another world or another parallel universe. "Ba" (soul), the energy of which at first was endowed only by deities and pharaohs, and here the Egyptians were right.

No, this does not mean at all that all other people were without a soul. The ancient Egyptians most likely wanted to say that the deities and pharaohs are endowed with greater and special energy than mere mortals.

Egyptian pharaohs, alien settlers

Along the way, the question arises, who gave them this knowledge? After all, all this knowledge was given only to the elect, the pharaohs and priests. Well, since there is a divine ruler who has a certain energy, then he, like any deity, lives forever, which means that his tomb must be appropriate, so that no one interferes with his soul returning to the body when it wants it. But this body had to be buried somewhere, buried in the ground, right?

But how then can the soul visit the body? So they decided to start building tombs, the Great Pyramids. But that's not all. Who gave this knowledge to the people who did not know the wheel? We know that the Egyptian priests, and sometimes the pharaohs themselves, stared at the starry sky for a long time at night, they prayed and watched the stars.

As always there is one "but", the great pharaohs and priests were not ordinary people, they were, as we say, "not of this world", and maybe not even of this world, maybe they were aliens from distant worlds, parallel universes?

Or were they descendants of the Martians who migrated to Earth many millions of years ago from dying Mars? We can only guess about this and put forward more and more new theories. Meanwhile, for the construction of such grandiose structures, certain technologies are needed, and not only in the construction of the structures themselves. We need accurate calculations, not only of the pyramid itself, but also of the soil on which it will stand.


It was necessary to solve many problems: the extraction and processing of building materials, transportation, laying and fitting, supplying workers with provisions, law enforcement, healing the sick or injured, and many related issues. Yes, the Egyptians in those days did not know the technology of the wheel and iron, and not every carriage could withstand the weight of many tons of boulders. Therefore, they used something like a sled and rollers made of round timber.

Egyptian pyramids, time traveler

Nowadays, in cargo planes, for loading and unloading heavy loads, they use steel rollers inside the aircraft, along which multi-ton loads move with ease. At first glance, each individual link in this building chain is not unusual, but if you look at the whole process as a whole, we will see a highly organized mechanism in terms of technology. But that's not all in our amazing historical past.

Indeed, before the erection of the pyramids in Giza, the Egyptians experimented with the pyramids in Sakara, and at the very beginning of their journey they were pursued by unfortunate failures. Several pyramids were erected, which were not the best engineering solution and simply collapsed. But the ancient architects learned a lesson from this and eliminated all the mistakes by building a pyramid for Pharaoh Djoser, which still stands in Sakara today.

One way or another, but many believe that the knowledge possessed by the architects of the country of Kemet was obtained from outside. However, it is not at all necessary that it was a creature from another planet, some fans of the theory of portals or "time machines" talk about a time traveler who made adjustments to the construction of the pyramids.

Perhaps it was a certain person who came to ancient Egypt from the 21st, or maybe even from the 22nd century, who gave them the necessary knowledge in mathematics, astronomy and construction. Perhaps he taught them various construction technologies. The Egyptians recorded all this and applied it in practice and began to use it in the future.

Perhaps this is how the technologies of building the pyramids were mastered. We, living in the 21st century, can only guess, and put forward more and more theories of how, by whom, and for what, the pyramids were built, and hope that it is possible when we find out.

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