A Resident Of Kharkov Told About The Meeting With The Chupacabras - Alternative View

A Resident Of Kharkov Told About The Meeting With The Chupacabras - Alternative View
A Resident Of Kharkov Told About The Meeting With The Chupacabras - Alternative View

Video: A Resident Of Kharkov Told About The Meeting With The Chupacabras - Alternative View

Video: A Resident Of Kharkov Told About The Meeting With The Chupacabras - Alternative View
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Not so long ago, another case of an attack by a strange animal on livestock occurred in Ukraine. Alexander Vladimirovich Pshenichny from Kharkov writes about this.

“The first snow of November last year shook my monotonous life by correspondence acquaintance with the now fashionable object of information sensations - the Chupacabra! On November 14, 2013, after a sleepless night, the long-awaited morning nap was interrupted by the persistent ringing of a mobile phone. My friend Victor called. He lives on the other side of town.

- You can come? - asks. - An hour ago I was almost bitten by chupacabras!

- Who-who? - I did not understand, asleep.

- Yes, yes, those. Yesterday I considered them bullshit from yellow newspapers, but today …

Nothing to do, I hurried to my friend. His small private house is located fifty meters from the Kharkov airport. When I arrived at the place, Victor was sitting on a huge wooden block by a brick shed and staring blankly at a mountain of rabbit corpses dumped in the mud, mixed with the carcasses of chickens and ducks. Around this mound of dead bodies, a white ghost darted aimlessly, a small rabbit - the only surviving creature among this terrible dump of death.

This was the first time I saw my friend in this state. I was struck by his unkempt hair, confused look. But until recently it was a self-confident person. We lit a cigarette. I pried the cap with a rusty nail and handed my friend a bottle:

- Drink.

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He quickly drank and threw the bottle away. Empty glass clinked against the fence net.

- All! - said Victor. - No more living creatures.

- You wait. Maybe everything will work out,”I tried to cheer up my friend.

- Not. They will come back and strangle everyone again. Or maybe me with them. You should have seen their eyes! And the fangs! They have some incredible strength and coldness, - Victor tore at the zipper of his jacket and unbuttoned the button of his shirt. - It's stuffy. It seems fresh, but there is not enough air.

While I shivered in the gusts of icy wind, my friend sucked in the frosty air through his nostrils, clenching his head in his palms. After his divorce from his wife, Victor lived alone in a small house and devoted himself entirely to work and household. Fattening of fifty rabbits, dozens of chickens and ducks took a lot of time. And then this!..

- Today I asked for a day off from Stepanych (the head of the garage where Victor works), - he said. - We need to put things in order.

I finished smoking, threw my butt into a puddle of dirty water, in which bloody feathers floated, and said:

- Tell me!

- Early in the morning I was awakened by the soft barking of my dog Hulk, - Victor began. - Not even barking, but some strange wheezing. I went out into the courtyard and at first, in the dawn twilight, did not notice the pile of dead rabbits and birds, sprinkled with sleet, that heaped up in the middle of the yard. Only when, after taking a few steps, I stumbled and fell right on the clods of bodies and dirt, did I understand that something terrible had happened.

Suddenly I noticed that two shadows flickered past without a sound. I raised my head and was dumbfounded. Two strange creatures, similar to dogs, looked at me with reddish eyes with cold indifference, as if deciding my fate. It cost them nothing at that moment to grab my throat and tear me to shreds. However, the beasts slowly turned around and jumped to the mesh fence, right past the Hulk. My dog seemed to be numb.

“Chupacabras ?! - clicked in my head. "Are they really the same?"

At that moment I suddenly realized what had happened to my household, and I was seized with rage. I got up, felt the dead rabbit with my hand, grabbed it and chased the creatures. Noticing this, the animals stopped for a moment in front of the fence mesh, and then jumped up. Yes, only they did it at the same time, because they collided in the air with bodies and again fell into the yard, and somehow smoothly, gently dropped onto their hind legs.

I was already quite close when the smaller of the creatures jumped once more and jumped over the two-meter fence with a decent margin. I threw the crawl at the second animal, which jumped after and, as easily as the first, literally flew over the fence. The Chupacabras disappeared into the gloom. I picked up an abandoned rabbit - it turned out to be my favorite elite male Khrunya - and tossed his carcass into a heap from other bodies.

I still have those eerie red pupils in front of my eyes, auburn torsos, clawed legs and short tails. These creatures looked a lot like dogs, but they were definitely not dogs! By the way, after visiting these creatures, my head ached terribly, pounded in my temples, and there was some tension in the yard. I heard that chupacabras are able to envelop a hunting place with some kind of painful biofield. Based on my condition, this is true.

- Will you still? - I handed my friend the second bottle.

Victor shook his head.

- Not now. There is still a lot to do.

Bypassing the muddy puddles and heaps of dead bodies, I surveyed the yard and the rabbitry. I was struck by the devastation reigning everywhere. As if a violent drunken company burst into the yard with the sole purpose of inflicting maximum harm on the farm in the minimum time. The doors were thrown wide open and turned upside down, wooden latches torn out with meat and thrown to the ground, bent metal latches and latches, a gouged hole in the side wall of the rabbitry made of chipboard. What kind of power and what teeth do you need to have to bend thick perforated sheet steel mesh ?! It was hard to believe that all this was created not by people, but by animals.

The predators were taken out of their cages and simply killed all the rabbits and birds, and the carcasses were laid in layers in several small mounds. At the same time, they did not eat a single animal! At least we did not find the bones and hair of the victims. As I said, of all the living creatures, only a small rabbit survived.

I took some pictures with my cell phone. It's a shame, but in the diffused light of a cloudy morning, the mud-stained corpses of pets were not captured clearly enough.

Victor called the next day. He skinned several rabbits and ducks. Those turned out to be completely drained of blood. He brought these carcasses to work and offered the meat to his colleagues. Yes, only after his story about how the animals died, all employees refused meat. Only one of them took on a seemingly completely intact duck. However, the next day he returned it. It turned out that after plucking, he found two through wounds, as if someone had pierced the carcass twice with a crowbar. Later, another garage worker took two large rabbits away.

“For a mistress,” he explained. - She's like a Chupacabra herself. Nothing will happen to her. She will also be grateful.

However, whether his passion ate the meat, and if so, what happened to her after that, is unknown.

The regional society of hunters was very interested in my story and the photographs taken at the scene. It turned out that such creatures had previously raided local farms. Moreover, two years ago, at the request of residents of the surrounding villages, a large group of hunters raided the Chupacabras. But to no avail. Neither the animals themselves, nor traces of their presence could be found.

PS: Friend's name has been changed. He asked not to disclose his address and place of work. A few days after this incident, he went to the clinic. The doctors said he had hypertension due to stress. He was on the ballot for ten days. He's better now. Now he is slowly returning to breeding rabbits, ducks and chickens. Friends and co-workers supported him by donating several elite rabbits and ducks. True, the friend still fears that the Chupacabras will return."