Strange Sound Effect Of A Pyramid In Mexico. Will The Ziggurat Of Vladimir Ilyich Repeat It? - Alternative View
Strange Sound Effect Of A Pyramid In Mexico. Will The Ziggurat Of Vladimir Ilyich Repeat It? - Alternative View
Video: Strange Sound Effect Of A Pyramid In Mexico. Will The Ziggurat Of Vladimir Ilyich Repeat It? - Alternative View
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One of the most famous and, at the same time, little-studied architectural structures of the planet is the pyramid of Kukulkan - a temple structure among the ruins of the ancient Mayan city of Chichen Itza on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico.

The pyramids are a continuous mystery: nobody knows who built them, when, or why. Archaeologists traditionally tell the world some kind of fairy tales about religious cults and the timeline, but all these speculations do not stand up to criticism. Nevertheless, acquaints the public with another such fantastic theory of the officials today:

As you can see from this video, the acoustic echo from the pyramid has a very strange effect.

Locals have known this effect for a long time and, comparing this effect with different sounds, they came to the conclusion that the echo from the pyramid imitates the sound made by quesals - very unusual birds from the trogon-like order.

The quetzal was considered a sacred bird in the Mayan and Aztec cultures and its feathers were used in religious ceremonies. But, since the bird was somehow mystically connected with Quetzalcoatl, they did not kill it for the extraction of feathers, but simply pulled out a few feathers and then released them.


Promotional video:

Most likely, the sound reflected by the pyramid really imitates the singing of this bird, which is obvious even when comparing the sound waves using special software. In addition, the quetzal is a confusing translation of the bird's name.

A more accurate translation would be quetzal, that is, quetzal (kɛtˈsɑːl) - as the Spaniards who first heard it wrote this Indian word. And this is a direct reference to the name Quetzalcoatl - the god of the Aztecs, whom the Maya called Kukulcan.

All this is really very strange and cannot be an accident, therefore, as writes, the officials gave birth to a wonderful idea according to which the Maya built their pyramid for…. imitating the singing of a sacred bird.

Well, what can we say about this advanced scientific theory? She pulls for the Nobel Prize, because even all the Nobel laureates combined will not come up with more idiocy, if they are gathered at the same time and in one place, setting the task of inventing some cool new dogma.

Even if we assume that everything was exactly as the officials explain, then the builders of the pyramid would need something like a computer to simulate the desired sound effect, as well as special software and knowledge of various laws of physics / acoustics.

Somehow it doesn't fit into the history of Mexico. Or maybe the pyramid was brute force? That is, first they built one, then another, then the 33rd, and so on - until the desired effect was obtained?

In fact, a lot of mysteries are connected with the artifacts of Mexico in general and with this pyramid in particular, for example - a strange atmospheric phenomenon observed there last year:

The officials had, as always, an explanation for this, as there is an explanation for the crystal skulls, and for the local calendar and everything else. We will not even go into these idiotic theories, since it is already obvious that the project of the Kukulkan pyramid was not created by the Maya, but by some other, more serious civilization.

In particular, the ziggurats of Babylon, that is, the same strange pyramids, were built around holograms: a certain “flying iron city” hung on the construction site, projected an object onto the terrain, after which natives-stonecutters came running in and began to erect a structure according to these templates. The result was objects that in a strange way focus / scatter electromagnetic energy:


And, as can be seen from the example of the Kukulkan pyramid, these structures also show sound tricks.

In general, everything related to the pyramids is a mass of unsolvable mysteries, but we also have a practical interest in all of this, since, in addition to the pyramid of Kukulkan, there are other active ziggurats in the world, built by someone who does not understand and with an incomprehensible purpose:


And now, in the light of the latest scientific data, we are now thinking: what if we clap our hands in front of the mausoleum of Mr. Ulyanov / Blank / Lenin? Will the singing of the Gorky petrel be reflected from the ziggurat? Or will it be possible to hear the voice of Vladimir Ilyich himself? For example, any valuable advice on building the Soviet state?

Nobody knows the purpose of this building on Red Square, but if you believe the Mexican scientists, then it was precisely for spiritualistic dialogues with Lenin that it was built.

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