Chupacabra In The Pskov Region - Alternative View

Chupacabra In The Pskov Region - Alternative View
Chupacabra In The Pskov Region - Alternative View

Video: Chupacabra In The Pskov Region - Alternative View

Video: Chupacabra In The Pskov Region - Alternative View
Video: Chupacabra caught on Camera 2023, September

Lyubyatovo, Chernyakovitsy, Podborovye, Fomkino and Dno - Chupacabras appeared in these areas. People complain that vampire killers kill chickens and rabbits at night, leaving completely bloodless corpses by morning.

Just two weeks ago, in the village of Dachnoe, Dnovsky district, a misfortune happened: 18 rabbits died from the fangs of an unknown creature. This upset Armen Barkhudaryan, a resident of this village.

- As usual, in the early morning I went to feed my rabbits and was stunned, - says Armen by phone. - All 18 animals lay dead in two rows, neatly, along the cage.

According to him, there was a feeling that the rabbits were strangled, since neither the wool scattered around, nor the wounds on the animals were visible. What actually happened?

The former owner of the livestock gave the dead animals to his friend to feed the dogs, but what a surprise it was when he discovered that the rabbits were bled!

- A friend began to gut the carcasses and was stunned when he saw that there was absolutely no blood, - Armen Barkhudaryan is perplexed in an interview with a correspondent. - This happened to me for the first time, and I'm just shocked! I have a very angry dog in my yard. And if a person or an animal approaches, loud barking cannot be avoided. And that night there was absolute silence: no dog barking, no rabbits screeching.

Many doubt that it was a lynx or a polecat that destroyed all the rabbits in one fell swoop.

- It is unlikely … Then there would be traces on the body, the ferret would simply gnaw through the throat, but here everything is pure: some kind of mysticism, - the locals gossip.

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But the cells after visiting the mysterious "vampire" looked very deplorable: the iron nets were torn out, there were breaks in the wooden machines and scratches from claws all around.

Why are there no traces of violent death on the bodies of rabbits? How could this happen? And whose teeth is it? What is this mysterious, but clever creature lays dead carcasses in a row? These questions still torment the residents of the Dachnoye village.

The situation was similar in Chernyakovitsy. Last Friday Irina Vasilyeva from Pskov called the editorial office, who went to the country house to close the season.

- I have a cat-mousetrap in my dacha from spring to autumn, in 3 Chernyakovitsy, Shavrovo station, if you go by train, - Irina Yurievna clarifies by phone. - And last weekend I come, my Maruska is lying near the porch … with a torn throat. I am in tears! Instantly a thought flashed about the dogs, which are taken out to us by dozens of soulless owners, and they run around here hungry and embittered. But then, when I took the cat in my arms, I realized that something was wrong. How can I explain to you? There was not a single blood in the body - the wound was clean, as if it had been washed! Goose bumps ran down my spine. After all, if these were hungry animals, they would eat the corpse, but here…. Who killed my cat, I'm even scared to guess. I only know about one animal, about which they told on Channel One, that it sucks blood - the Chupacabra. Then I decided that these were fairy tales, but now I'm surethat such a monster exists.

After a chilling signal, the Kurier correspondents turned to the hunters first.

“Yes, I've heard a lot about the Chupacabra, and it's no longer a secret that such an animal exists,” said hunter and biologist Sergei Ivanov, the former head of the Pskov region hunting control, and now a security guard of a private enterprise, to the Kurier correspondent during a personal conversation in the area of Lyubyatovo. - Why, a few days ago, a terrible incident occurred on my night watch. A watchdog escaped from our territory. And then at night there is a terrible screech. I grabbed the pistol and rushed out of the booth to the gate. When I opened it, our dog crawled into the territory. On the withers he had a terrible wound - a torn piece of meat. I don't know if the chupacabra patted him, but it was clearly some kind of large animal. Our dog survived, by the way.

After this story, Sergei Yurievich recalled an old case, how he once hunted a bear in the Gdov forests, beyond the Black River, but when a bear with cubs came out into the clearing, the hunter's hand did not rise to shoot. He sat in the bushes and watched the bears eat oats. Suddenly the bear became alert, her fur stood on end on the withers, she growled something and ran away with the cubs. And then a huge black … wolf came out of the thicket into the clearing.

- I'm not afraid of anyone: neither wolves, nor bears, but here my hair stood on end on my back! I spent about two minutes in complete numbness, as if paralyzed. The creature stood and left. Only after that did I remember my gun. Then I thought I had met a werewolf, but now I think it was a mysterious Chupacabra. Our huntsmen also heard about the incidents in Chernyakovitsy, Fomkino, Podborovye, but now it's autumn, the leaves are in a dense carpet, and the traces of even a very large animal are not visible.

But the correspondent's acquaintance, Pskov Konstantin Khorinsky, has heard a lot about this beast since childhood. In Ukraine, Kostya's grandmother, Alevtina Khorinskaya, lives, and every summer he leaves for the village of Nedynovka in the Zhytomyr region to rest.

- Yes, Ukraine is teeming with these chupacabras! - Konstantin says confidently over the phone to the Kurier correspondent. - My grandmother and I, how many times killed rabbits and chickens were cleaned in the morning. Everyone's blood was sucked out. And the most interesting thing that strikes me about these chupacabras is the ability to influence the psyche of people and animals. At night, not a single rabbit squealed, not a chicken squeaked. Complete silence, and in the morning - corpses.

The men in our village who tried to hunt these monsters of nature said that they simply lost the ability to move. They said that these creatures, like wolves, live in pairs, the front part, like that of wolves, but the hind legs, like that of a kangaroo, are strong and springy.

The beast can run at a gallop and jump high, easily on the roof of a chicken coop, for example. My opinion is that this is an artificially bred animal, and why shouldn't the same American troops, which are based in Georgia and develop bacteriological weapons, send a dozen or two chupacabras to us in order to destabilize the situation in the country. But my second version is the Earth's answer to what people do with it.