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Mysteries Of The Great Pyramid Of The Giza Plateau, Secrets Of Ancient People - Alternative View
Mysteries Of The Great Pyramid Of The Giza Plateau, Secrets Of Ancient People - Alternative View

Video: Mysteries Of The Great Pyramid Of The Giza Plateau, Secrets Of Ancient People - Alternative View

Video: Mysteries Of The Great Pyramid Of The Giza Plateau, Secrets Of Ancient People - Alternative View
Video: 360° Travel inside the Great Pyramid of Giza - BBC 2023, May

The mysteries of the Great Pyramid of the Giza Plateau and the secrets of ancient civilizations kept by the monument are truly inexhaustible. This week, researchers discovered previously unknown rooms under the Cheops pyramid by scanning.

The intriguing find is currently being worked on by specialists, and more details are likely to follow.

Earlier, the Scan Pyramids project, using a combination of infrared thermography, radiography and reconstructing the imaging of muons, discovered energy anomalies inside the pyramid.

The Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities confirmed the discovery of two anomalies inside the Cheops pyramid, although it clarified their nature. The ministry released limited information regarding the discovery, stating more research is needed to learn more about the nature of the phenomenon.

According to the fact, one of the sources is located in the upper part of the gateway of a pyramidal structure built thousands of years ago. The second anomaly was found at the northeastern edge of the ancient building.

The Scan Pyramids project is designed to investigate the interior of Egyptian structures using non-invasive methods (from the Latin invasio - to invade), such as the detection of muons (energy particles), infrared thermography or photogrammetry.

Pyramid Scanning Project Coordinator Hani Helal was quoted in the statement as clarifying that forthcoming additional research should be conducted to determine the nature and size of the anomalies.

Really mysterious anomalies, aren't they? Almost seven millennia have passed since the majestic structures were built, but ancient structures remain one of the greatest archaeological secrets on the planet. The presence of these anomalies only proves how full of secrets the ancient structures really are.

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In addition, the structures of the Giza plateau are a vivid illustration of the assertion that ancient civilizations had great knowledge of technology. Indeed, even with the help of modern devices it is rather difficult to understand all aspects of the construction of wonderful historical monuments.

Former Minister of Antiquities Zahi Hawass noted that the ministerial committee for monitoring the scientific work of the Scan Pyramids project got acquainted with the results obtained by researchers over the past twelve months. He also said that "in principle" the extension of the project for another year was a decision. However, the project still needs final approval from the Antiquities Committee in order to proceed with further work.

Last year, an international team of researchers discovered strange temperature differences in various blocks of the Great Pyramid, indicating "something" energetic within a complex structure.

Meanwhile, the riddles of the Egyptian monuments are good at "making up". For example, the tomb of Cheops for the entire time of its existence, plunged into the soil for a few centimeters. As if an unknown force has been supporting the mausoleum for thousands of years, preventing the massive structure from sinking into the sandy ground.

Energy radiation of the pyramids

Over the past few years, the mysterious phenomena taking place inside the pyramids have become the subject of numerous articles in the daily press. The scientific community is naturally very wary of sensational reports of various forms of "energy pyramids" because it is too improbable to serve the truth.

However, hobbyists and enthusiasts around the world report pyramid-sharpened razor blades, long-lasting foodstuffs, improved wine flavor. Finally, while resting in pyramid models, they talk about improved health, accelerated body regeneration, etc.

It all began in the thirties of the twentieth century, when the French explorer Antoine Bovy, studying the burial chamber of the Cheops pyramid, discovered the phenomenon of mummification. The bodies of the dead animals did not decompose, they were dehydrated and dried.

Bove's experiments with models of the Cheops pyramid began after his return from Egypt. After constructing his model, he placed it in a north-south direction. At 1/3 of the height of the model (the most accurate copy), he placed a dead cat there. Some time later, the cat's body underwent dehydration and mummification. The same thing happened with food: fish and eggs.

Antoine Bovy first came up with the idea of a pyramid energy to increase the vitality of the body. The unusual experiments of the Frenchman were supported by other researchers: de Belizal, Chaumery and Morel, who came to the conclusion about the radiation of geometric structures and printed characters - they called it "form radiation".

The unusual properties of the pyramids were inspired by the experiments of the Czech electrician Karel Drbal. He designed and patented in 1959 a blade sharpener called "Cheops's tool for sharpening razor blades." It was a pyramid-shaped container where the placed razor blade regenerated.

The pyramid was assembled from materials with insulating properties (paper or plastic). The placement of the razor blade was important, which was confirmed by numerous experiments: only 1/3 of the height of the pyramid and its axis should be strictly in the north-south direction!

Drbal's experiments spread all over the world, prompting researchers to conduct a series of experiments involving pyramids, including on the effect on living organisms. As a result of experiments, it was found how incredible results the energy of the pyramids brings to plants and animals.

American researchers Flanagan, Shul and Pettit, storing water in a pyramidal structure for some time, then watered the plants with it. Experiments have shown that the growth of such plants is much more luxuriant than those growing in the same area, but watered with ordinary water. In addition, food stored in the pyramid model not only lasted longer, but also tasted better!

For many years, Czeslaw Halewski and Richard Cishenski have been studying the properties of the energy of the pyramids. Their findings have prompted many traditional medicine practitioners to use pyramids for restorative treatment. Today, the healing energy is successfully used by the Medical College Lodz and the mountain health resort winouj горныйcie.

At the same time, the radiation of the pyramids can be harmful, as proved by a university professor from Munich, Professor Joachim Eichmeier (Eichmeier). Taking the model of K. Drbal as the basis of the experiment, he put a new razor blade in it.

A few days later, it turned out that the blade was completely dull. The reason for this phenomenon was explained simply and, although the physical nature is poorly understood, the connection is obvious - the incorrect orientation of the pyramid relative to the magnetic axis of the Earth. These are of course interesting riddles of the Great Pyramids, but something else amazes: where did the ancient builders acquire supertechnologies from?

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