Ancient Pyramids, The Influence Of Atlantic Architecture? - Alternative View
Ancient Pyramids, The Influence Of Atlantic Architecture? - Alternative View
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All over the planet, the ancient inhabitants of the Earth erected thousands of pyramids. It doesn't matter where you are, in Asia, Europe, Africa or South America - huge ancient pyramids rise all over the world. Why Ancient Civilizations Built These Massive Monuments - One of the greatest mysteries of the past lies in the simple question: For what purpose did ancient cultures build giant monuments?

To this day, we are still not sure how ancient man erected the massive pyramids. Maybe the pyramids have a hidden purpose that we haven't revealed yet? We know only one thing for sure: there are thousands of pyramids in all corners of the world.

This strange fascination with one architectural style is very surprising, since, according to scientists, thousands of years ago, civilizations were not interconnected by communication. This means that people from America and Africa, Europe or Asia did not even have minimal contact with each other, let alone share the drawings of the pyramids.

Nevertheless, for some reason unknown to us, all ancient cultures almost at the same time decided to build pyramids. Moreover, it was such a powerful movement that the pyramids, important in religious terms, would be built according to one drawing, they are so similar to each other despite the sea distances separating them.

How can we explain this strange phenomenon? Did ancient cultures around the world decide to build pyramids completely at random? But maybe the cultures of the past follow a certain pattern established by an unknown civilization that predates all ancient cultures known to history?

Recently, researchers in Kazakhstan discovered the first pyramid in this part of the world, and it turned out that it predates the Egyptian pyramids by 1000 years! This means that the ancient Egyptians were not the first civilization of the "pyramid" architectural style. Pyramid design existed long before the ancient Egyptians decided to build their own temples.

Interestingly, the largest pyramid on the planet is not the Great Pyramid of Giza, as many believe. Although the Pyramid of Cheops is one of the largest surviving pyramids on the planet, the truth is that there are other structures that are even larger and much older than the Egyptian ones.

We just have to look into Mexico and we will see the Great Pyramid of Cholula. The giant ancient monument is the largest pyramid in the world, comparable in size to the Olympic buildings of our day. We do not know who built this whopper, although legends say that it was erected by giants.

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But there are equally fascinating ancient pyramids scattered around the world. The large pyramids in China are perhaps the most secretive structures on the planet's surface. Very little is known about these pyramids, which have been photographed many times by pilots flying over the region.

The history of the Great Pyramid of China attracts many researchers. However, for many years, the Chinese authorities have not given permission to conduct research on the pyramidal complex near the city of Xi'an. Rare researchers who visited the area on "excursions" drew attention to a number of anomalies: metallic material that could not be identified, high magnetic field strength.

But this can also be considered a great success, since the guards very vigilantly guard the secret of the ancient pyramids of China. The pyramids of China are believed to be over 8,000 years old, and everything there is to know about the White Pyramid.

Traveling around the world in search of the pyramids we will eventually reach Peru and the ancient pyramids of Caral. About 5,000 years ago, the ancient Peruvians settled in Caral and created one of the most advanced and oldest civilizations in South America. Their scientific knowledge has left many researchers bewildered and unable to answer many of the mysteries behind the greatest civilization. At the same time, culture developed in complete isolation from neighboring civilizations.

It's very likely that you've never read about these fascinating pyramids in your history books, let alone the civilizations behind their construction. According to many experts, the pyramids of Karal are modern with the Egyptian pyramids (3200 BC).

Meanwhile, there are many other pyramids, for example, the Bosnian ones. Located in Visoko, Bosnia and Herzegovina, they have been discussed by experts since the discovery of these ancient buildings by explorer Sam Osmanagic. Osmanagich and a group of archaeologists spent over 340,000 man-hours at the site. The Pyramid of the Sun, reaching a height of 220 meters, significantly exceeds the Pyramid of Cheops at 147 meters.

It's amazing, but the Pyramid's North orientation is accurate with errors of 0 degrees, 0 minutes and 12 seconds. Delightful precision, isn't it? But it is in this that the Bosnian pyramid of the Sun is very similar to the Great Pyramid of Egypt.


We must also mention the Gungung Padang Pyramid, which is considered by many to be the largest and oldest pyramid on Earth. Many researchers believe that the Gunung Padang pyramid is an important proof of the existence of a complex and unknown civilization that inhabited this area. True, much of this ancient and "controversial" human history is disputed by mainstream academic teaching.

Analysis of major samples of Gunung Padang revealed incredible dates; deep research has revealed the incomprehensible secret of the pyramids. Previously, it was assumed that the area is at least 5000 years old, and then 8000 years, and finally today they talk about the age of 23000 years! This means that Gunung Padang is not only the oldest megalithic site on the planet, but also the oldest pyramidal structure known to mankind.

As you can now see, different cultures from different periods of history and independently built pyramids around the world. Unfortunately, no one has been able to answer the most important question about these magnificent structures: why pyramids? For what reasons did the ancient cultures of the Earth decide to build in the same architectural style?

Did all the pyramids come from an exceptional coincidence, since all ancient cultures embraced similar ideas?

Or is it possible that all ancient cultures such as the Egyptians, Mayans, Aztecs, Incas and others follow a predetermined pattern established by the civilization that predates all of these ancient civilizations? Are pyramids around the world actually the result of Atlantic architecture?

Are you one of those who believe that Atlantis never existed? Then the pyramids are the product of ancient alien gods who, thousands of years before written history, visited all major civilizations. But in any case, it is impossible to imagine that the ancient people decided to build pyramids at the same time and by coincidence.

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