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Chinese Pyramids: Why Are They Hidden? - Alternative View
Chinese Pyramids: Why Are They Hidden? - Alternative View
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1945, China. The end of World War II is approaching. As you know, at this stage the Americans took an active part in the hostilities. Their planes often flew over China. Once the pilot James Gaussman saw the pyramid during the flight. Even by eye it was possible to determine that it is much larger than the Cheops pyramid. The pyramid was made of white stone. At the top there was a flat platform, like on the pyramids of Latin America. Gaussmann flew over the pyramid several times in order to be convinced of the reality of what he saw. This is the beginning of the history of the most mysterious pyramids in the world - the pyramids of China.

Pyramid discovery history

In 1945, Gaussmann's find was not given much importance: things were happening in the world more serious than archaeological discoveries. Therefore, the next researcher visited the site of the White Pyramid only in the sixties. It was New Zealand pilot Bruce Katy. He discovered the diaries of Australian travelers who, at the very beginning of the twentieth century, visited China and saw the pyramids near the city of Xi'an. Katy became interested in this and collected all the information available at that time about the pyramids. He owns sketches of 16 pyramids.


The next study was in 1994. Austrian Hartwig Hausdorff was able to get into the valley of the pyramids. He photographed several buildings and calculated that they are in no way inferior in height to the Egyptian pyramids, and some even surpass them. By design, they are more reminiscent of the buildings of the Maya Indians in Latin America. in 1996 he repeated his trip. This time he photographed 30 pyramids, but did not publish the pictures.

In 2000, the Chinese government recognized the existence of pyramids in the country. It believes that all pyramids are tombs of ancient emperors. Some of them were opened and examined, tourists have access to them. Such pyramids include Maolin Barrow and Yasen Park Pyramid.

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What about the rest of the pyramids?

Among the open pyramids there are no those found by Gaussmann and Hausdorff. Among them is the same white pyramid that was first seen from the air. The Chinese government not only does not allow outsiders to visit them, but also finds reasons not to let them in in the future. For example, at the White Pyramid there is a space training ground, where unauthorized entry is ordered. Many pyramids are planted with fast-growing pines, and they are not visible from the air. There are secret objects near some of the pyramids, which are impossible to get close to.

Why is China hiding their existence?

Conspiracy theorists have already "found" two answers to this question. The first theory suggests that there is some mystery hidden in the pyramids. It should help China become the strongest country in the world, and the Chinese government is not going to miss this opportunity. As an argument, conspiracy theorists give an ideal orientation to the cardinal points. Even the pyramids of those times, when the North Pole was in a different place, turned in the right direction. It is no coincidence that the space test site is located in the area of ​​the White Pyramid, twice as large as the Cheops pyramid. It is believed that the mystery contained in the pyramid could help the Chinese to make the first breakthrough in space flight.


Another version says that the pyramid builder does not belong to the Chinese culture. There are reports, although not yet confirmed by anything, that bones of three-meter Europeans were found in the pyramids. The only source that could shed light on the creators of the pyramid was the library of the province of Shenxi. It was collected by monks for thousands of years, and the rarest manuscripts were kept in it, many of which have not survived to this day. This library perished in 1966 during the Cultural Revolution. Written monuments were lost, which contained information about almost all structures of Ancient China. But they have not survived, and history cannot yet find out who built these pyramids and why.

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