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What Can You Buy To Retire An American And A Russian - Alternative View
What Can You Buy To Retire An American And A Russian - Alternative View
Video: What Can You Buy To Retire An American And A Russian - Alternative View
Video: RussianPlus. What It's Like to Retire in Russia, American and Russian View 2023, February

Very often, when they want to show that there is complete darkness in Russia, uzhos and Mordor talk about pensions. They say that pensioners are beggars and unhappy people who just do not sit in the crossings and do not ask for alms. In the 90s it was, but for the last decade I definitely disagree with this.

It is clear that it makes no sense to compare the absolute values โ€‹โ€‹of pensions. Let's calculate how many of the simplest products you can buy in the USA and Russia.

The United States has a complex pension system: there is no single pension. For example, older citizens who left their work activity before the onset of retirement age (67 years) receive less than those who worked before 70 years. And the military's allowance is higher than that of office clerks. But the US has a state pension: $ 1,200. Let's take it as a guide and prices for various goods and services in Washington.

As for the Russian pension. We also have it different, for example, pensioners after 80 years have decent allowances, Moscow pensioners generally receive almost 2-3 times more than in the rest of Russia. And the pension for veterans or disabled veterans of the Great Patriotic War can reach 50-60 thousand rubles. I tell this not from hearsay, but from real life - I know such people.

So where are we going to settle? Let's take my mother, who is now 78 years old. She lives far from Moscow, in Central Russia, and has worked as a painter all her life. She now has a pension of 16,000 rubles, without any additional payments and benefits.

So, let's go. Info will be in US / Russia format.

335/355 loaves of bread

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Let's start, by tradition, with bread. A half-kilogram loaf in Washington supermarkets is sold for $ 3.58 (229 rubles). We divide the state pension of 1200 dollars by this amount and we get 335 loaves, that is, 167.5 kg of "white".

In Russia, I buy 45 rubles a kilogram of white bread - we get 355 loaves.

1348/222 liters of milk

But milk in America is cheap: $ 0.89 (56.96 rubles) per liter. The monthly allowance is enough for more than 1,348 liters. In Russia, a liter costs 72 rubles and we get only 222 liters.

97.8 / 32 kg cheese

A kilogram of local cheese on the shelves of Washington stores costs 12.26 dollars (784.64 rubles). You can buy almost 98 kg for retirement.

Since our milk is more expensive, then you shouldn't expect a miracle with cheese either. I buy cheese from at least 500 rubles per kg, we get only 32 kilograms.

87.7 / 69 kg chicken

A little more expensive than cheese is chicken: $ 13.68 (875.52 rubles) per kilogram of boneless and skinless breasts. An American pensioner living on one government pension can afford 87.7 kg of chicken.

Our chicken fillet costs 230 rubles per kg, we get 64 kg.

76.2 / 40 kg beef

A kilogram of beef tenderloin is $ 2 more expensive than a kilogram of chicken: $ 15.73 (1006.72 rubles). If a Washington retiree wanted to spend his monthly beef allowance, he could buy 76.2 kg.

181.5 / 320 kg apples

It turns out that apples are expensive in the American capital: $ 6.61 (423 rubles) per kilo. 181.5 kg will be retired.

In Russia, you can buy a kilogram of good apples for 50 rubles. Mediocre ones can be bought at all for 30, but we will stop at 50. In total, you can buy as much as 320 kilograms

191.6 / 400 kg oranges

Oranges are slightly cheaper than apples: 6.26 dollars (400.64 rubles). If you count in "pensions", it will be 191.6 kg.

Our oranges are also cheap and cost about 40 rubles per kg. It turns out 400 kg.

794.7 / 320 kg bananas

But bananas in America are cheap: only $ 1.51 (96.64 rubles) per kilogram. The state pension will be enough for 794.7 kilos.

We have an average of 50 rubles per kg.

422.5 / 640 kg potatoes

Washington sellers sell a kilogram of potatoes for $ 2.84 (181.7 rubles). We divide 1200 by this amount and we get 422.5 kg.

We will take 25 rubles per kg.

242.4 / 200 kg tomatoes

For a kilo of tomatoes, they will ask for $ 4.95 (316.8 rubles). The state pension will receive 242.4 kg.

We have 80 rubles per kg

410 \ 457 liters of water

One and a half liter bottle of drinking water will cost $ 1.95 (124.8 rubles). The pension is 615 bottles, which is 410 liters of water.

We take the price of 35 rubles. per liter

4095/3200 eggs

A dozen eggs cost $ 2.93 (RUB 187.52). For $ 1,200, there are 409 packs or 4095 eggs.

480/800 bus tickets

America has the largest car fleet in the world - 252.7 million cars (for comparison: in China, 101.4 million), according to Autostat. This is 799 cars per 1000 inhabitants.

It is clear that Americans prefer to use their own vehicles. In addition, it is a public road: in Washington, a bus ride costs $ 2.5 (160 rubles). State pension is enough for 480 trips

Our bus ticket costs 20 rubles. In total, we get 800 trips.

1555.5 / 355 liters of gasoline

But gasoline in the United States is cheaper than in Russia: 77 cents per liter (49.28 rubles). We have, according to the latest Rosstat data, 51.71 rubles per liter of AI-98.

An American pensioner can afford 1,555.5 liters of fuel. But in Russia at a price of 45 rubles per liter, only 355 liters.

9 months / 6.5 utility bills

In the States, there are benefits and subsidies for the elderly for utility bills. If they did not exist, our experimental pensioner would spend $ 133.24 on "communal" (heating, water supply, garbage disposal, electricity) for an apartment of 85 square meters. This is 8527.36 rubles. One pension would be enough for 9 months of utility bills.

My mother makes about 2,500 a month on average. In summer it drops to 1800, and in winter it can be 3500 with heating.

85/145 cinema tickets

A ticket for an international release in Washington cinemas costs $ 14 (896 rubles). Only 85 tickets are retired. Even less than kilos of cheese.

I usually attend sessions for a ticket price of 110 rubles.

Actually, if we put aside the very bright peaks, such as bananas and gasoline, then the American side, if it wins, is not very much and significantly. This suggests that we have something to strive for, but it is not worth saying that a pensioner is a beggar.

P.S. What else can you compare to these pension amounts? What prices do you know in the USA and Russia?

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