Games Of Kings. War Of The Sexes - Alternative View
Games Of Kings. War Of The Sexes - Alternative View
Video: Games Of Kings. War Of The Sexes - Alternative View
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The luxury yacht sailed along the waves of the Black Sea. On the upper deck, four Kings were gathered at a table. Ivan Ivanovich is the king of television, Pyotr Petrovich is the tycoon of the sex industry, Vasily Vasilyevich is the head of alcoholic corporations and Alex Gotman is the ruler of the Internet. The silence, slightly diluted by the rustle of the waves, was first broken by Ivan Ivanovich:

- The other day, gentlemen, we discussed how to implement the ancient Roman principle “Divide and Conquer”. But I think that we need to go further - we have not touched on the topic of separation of people by gender.

- And what is there to do? - Alex was surprised, - there are differences between a boy and a girl, and they are obvious.

- Differences are not yet a reason for enmity. Here we are very different people, but we get along well together. Because our interests complement each other harmoniously. And our children get along very well, and I hope they will create strong families that will continue our work. But what is allowed to Kings is not allowed to plebs. Therefore, we need to constantly warm up the confrontation between men and women, play them off, so that fierce battles take place in every kitchen in the evenings, preferably with violence, abuse and assault, ” Ivan Ivanovich explained.

- And how do we do it? - distracted from the meal Vasily Vasilyevich.

- Very simple. To begin with, we will instill a consumer attitude towards the opposite sex to both. Yes, we are already working on this. Well, Pyotr Petrovich, why are you so modestly silent? Tell us, this is your field of activity! - Ivan Ivanovich turned to the king of the sex industry.

- Oh, yes. We are now promoting this topic through the media. This means that the girl's task is to “hook the guy” and then constantly “shake the money off him” for clothes, travel, gifts, and so on. And for this, all she needs is a beautiful appearance, revealing outfits and, of course, a complete lack of conscience, modesty, and decency. This is how an ideal female, in our understanding, should look like, and we are raising it,”explained Pyotr Petrovich and added,“many women are already proudly calling themselves a “bitch”!


Promotional video:

- But what about men? They probably see all this propaganda and can begin to resist it? Alex asked.

- Few people notice the propaganda itself, after all, we serve it subtly - under the guise of advice from psychologists in glossy magazines, through the images of the main characters of TV series, in texts and clips of popular music, and so on. But men see that women are becoming more aggressive, materialistic and insensitive. And against this background, they are angry with them.

- Anger is wonderful! An evil person has only to slip the image of an enemy, and he, like an angry dog, will rush into the attack,”Ivan Ivanovich said with a smile, recalling his experience of playing off the local population on the basis of national disagreements.

- Exactly! In response, men begin to behave more and more aggressively towards women. And we warm up their negative emotions, instilling through all sorts of promoted bloggers and pseudo-experts that a woman is a piece of meat, and the task of a “man” is to buy this piece of meat as cheaply as possible and use it profitably for himself.

- Pyotr Petrovich, you are just a beast, - Alex laughed, - but after all, not everyone will go for it.

- Yes, at first not all will behave. But we will broadcast destructive models of relationships between the sexes day after day. And most importantly, we will mix all the social roles of men and women: we will teach boys to be gentle and vulnerable, and girls to be strong and rude. Even now, in every second film, the main character is portrayed as more decisive, strong-willed, brave than many other characters in the film, but devoid of tenderness, modesty, and femininity. When such inverted social attitudes are superimposed on a natural biological basis, then the human psyche is peddled, and there can be no talk of any harmonious relationship with the opposite sex, - the king of the sex industry confidently declared.


- I understand that all this is especially good for children, - commented Vasily Vasilyevich. - See how the statistics of gender disorders are rising rapidly when boys claim to be girls and vice versa. In the West, gender reassignment clinics have already been opened for this case. As far as I know, the Tavistock Institute is in charge of this. Maybe it's time to introduce such a norm in Russia? After all, the protection of "human rights"!

- All in good time, my dear friend, will come to this. By the way, the concept of "human rights" is now very actively used in our country, - Ivan Ivanovich proudly noted. - As you know, feminists have been fighting for their privileges for a long time. But in Russia this case has somehow hardly taken root, everyone basically makes fun of them. But recently, help came from where they did not expect: pampered and offended men suddenly began to unite in flocks and also fight for their rights. They want marriage contracts, maternity leave, refuse to pay alimony, and so on. It comes to the point of absurdity, they begin to consider married guys "baborab", all women are insidious and even argue that a family in modern conditions, in principle, cannot be created, because the legal laws do not protect them, poor men.

- Ha ha ha, these idiots want to protect themselves from women! Well, they thought of it, - Alex exclaimed with a laugh.

- And this is wonderful - a visual triumph of the ideology of individualism, when everyone thinks only about his offended and disadvantaged personality, and no one about the common good. And as a result, total mistrust and eternal enmity flourish, - summed up Pyotr Petrovich with a smile.

- Aren't you afraid that these so-called groups of the conscious will reveal our plans? - asked another sharp question Alex. - Will they understand that all this is the result of programming from the outside, that it is necessary to fight not for our rights, but for the rights of the family, raise children, raise the level of morality, promote examples of true female and male qualities?

“It's unlikely,” Ivan Ivanovich replied sharply, rubbing his hands nervously. - Firstly, no one will allow them to act on a large scale, in the field of media on television and in the press everything is captured. And on the Internet too, I hope. Isn't that right, Alex?

- Of course, of course, - said the computer genius, averting his eyes to the side.

“And secondly, the crowd’s psyche is such that it always looks for someone to blame,” Ivan Ivanovich continued. - After all, if you admit the thought that you have been brainwashed, it means that you are wrong in something, and you need to work on yourself: to identify erroneous stereotypes, to change your views. But this is a huge work that few are capable of. It is much easier for most to accept that others are to blame. As a result, women blame men, men blame women, children grumble at their parents, and so on.


- Yes, Alex, you shouldn't be so pessimistic, - Pyotr Petrovich supported his colleague. - Our work in this direction is already achieving success. Divorce rates exceed 50 percent within three to five years after marriage. And all because during the 90s and early 2000s we formed a generation of infantile personalities who got stuck somewhere in childhood and live according to the principle “everyone owes me, but I don’t owe anything to anyone”. Accordingly, they build relationships with the opposite sex in the same way - they marry only for the sake of getting high. But, as you understand, such a union exists until the first difficulties, after which the crisis begins, and - voila: the family is falling apart.

“And yet, some do not fall for this propaganda and try to resist,” Alex said skeptically, remembering the websites of the conscious.

- We make fun of such people in various talk shows. Any adequate model of behavior in terms of the relationship between a man and a woman is presented as a defect, naivety, retrograde … - said Ivan Ivanovich.

- You know, gentlemen, I somehow set up an experiment: I came to a regular school in the middle classes and conducted an anonymous survey as a psychologist on the interests of students. And you know what I'm going to tell you? Our circuit works great. Young people today have such rubbish in their heads that we simply did not leave them a chance for a normal life. Already at the age of 10-12, their thoughts are occupied with the topic of building relationships. And the samples of these very relationships, as you know, they take from our films, serials and TV shows like "House 2", "Bachelor", "Let's get married." As a result, by the age of 15-16, the average teenager has experience of several such “relationships” with a sad ending. We don't even need to inspire him with anything later - he is already saturated with cynicism and disappointed in life, - said Pyotr Petrovich.

- And if the children of the conscious study in such a school, then their interests will be the same. After all, they communicate with their peers, adopting their views and lifestyle, - Alex said with relief, thinking that his problem with unwanted sites with such tendencies will gradually be solved by itself.

- Of course, you just have to be able to wait! - said Pyotr Petrovich, and added. - Lust, debauchery, quarrels, alcohol, foul language, fights, jealousy and hatred of everyone towards everyone. These are the models of behavior we broadcast to young people. In all serials, in a playful and serious manner, we promote the value of money, appearance, and social status. And after such a brainwashing, all men without exception only give "Miss World", and women - oligarchs from Rublevka.


- The most interesting thing is that, making such high demands on a potential partner, a person, as a rule, does not represent anything himself, has not achieved anything in life, has not learned anything, but what is there - most often it is corny to write correctly and cannot speak normally, - Ivan Ivanovich laughed.

- I, too, gentlemen, had a hand in this, - having finished the lobster, Vasily Vasilyevich returned to the conversation, - we taught the crowd to think that communication between the sexes is generally impossible without alcohol. Whether it's a party or a date, or even a wedding, you must definitely warm up the process with alcohol. So it is supposedly easier to relax and reach mutual understanding.

- Thank you, Vasily Vasilyevich, we never forget about your contribution to the common cause. I remember how your marketers put out a series of these “funny” T-shirts with the words “VODKA. Connecting people ". It's funny, but people really think so,”Ivan Ivanovich laughed.

“And for teenagers, we conduct thousands of communities on social networks on the topic of so-called“lists”, where we teach them to have a rest properly - without parents, in a drunken company of friends,” Vasily Vasilyevich boasted.

- Gentlemen, one or two more generations - and we will completely instill in our wards all these destructive models of behavior, - concluded Pyotr Petrovich. - We will bring the matter to such an absurdity that somewhere on a dating site a woman will immediately indicate the conditions for which she is ready to sell herself to a man, and a man will provide statements from his bank accounts to prove his solvency. And the family will first turn into a commercial project of calculating egoists, and then disappear altogether!

“We are advancing on all fronts…” Alex said with joy, who finally managed to distract himself from thoughts about problems with unwanted resources on the Internet.

The kings fell silent, and only the rustle of the waves overboard the yacht and the anxious cry of seagulls broke their thoughtful silence.

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