The Demiurges From Bilderberg Continue And Lose - Alternative View
The Demiurges From Bilderberg Continue And Lose - Alternative View
Video: The Demiurges From Bilderberg Continue And Lose - Alternative View
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The club in the mass consciousness takes on the function of the "dead God" of Europe and the United States.

May 30 - June 2, at the Chillon castle near the small Swiss town of Montreux, the next annual meeting of the Bilderberg Club took place, which became the 67th in a row.

The Bilderberg Club is a very non-public international organization that unites a very narrow segment of the world's elites. Club meetings are never covered in the press or in the comments of their members, and the agenda of the meetings has never been publicly announced. The invitees are prohibited from making video and audio recordings of what is happening, as well as disclosing the content and course of discussions.

The official mission of the club is to establish a dialogue between representatives of the elites of different countries and different political views, and the sacrament of the meetings is explained by the desire of the organizers to ensure such communication in a relaxed but luxurious atmosphere that allows politicians, businessmen and public figures to "take off their masks" and speak out as frankly as possible on any even the most pressing questions.

About half of the club's members are Americans, and another third are Western Europeans, while representatives from other countries are invited to club meetings only sporadically. This clearly shows the main idea of ​​the meetings: in fact, year after year, the club develops a dynamic consensus around the model of a global market economy of the Western model, the Westernization of culture and the concept of Western democracy and freedom. The club allows these ideas to be promoted around the world, adapting them to local conditions with the help of representatives of the elites from the target countries involved in the club meetings.

In such a presentation of its functions, the Bilderberg Club really appears, if not an all-powerful world government, then certainly its prototype, which has been exercising albeit indirect, but constant and tight control of the world for almost seventy years. At least at the level of concepts, ideas and approaches.

The phenomenon of supranational and, of course, transpersonal structures of reality management is interesting in itself. Without going into the inevitable conspiracy theories regarding the specific goals and objectives of the Bilderberg Club, we can only say that if such a secret and conspiratorial organization did not exist, then it should have been invented!

In fact, the club in the mass consciousness takes on the function of the “deceased God” of Europe and the United States, trying to create the illusion that the people entering it perform the functions of the highest power located somewhere between the levels of “ordinary demiurges” and “minor gods”. Of course, this is some kind of ideal rationalization of a rather chaotic modern world - but I must say that it works. The participants in the meetings feel like celestials, the rest of the elite secretly envy them, the counter-elite fights them successfully and hangs on them the label “world behind-the-scenes”, and all ordinary people can engage in conspiracy guesses of varying degrees of reliability. At the same time, the Bilderberg Club performs its main function, one might say, quite successfully - so far, no other project has emerged in the world comparable in strength to the global initiative of the “collective West”.

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Of course, fighting the “spirit of Bilderberg” on his field is completely useless: it is impossible to defeat something that you do not control and do not even represent in all details. As already mentioned, the pieces of Yavlinsky, Chubais or Mordashov, who were invited to club meetings in different years, are just pawns on the global chessboard, which, moreover, are easily used in the opening gambit, if necessary.

At the same time, Russia is categorically opposed to the very idea of ​​Bilderberg's "universal power", which is realized through a secretly built strong web of formal and informal ties. The Russian "maybe" shows a completely different approach, in which the idea of ​​a living Russian God, in contrast to the dead God of the West, is conceived as absolutely incomprehensible and unpredictable, dynamic and free. Russia miraculously survived the death of the supreme European deity at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, paving a completely different path to the future in the last century. This amazing rise of Soviet Russia had to be extinguished with the full force of the collective West - and the Bilderberg Club was one such instrument.

Yes, until now, his influence and power are quite large. However, having recorded the victory over the USSR in its achievements, the club never became an absolute "master of thoughts and arbiter of destinies." In recent years, the Bilderberg Club has taken an interest in high-tech, in a hopeless attempt to maintain elusive control over the minds of people who are increasingly pondering alternatives to the “victorious West” model that Bilderberg embodies.

The world really turned out to be richer and more complex than the ideas of the "demiurges from Bilderberg", having presented a lot of surprises to the self-appointed navigators of world development in recent decades.

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