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World Government: Why Was The Bilderberg Club Created - Alternative View
World Government: Why Was The Bilderberg Club Created - Alternative View
Video: World Government: Why Was The Bilderberg Club Created - Alternative View
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There are a huge number of conspiracy theories around this organization. They are supposedly both a "world government" and "high priests of globalization" and the engine of American hegemony. We will tell you about it without emotion. Just the facts.

Organizational form

The Bilderberg Club, aka "group", aka "conference" is a meeting in an informal atmosphere of representatives of the political, financial, economic and journalistic elites of the world. The name comes from the Bilderberg Hotel in the Dutch town of Osterbek, where the first meeting of the club took place in May 1954. The members of the club are also called Bilderbergers. These conferences are held in different countries, with the host country taking responsibility for security. This club, which naturally rotates, has 383 people, of which a third are Americans. The organizing committee strives annually to select new candidates of influence at the national and international levels so that they can, as the Britannica notes, "get to know each other better and discuss common issues without commitment."Secretariat - the club is headquartered in New York


The club was organized by three of the world's leading foundations founded by American billionaires: Rockefeller, Carnegie and Ford. In the charters of all these funds, one way or another, the task of "promoting cooperation between the countries of the world" (from the charter of the Carnegie endowment) sounds. According to political scientist Robert F. Ernow, author of Charity and Cultural Imperialism, foundations are the soft power of elites. “Their strength lies in defining professional and intellectual parameters, in determining who will receive support, in studying vital topics and issues. Therefore, the power of foundations lies in the fact that they offer certain types of activities in which they are interested and which are ready to support."

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One of the founders, the oldest and most influential member of the Bilderberg Club is 101-year-old David Rockefeller, the grandson of the founder of Standard Oil and the first billionaire in history John Rockefeller. He participated in all meetings and was operational on the club's governing committee that draws up invitees.

The President of the World Bank from 1995 to 2005, James Wolfensohn, another activist of the club, said of the Rockefeller role: “The Rockefeller family has made an enormous contribution to the development of globalism over the past 100 years. It is pertinent to say that on the issue of globalization, there was no family more influential than the Rockefellers. And we continue to address them with questions that, in a sense, still face us. And for this, David, we are deeply grateful to you and appreciate your own contribution to this cause … ".

First tasks

Since its inception and for many years, the club has focused on the problems associated with the existence of the USSR as an opposing pole of politics, and on European integration along with the creation of a European security system. Obviously, all these tasks, thanks to the work of the foundation or in some other way, were solved. At the very least, the participation of the Bilderbergers in the European integration movement and the creation of the euro is not denied by anyone, and the CIA documents, declassified in 2001, are clearly defined.

One of the founders of the club, Joseph Retinger, was one of the founders of the common market and the architect of European integration. He considered the main idea of ​​a common Europe to be the abandonment of part of his sovereignty of European countries. After some forty years, this plan was fully implemented.

On behalf of Russia, the conference was reportedly attended by politician Grigory Yavlinsky, political scientist Lilia Shevtsova, former statesman, economist Anatoly Chubais (twice), businessman Alexei Mordashov, head of Severstal.

Immediate goals

Former European Central Bank Chairman Jean-Claude Trichet at the Council on Foreign Relations has made these goals quite clear. In a number of speeches since the 2008 crisis, he said that the issue is now about building global financial governance so that the financial system can withstand disruptions.

Jean-Claude Trichet: “… The cooperation of Central Banks is part of a broader trend that is transforming global governance. This trend, in fact, was spurred by the global financial crisis … Therefore, it is not a surprise that this crisis has led to an even greater awareness of the need for full integration into the global governance system."

Conspiracy theories

The meetings of the club, for a completely understandable reason, are held in an atmosphere of maximum secrecy, journalists are not invited there - only the chief editors of the leading media outlets, and not for coverage, but to participate in conferences. It is forbidden to record there, but still some information from the public leaks out, and it works to create conspiracy theories. Recently, a long article was published in The Guardian. Its author tried to contact David Rockefeller, but a spokesman said that these theories were fed up with Rockefeller.

“Mr. Rockefeller’s reasoning on this topic is that all this time there has been a battle between rational and irrational thought. Rational people have preferred globalization. Irrational - preferred

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