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Leak From Bilderberger: Banks Prepare For Crash - Alternative View
Leak From Bilderberger: Banks Prepare For Crash - Alternative View
Video: Leak From Bilderberger: Banks Prepare For Crash - Alternative View
Video: What Causes Market Crashes 2023, February

Bilderberg member, terminally ill Lindsay Williams made some startling revelations about what lies ahead and about the Illuminati's plans for humanity.

Gold and silver are the only things you can count on. All assets and funds that you have must be converted into gold and silver as soon as possible - urgently, writes Hurry up, because the Illuminati are preparing the banks for ruin, and it will happen very soon. We are going into a depression, soon everyone will be completely poor, and this will happen within the next two years, we will fall to the level of peasants and peasant life. You don't have to depend on real estate, assets (wealth, inheritance, investments, etc.).

Banks are orchestrating a mortgage crisis, which will be regulated under a law passed by the US Congress two weeks ago that allows banks to take property without a mandate. Therefore, if you have a mortgage, pay it off now or sell your home so you can buy another property, paying in full, even if the money from the sale is just enough to buy a shack. Make sure that your humble home is fully paid - millions of people will lose their homes!

Obama has adopted a bank-overseen health care program delivered through insurance companies. This government passed a hidden bill, which puts under control firearms, euthanasia, etc.

The US government gave the Panama Canal to China many years ago. This is the strategy of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and the Trilateral Commission!

China owns all Greek ports

China owns 90% of all rare earth minerals - components for technology, weapons, etc. China produces 80% of the weapons components for the US Army. USA is dependent on China!

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China is the world's largest producer of natural mineral resources. She owns over half of the production in Australia. China owns mines in Africa, USA, Middle East, Canada! China holds a monopoly of 90% of all rare earth minerals!

China trades in all currencies, is rich in cash, so it can buy / sell any currency.

Russia is the largest producer of oil and gas. We need to keep an eye on China and Russia. The Americans will never win the war against them because the US has moved its entire processing industry to China!

The globalists want to provoke a crisis in the Middle East within a few months. Goldman Sachs Bank, City Bank and the IMF are already in Iran. They entered, so to speak, through the back door to paralyze the Iranians financially before attacking. You should also know that the US and Europe have sold computers with viruses to Iran. This is a preemptive strike. So we see how Iran is now being destroyed, as it was with Iraq in its time. They are preparing to strike Iran within a few months!

Project Devil's Mesia (Devil's Messiah)

The terminally ill tycoon also said:

"Project Devil is launched - we must get rid of God to open the way for the New World Order."

He added that Project Devil is a complete perversion, because they (the Illuminati) cannot get the faithful, God-fearing people to believe in it! So now we know why homosexuality, abortion, euthanasia, pornography, dresses of harlots, witchcraft are forcibly imposed on humanity - all this is to prepare for the coming of the Antichrist !!!

Illuminati Advocate for the Establishment of "One World Religion"

The National Council of Churches (World Council of Churches) is funded by Masonic organizations - Rockefeller, Carnegie and Ford. It is interesting to note that this Council and foundations are promoting false ecumenism (a movement for worldwide Christian unification) in religious communities. Most of the churches in the United States have taken this initiative. It hurts my soul to think about how religious initiatives in the name of the Word of God have been perverted in parts of the United States, Ireland, and even the Archdiocese of Westminster! Such religious initiatives only lead to an inclusive church! Enough, good people!

In the United States and some countries, decrees have been passed in which the local sheriff is given the right to hang a castle on the church if there is at least one complaint against the pastor of this church for speaking out against homosexuality, etc. They proclaim such laws and regulations to close any church outside of any legal procedure, as is the case in China.

"We must have our own national media to establish a New World Order!" They already have these funds: a media corporation owned by a Masonic organization. They are deliberately destroying civilization.

Elites control China and Russia, the US president and Congress. Congress is about to impose the Cybersecurity Act and the Carbon Tax Act. The American taxpayer will be asked to save the country from the clutches of the mortgage crisis, which will bring about $ 3 trillion on a platter for large banks. dollars. Big banks are buying up small banks that are trying to save our economy, but the Illuminati are preventing them from doing it. With the help of the Bilderberg Club, you have full control over your money, your house, your car, over your whole life!

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