Artificial Intelligence Will "kill" 96% Of Professions - Alternative View
Artificial Intelligence Will "kill" 96% Of Professions - Alternative View
Video: Artificial Intelligence Will "kill" 96% Of Professions - Alternative View
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Kasparov views artificial intelligence as an object of cooperation, not a future overlord or oppressor. According to the grandmaster's forecast, 96% of professions will disappear with the introduction of AI in the coming years.

In 1997, Kasparov lost a game of chess to artificial intelligence, although experts predicted a different outcome of the match. The loss was explained by the fact that chess is too simple for a computer, and human ingenuity will always prevail over naked analysis. Whether it's a game of Go. But the computer also beat the world champion in this game, Lee Sedol, who described AI as "an entity that cannot be defeated." Then the experts said that AI will never bypass us in creative games. For example, poker. But AI has beaten a human in poker, StarCraft, and Magic: The Gathering.

But in one thing a man is superior to a machine - we are talking about our ability to use new technologies for our own benefit, said Garry Kasparov. “The loss in 1997 was an unpleasant experience, but it helped me understand the future of human-machine cooperation,” says the grandmaster.

As a result, Kasparov came to the conclusion that AI, subject to its further implementation, would provoke the disappearance of 96% of all modern professions. But he does not consider this forecast as gloomy: old professions disappear when new ones are created. The chess player gave an interesting example: in every city there are many car mechanics, but it will not be easy to find a blacksmith. According to Kasparov, the real problem is creating new jobs that require a person's creativity.

“For decades we have taught people to behave like computers, and now we are complaining that these professions are threatened by AI. Of course, there is a threat. We must look for job creation opportunities that highlight our strengths. I think we should not complain, but see how we can develop further,”says Garry Kasparov.

According to Kasparov, we must accelerate the process so that scientists develop AI faster. This is evidenced by "the first knowledge worker whose profession was threatened by a machine."

But the acceleration of the process puts national governments in a difficult position, when during the transition period, many people will be left without a livelihood. In this regard, Kasparov noted that governments may need to consider an unconditional basic income to combat the threat of artificial intelligence replacing workers. Let us recall that this is a social concept that involves the regular payment of a certain amount of money to each citizen by the state. For example, former US presidential candidate Andrew Young promised a pain-free entry into the AI ​​era, in which every adult would receive a monthly $ 1,000 “freedom dividend”.

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