Forgotten Biolocation - One Of The Most Amazing Human Abilities - Alternative View

Forgotten Biolocation - One Of The Most Amazing Human Abilities - Alternative View
Forgotten Biolocation - One Of The Most Amazing Human Abilities - Alternative View

Video: Forgotten Biolocation - One Of The Most Amazing Human Abilities - Alternative View

Video: Forgotten Biolocation - One Of The Most Amazing Human Abilities - Alternative View
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This human ability, as always, is ignored by official science. It is impossible to feel, to admit it is impossible, to refute it is impossible. It means it is better to be silent. And if so, what exactly are we talking about? We don't know anything like that.

I will describe a case that happened in production.

At the beginning of a work shift at one of the construction sites, a foreman gave an assignment to an excavator operator to dig a trench. He indicated its parameters and direction.

The excavator was an elderly man and what is called a shot sparrow.

When the foreman decided that the driver had understood the task, he hurried off to go about his business.

- Wait, -called his excavator driver, - Mikhalych, is there definitely nothing here?

- San, here is the technological map, this place is clean. Dig boldly.

- Do not rush. Can you wait a couple of minutes, I'll check it myself?

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- How do you check? - the foreman asked nervously and impatiently, - don't talk nonsense. Go to work.

- Right now, let's see, - the excavator pulled out from the seat back two rods of wire in the shape of the letter "G". He clenched the short ends into fists, and put the long ones forward parallel to each other and walked along the axis of the future trench. After a dozen steps, his rods turned to each other and formed a cross.

- Mikhalych, - called the excavator foreman, - here at a depth of about 2 meters the cable lies. I can say that he is fat. Your card is lying, it would be necessary to clarify what kind of cable, otherwise there will be a scandal - you won't end up.

- Sanya, tell me bluntly, don't you want to work? I'll find another train driver.

- Mikhalych, not a scandal, I say the cable here, you can't dig.

The foreman turned white with irritation: - I'm firing you. You can look for another job.

- Okay, you don’t believe. If there is a cable, you will answer, it's not my fault. Here, sign the waybill, otherwise you always “forget”, and I'll dig.

The foreman reluctantly ticked the box.

The excavator merrily drove up to the place where the future trench would cross the expected place of the cable, with the first bucket he removed the top layer of the earth, and with the second he went deep and pulled out a thick long-distance telephone cable from the bowels.


He drowned the excavator and jumped slowly to the ground.

The foreman's expression defied description.

- Mikhalych, I'm sorry, but I warned you. Now you have to prove that you did everything according to the documents.

The scandal was serious. Who really was to blame was never told, but the foreman was fired.

As it turned out, biolocation has its roots in ancient times.

Even under Peter the Great, eniological maps were compiled by dowsing specialists (one of the names of dowsing methods). On the basis of the maps, the construction of Moscow was designed, and the areas unsuitable for life were marked on them.

In those days, the scale of the use of biolocation was so enormous that even M. Lomonosov devoted his scientific work to this direction, entitled "On mining forks", which was published in 1763 in the collection "The first foundations of metallurgy or ore affairs"

Who can try this method? Anyone.

To do this, you need to have two rods of wire, or a special frame made of the same wire. And the ability to keep in mind the desired subject. Second, it is much more difficult and requires quite serious efforts and skills.

Such experiments are not difficult to carry out on your own, and you will make sure that dowsing is a real human ability.

I will only offer an experiment on measuring blood pressure without a tonometer, using a thread, a gold ring and a wooden student ruler, 20-30 cm long. (The ring may not be gold. Gold is just a more sensitive metal and reacts better). This is one of the directions of the dowsing effect.

Extend your right hand, palm up. Place a ruler on it, so that the zero mark on the scale lies just at the base of your palm, on your wrist. The risks are folds of skin in this area.


A gold ring, tied to a string, 25 - 30 cm long, slowly move directly above the surface of the ruler along its scale from zero mark upwards along the scale. However, which side you start from does not matter. Notice at what centimeter the ring begins to swing intensively. There will be two such places. These will be the limits of the lower and upper blood pressure.

Then check this data with a tonometer.

With the help of dowsing, you can determine the presence of linear and point objects underground, the depth of groundwater, find a missing object, and much more. Not all, but very many people are able to apply this method in their daily life.

Dowsing is a very delicate instrument, the effectiveness of which depends on the degree of sensitivity of a particular person, and his ability to think imaginatively.

I wish everyone who is interested in successful experiences.