Who Is Stealing Our Land? - Alternative View

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Who Is Stealing Our Land? - Alternative View
Who Is Stealing Our Land? - Alternative View

Video: Who Is Stealing Our Land? - Alternative View

Video: Who Is Stealing Our Land? - Alternative View
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In the photo: A strange pit found in the forest near Kharkov. Depth 18 meters, diameter 1.2 meters, smooth walls. You cannot drive up by car. There is no heap of selected land nearby. The radiation was not measured. At the bottom of the branch to the sides 2-3 meters, width 40x60 cm. So no one knows who dug it.

Under the influence of groundwater and earthquakes, as a result of the development of mines and mines, gaps often appear in the earth. However, some of them arise for no apparent reason. This makes people who saw them put forward the most incredible hypotheses

Unexplained Pits

In October 1954, French newspapers reported a strange egg-shaped pit that appeared overnight in a field near Pont-si-sur-Lignon. The geologists who came to look at it refrained from commenting, and the reporters got the impression that the earth was sucked up by a giant vacuum cleaner.

In February 1979, geologists from Utah, USA, discovered a strange cruciform pit with a diameter of more than four meters. They failed to explain the reason for its occurrence. The appearance of three identical pits with a diameter of 5.5 and a depth of 1.5 meters at almost the same place - on the Venice Center field (New York) on the same day - September 12, but with an annual interval - remained mysterious. in 1966, 1967 and 1968. According to local residents, the pits appeared after a loud explosion, which was heard several kilometers away. However, it was not possible to establish the cause of the explosions. The hypotheses put forward about the emergence of these pits did not differ in variety - of course, the aliens were to blame for everything, who took the soil of our planet for analyzes.

Gently and carefully

On October 18, 1984, brothers Rick and Peter Timm, while walking around their farm located near Grand Cooley, Washington, USA, found a 3x2 depression 3 meters deep in an area adjacent to a wheat field. Farmers harvested from this field a month ago and claimed that this hole did not exist then. Moreover, it was completely incomprehensible how, who and why dug it. The brothers' bewilderment intensified when, more than twenty meters from the hole, they discovered a block of earth, apparently removed from the hole. How this was done remained unclear, although the hole and a huge, undamaged lump of soil were tied by an arc made of clumps of earth the size of a fingernail. The impression was that the block was somehow cleverly removed from the ground and, being carried through the air, was carefully placed at a distance.

Interested in a strange phenomenon, the brothers invited Don Aubertino, the director of a nearby mine, to see it. Don Aubertino suggested that it was a meteorite trail. However, his friend - geologist Bill Utterbach argued that the ill-fated pit cannot be a meteorite crater. The vertical walls of the pit and the flat bottom testified that it was formed not as a result of the fall of some heavy object, but as a result of the removal of earth from it. It was also curious that the sod and woven tree roots remained intact both along the walls of the pit and in the displaced coma, which also did not correspond to the meteorite hypothesis.

Probably, a lump, weighing about three tons, could have been lifted by a vortex. But at the same time it would collapse. In addition, there was no destruction left by the whirlwind around. An employee of the Smithsonian Institution (a research and educational institute in Washington, USA) said that neither he nor his colleagues had encountered such a phenomenon and were unable to explain it.


Two years ago, the media reported that a strange failure was discovered near Rostov-on-Don. At the beginning of winter 2007, local hunters stumbled upon him near the Kurganny farm. An inexplicable hole in the ground, more than three meters in diameter, was located next to a country road. Intrigued hunters looked into the hole - it was dark, threw a stone there and, by sound, determined that its depth was not less than 10 meters.

“The edges of the sinkhole are very clear,” said the hunter Vladimir Kodenko. “And scattered nearby are pieces of sintered, very light black substance. We have never seen such a thing!"

The perplexed hunters marked the hole they had found so that no one would fall into it, and reported it to the village council. Of course, in the village they immediately started talking about aliens, and someone remembered that about five years ago, somewhere nearby geologists were conducting blasting operations. Be that as it may, a group of local residents headed by Ivan Ishchenko went to look at the failure. They managed to see that at about a depth of 7 meters, the mysterious pit is expanding in all directions.

And a few days later it turned out that the failure has an analogue - 100 kilometers away, in the area of the village of Luganskaya, in the spring the tractor driver almost fell into a hole dug right in the middle of the field. He marked it with a mark, and six months later it turned out that the hole he had discovered had almost doubled. In form, both failures were very similar to each other.

The locals naturally came up with a bold hypothesis. In their opinion, these gaps were dug and connected by a hundred-kilometer tunnel … by aliens. Geologists have suggested that the sinkholes are nothing more than karst sinkholes formed as a result of the erosion of the earth by groundwater. However, such phenomena are not typical for the Rostov region. And then there were pieces of caked, tuff-like earth …

180 tons - it never happened

In the spring of this year, newspapers reported that a hole 6 meters in diameter and depth had appeared in the middle of a field near the village of Valovoye, Kirovsky District, Kaluga Region. It is an even circle in shape, the bottom is flat, covered with water.

The head of the department of civil defense and emergency situations of the local administration Vladimir Bertrand, having gone to the site and inspected the deepening, cautiously said that "maybe this is a natural anomaly, or perhaps the land was removed by mechanical means."

Other eyewitnesses to the incident stated approximately the following: “Having examined the place where the anomaly appeared, we found traces of a mechanical fence of earth along the edges of the pit. At the same time, in the field, we did not find a single sign of the export of land. The grass grows just like everywhere else. The fact that the water did not go underground speaks in favor of the anomalous version, and everywhere not a blade of grass is trampled, there are no tire marks. At the same time, 180 tons of earth disappeared without a trace!"

Andrey Perepelitsyn, chairman of the public group for studying the secrets and mysteries of the Earth "Labyrinth", went to the place where the anomaly appeared. In his opinion, there are two versions of the appearance of this pit. The first: an abnormal phenomenon, the second: the failure of a cavity.

- At the moment we are more inclined towards the second version, - Perepelitsyn says. - But still there are many questions. For example, if it was a failure of the earth, then why did the water not leave, but accumulates? We surveyed the area for chronic anomalies, electrostatic norms. No deviations were found.

The field in which the strange pit was discovered is located five kilometers from the village of Valovoe, whose residents are already accustomed to inexplicable phenomena. For example, Nikolai Zemchenkov saw a red ball hovering in the air three years ago, which changed its color to orange and disappeared 15 minutes later. Several years ago, other residents of Valovoye, including the chairman of the village council Valentin Semkina, saw the fireballs floating in the air. They say they were hovering near the place where the six-meter hole appeared.

In addition, the villagers tell an amazing story about the appearance of a key, which about half a century ago hammered on the site of a village church that had gone underground. By the way, the villagers consider this place holy, go to pray, baptize children in its water.

Of course, we have a lot of land, 180 tons are not a pity, especially if they disappear in someone else's field, and even more so overseas. And yet it is curious who and why this land needed, why should the aliens dig strange holes? So far, neither researchers of anomalous phenomena, nor scientists can answer these questions.

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