TR-3B Crashed In Nevada? - Alternative View
TR-3B Crashed In Nevada? - Alternative View

Video: TR-3B Crashed In Nevada? - Alternative View

Video: TR-3B Crashed In Nevada? - Alternative View
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In an exclusive interview exclusively for Daily Star Online, Blake Cousins showed us photos of an unknown aircraft crash taken in the Nevada desert in 2016.

A few days ago the photos were provided to Blake by his channel subscribers and some of this sensational material was used by Blake in his YouTube video.

The photo shows a device resembling the TR-3B, created on the basis of the so-called reverse technologies, when some highly developed aliens introduce the US military to the designs of their museum equipment.

Moreover, the photo captures not an ordinary flight of a strange "triangle", but a certain object that flies, as it were, all on fire, on the basis of which Blake believes that it was an unsuccessful test:

“It's not every day that you see a TR-3B explode,” he said.

Blake added that "there have been reports of years of experimentation at the base," but his photographs may be the first to prove that "alien technology" is somehow not very successful.

When we asked Blake to comment on what is happening now around Area 51, Blake said:

"What can I say? There is a huge amount of evidence that at this base in Nevada some work is going on with alien technology and they have been kept secret from the public for many years."

Promotional video:

“Will anything be revealed after September 20? I strongly doubt it. However, if that happens, these guys will be the first to share information in real time."

At the same time, Blake added that he "does not justify" any raids on Area 51, since it is a military base:

“Let's just hope that no one gets hurt, no one gets hurt, no one gets shot and no one gets arrested. Although it may happen that those who illegally entered this base will never be seen anywhere else."

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