Diamond-shaped And Triangular UFOs - Alternative View
Diamond-shaped And Triangular UFOs - Alternative View

Video: Diamond-shaped And Triangular UFOs - Alternative View

Video: Diamond-shaped And Triangular UFOs - Alternative View
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That evening, when we arrived at the scene with a photojournalist, there were actually three "plates" hanging over Chekhovsky Lane - one diamond-shaped and two triangular! We watched this spectacle, standing on the balcony of apartment N13, where 75-year-old Kiev pensioner Irina Popova lives with the cat Tishka.

“I also saw how the bottom of this 'plate' flickered yellow, red, green.”

Irina Ivanovna's balcony is a wonderful observation point. During the day, she often goes out to him, and that evening at about seven o'clock, as if an unknown force pulled her to the window, tearing her away from household chores.

“I opened the curtains,” Irina Popova told Fakty, “and, fathers, I saw these same UFOs in the starry sky! Diamond and triangular! I looked closely: there were lights on both sides, and legs below. Suddenly one object began to jump - down, up, to the sides, and then began to turn around its axis, then extinguished, then flaring up. It’s just a miracle!

Irina Ivanovna hastened to inform her neighbors about what she saw - since then a "UFO" boom has started in the house. We go out with the hostess to the balcony. "Can't you see?" she asks. The photographer and I look at the sky for a long time. Stars. One of them is large and bright. “This is UFO! - the hostess enthusiastically declares. “Now he will start jumping and the rays will go …” Indeed, the object began to move, as if to prove that he was not a star. It became uncomfortable. “Perhaps he is not at gunpoint, but we are at him,” the thought flashes, and we hurry back to the apartment.

“And I also saw how the lower part of this“plate”flickered with yellow, red, green light,” Irina Ivanovna says mysteriously, in a half-whisper. But, apparently, noticing an expression of some skepticism on our faces, he asks. - If this is not a UFO, then what?

The first time Irina Ivanovna saw a cigar-shaped "plate" back in 1961. It was so. Returning one summer from work at the beginning of the seventh evening, she saw a shining "cigar" with a blue tail above the Opera House, surrounded by five or six small "cigars" rushing across the sky at the same speed.

“At that moment, all the passers-by froze with open mouths,” the eyewitness recalls, “and the next day they broadcast on the radio about the incident and even asked to call the witnesses of the unusual phenomenon.

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Irina Ivanovna also responded, but for some reason the story had no continuation. Since then, Irina Popova has taken a great interest in ufology. She attended lectures at the planetarium, communicated with contactees and scientists, and read a lot. And psychics explained that she periodically opens her "third eye". This means that a woman is given to see what others do not see.

“I wouldn't be afraid of the newcomers. I would ask how they live in their worlds”.

Upon learning of the arrival of the correspondents, neighbors dropped in to Irina Popova, who were ready to confirm that her story was not an invention.

Rhomboid and triangular UFOs - You know, at first I thought it was a reflection of lanterns, - says Peter Ivanovich, a neighbor from below. - And now I am inclined to think that this is an optical effect. Although … I once worked in Siberia and there I observed strange objects in the night sky with my friends. They were supposed to be satellites. But the objects, disappearing, after a while returned to their original place. Not satellites, then?

Petr Ivanovich notes one feature: these UFOs are clearly visible from Irina Ivanovna's apartment. This is confirmed by the pensioner Olga Alekseevna, who managed to see a UFO only once.

- Maybe because you have apartment N13? - I'm curious about Irina Ivanovna.

- The point, apparently, in myself. I seem to attract these strange phenomena! - she exclaims and starts leafing through the notebook. - This is a diary of my contacts with the unknown. It has 28 episodes!

For example, twice in her life, Irina Ivanovna, as she claims, met on her way a club of a white couple, which almost pulled her in, once a werewolf - in the form of a bustard that crossed her path … Sometimes unusual things happen in her apartment - then the door will open for no apparent reason, then someone will knock … And it all started when, at the age of six, Irina saw a terrible vision. Together with her parents and brother, she came from Gorlovka near Essentuki, to the farm to her grandfather. Three days before their arrival (it was either in 1934, or in 1935), the grandfather's wife, Aunt Dusya, died, who really wanted to meet her husband's children and grandchildren, but did not have time. Parents and grandfather, having put the children to bed in the evening, left somewhere. But Irochka could not sleep. She opened her eyes and saw … a woman in white standing at the window. The girl closed her eyes in fear, but when she opened them again,the vision was repeated. A few days later Ira told her mother about what she had seen, she explained that it was the soul of Aunt Dusya that came to look at them.

When Irina Ivanovna tells people about all this, they shrug their shoulders: believe - not believe? So she called about UFOs everywhere - both to the Ministry of Emergency Situations and to the observatory. I even called the police. The attendant picked up the phone: "What should we do?" - "Call the military, scientists." - "Good". With that, according to Irina Popova, it all ended.

It is noteworthy that in a few blocks from Chekhovsky lane there is Observatory Street and the old university observatory. Maybe that's why the aliens have chosen a place for themselves above the alley?

- Have you seen the aliens themselves? - I asked Irina Ivanovna.

“No, but I wouldn't be afraid of them,” the woman says. - I would give them tea … I would ask them how they live in their worlds …

When we were leaving the entrance of the house where eyewitnesses of flying saucers live, the mother's command to the preschool boy cut through the ears: “Where are you looking? Watch your step! " And I thought that maybe many of us will never see a UFO - we have forgotten how to look at the starry sky.

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