What Is This Maid, The Shamakhan Queen? - Alternative View
What Is This Maid, The Shamakhan Queen? - Alternative View

Video: What Is This Maid, The Shamakhan Queen? - Alternative View

Video: What Is This Maid, The Shamakhan Queen? - Alternative View
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I have a hard temper

all because golden

(Internet couplet dated 01.04.2016)

Deceiving a feminine gentle look

Because the tender part is fragile

Women's nature conceals

The unity of the harp with the grinder.

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(I. Guberman)

I don’t understand why

So I am fatally weak towards women;

Maybe from my rib

Was a few women made?

(I. Guberman)

Everything is simply explained here: the author of the quatrain is “perniciously weak” towards women, but “women” is a completely different story … ancient, village-village, wooden … then the “rib”, the same, not otherwise, the tree-Yashkino … And there were other authors who said that, they say … "There are WOMEN in Russian villages … with a gait, with the gaze of tsaritsa …" But you never know what a fairy tale, the forerunner of fiction, tell the people, you never know what they are silent about. Either Brief is the sister of talent (but not the TALENT itself - ATLANT), then SILENCE is GOLD, and then it turns out to be the "Silence of the Lambs" sacrificial, donated … or contrived?

Dear, why did we decide that FAIRY TALES tell us about the past? Maybe just about a possible future?

The classic and unfading masterpiece of A. S. Pushkin's "The Tale of the Golden Cockerel" tells exactly about such an apocalyptic finale, when "everyone died", i.e. died … and died prematurely: first the youth, the youthful generation perished (filial and brotherly at the same time, both rats perished) without looking back at the tsarist-non-tsarist origin, piercing each other … supposedly with swords, then - a very adult and scientist, which the managers the structures with their ruling baton screwed up their brains (the astrologer - he is also an astronomer, an astrologer, and a mathematician, and, therefore, all other "high science" was ordered to live a long time), and then they themselves got "a hat" (not according to Senka turned out to be?), or rather, on its own point for exceeding official (and supposedly "imperious") authority over a possible human attitude to the emerging and rapidly developing situation.

The fabulous COCK turned out to be not fried at all, but quite lively, "… he flew off the knitting needle …" and pecked the king DADON not at all in the place where everyone was equally black, but in the TEMPERATURE, because the fabulous-NOT-fabulous ruling structures turned out to be NOT IN THE TOPIC of the current time by the way of thinking: both the COCKER "soared" and "… the queen disappeared, as if it never happened", so what if her name was "Sha-max-Ann-sky-IЯ".e. with oriental and motives? What if - with other, high (Sha - ash - h - height, sky - HEAVEN) tunes-motives ?!

They did not get in step WITH TIME, proma-a-azali were chosen - "anointed" - aniki-warriors, and the LAW OF ENERGY CONSERVATION (and CO - joint, that is, - STORAGE) has not been canceled, as well as the "law of meanness" or “grandma said two things!”), as well as NANO-technologies, and the ubiquitous PIKO-dimensions (their scientists discovered the heads of the Dowell professors, as well as atomic energy and intra-atomic energy, and psi, and plasma …) that does not mean "created" at all; once again climbed into the WATER ("river" V-BELT-I, "speech" of TIME), not knowing B-ROD-U … And this LAW, and these intra-atomic structures, and the ways of their constantly-variable interaction every moment and always accompanied, and even now they accompany earthly humanity, from the beginning of the evolutionary countdown to this day, therefore, they will put everything in our heads in their place, or … (the second, destructive,the option is not considered, brrr … because the disorganized crowd of townspeople and wooden "urfinjus-blockheads" (A. Volkov) without smart heads and without coordinating security forces honoring the BASIC LAW OF THE UNIVERSE is doomed to massacre and extinction, and this has been on the planet more than once It was. The law of the JUNGLE is for the jungle, not for HUMAN LIVING, BEING IS CO-BEING. And who knows how it is there, in the JUNGLES, living inside, we didn’t LIVE there, "… there was not, there was not, it was not even near!.."And who knows how it is there, in the JUNGLES, living inside, we didn’t LIVE there, "… there was not, there was not, it was not even near!.."And who knows how it is there, in the JUNGLES, living inside, we didn’t LIVE there, "… there was not, there was not, it was not even near!.."

This … … w-A-max-ann-sky-iЯ … "queen" - SUR-u- (R) CA turned out to be such an "elusive avenger" that even terrestrial plasma traps "do not care" for her, even in modern Swiss CERN-CERNe:

“- p rop a la, as if it never happened! "(Super-perceiving-a.u.-ost - super-WIRE-and MOST-s she turned out to be like that), and the" revenge "of this beautiful de-VICE," shining like dawn ", turned out to be terrible, monstrous, and not only in this fairy tale, but also in others, and in earthly life - too: who died; who broke his wings, like Icarus, and fell, breaking; who died prematurely; who passed away; who "squinted"; who "gave the oak"; who "pine pea jacket" argued for himself; who put their teeth on the shelf; who "stretched out his legs"; who was "shortened by the head" (Arthur Haley) …

Or / and … a little easier: "The old woman did not suffer for long on bare wires" - student "folklore" - when the exam was passed, and … "her charred carcass was pecked by pigeons in the bushes" - when the exam was overwhelmed, and yet their "… professors They will not torture to death … ", or not" WASTE ", or, fresher, from humoresques of our time:" Let's kick in the head and … play ours! "(MM Zhvanetsky); "With claws, not a bird, flies - swears" (an electrician from a pole, now - almost disappeared, and once - almost the first guy in the village) - it's all the same different-sized "black humor", which is in human memory he lived, is alive and will live, helped, helps and will help to survive various difficult life situations (naturally, without touching upon the question of when a very dear and close person leaves the earthly plane of being, and this is no longer a fairy tale, but an aching pain - a reality,"The past and thoughts", and only then - legends fading in time …).

So what is this BEAUTY and Monster at the same time? THE FOREST BEAST - A MIRACLE OF THE SEA? GOLDEN FISH - "EVIL" -from-Ayya (II) BEER-Kaa? "SLEEPING BEAUTY" - "DEAD TSAREVNA"? "MARIA MOREVNA - ZAMORSKAYA KOROLEVNA"? SUOK - doll (fist) - SUOK - a live girl? S-ku (Q) -O - SKWO … A female from the Indian "figwam" … or ISKCON-brain (Mosk-WA … brain-VA … or MOS-COW) ?!

And how could she have disappeared, "… as if she had never been about …"? Somehow it is not in accordance with … the BASIC LAW.

Yes, it turns out, nowhere and did not disappear, they just stopped noticing, seeing, feeling, touching, respecting this universal dark “matter”, or rather, designating it as energy. Yes, and it is not "dark" at all, but TRANSPARENT and thin - tonque (SSVCH) so much that you cannot see it at close range, and cannot hear it, and cannot smell it, and cannot smell it with the skin … unless the solar plexus gives a hint, but what earthly mind will pay attention to this "trifle" (he has no time: he thinks that he is thinking …)? Minds do not notice her (alas!) So cool just for the routine, if she is so Omnipresent that she seems to be gone.

Come on! There is. It's just that ONE only life-giving energy is not enough to create at least some kind of life, that is, you also need ONE MORE essential energy, life-sustaining, which is at the same time limiting (you can't just create and create, you need to look back and see “what has done”, and did anyone else look around, "… to see if she looked back …", critically look at the result, take into account the mistakes noted, and take a break, gain strength so as not to take a break!

Both of these energies, life-giving and life-sustaining, are mutually nested and supervise each other, so that one does not get STRONGLY carried away and does not break away from the resource ("… and I rushed for 1000, as for 500, and … got baked …" V. Vysotsky), and the other - so as not to get bogged down in excessive zeal in saving and turn into trash the protected, like Plyushkin from Nikolai Gogol's poem "Dead Souls." In short, the same immortals "EXECUTE - CLICK -" DO NOT "- CLICK - GRAVE" permanently - variable floating of the reference point around the mysterious for the brain particle NOT, which minds are used to considering negative, and the brain “does not hear” it and, therefore, does not take it into account as an invisible, unspoken barrier that does not need to be crossed when choosing a solution method. So that the DECISION that has taken place does not lead to CRUSHING, DESTRUCTION, or there are small losses.

The particle does NOT only partially reflect negation in conversation or writing in order to enhance the emotional impact (for example: there is nobody in the room, there is nobody in the room.) And if you recall such ordinary school physics, but taking into account when scientists' minds reach high (subtle, sonorous and transparent, multiple, but already somehow captured) energies, then they can also be "caught" behind the NOT particle: H - (ash), height, E - the sum of various energies in constant-variable interacting simple and complex resonances. NOT - OH (same pronoun of the 3rd person singular in English and Russian spelling). In addition, NEON (Ne), the 10th element from the well-known periodic table of chemical elements by D. I. Mendeleev, is an inert gas, but under some active external influences it can emit LIGHT, LIGHT. The English pronoun He (he - he) may in other conditions turn out to be not our negative and familiar particle at all, but another chemical element, helium, He, which is in second place after water-o-ROD-a, H (ash- him), "slyly" -HYDROGENIUMа.

In another form, lexically, this constantly-variable interaction of two energies is present for us in many proverbs and sayings: there is a silver lining and there is no good without a silver lining; there would be no happiness, but misfortune helped; do not spit in the well - it will be useful to drink water; as it comes around from you, so it will respond to you; do not dig a hole for another - you will fall into it yourself; "… there is no reason to blame the mirror, if the face is crooked …" (II Krylov). Or:

“The soul is sometimes so hurt that

you can only howl or yell;

I would spit at the vulnerable esthete, But the mirror will have to be wiped off."

(I. Guberman)

Only in the given quatrain it would be necessary to replace the word SOUL with the word BRAINS, they are always offended by any comments and get a storm of destructive emotions from the body's memory, and sometimes it comes to actions, actions are organized, again, it is they, the brains-brain … But the sensitive SOUL (internal heat of the body-body) forgives a lot and long-suffering to the brain-brainam … when, due to youth and imperfect thinking processes, or when the brain-brains are too “stuck” in some chosen idea, even if it is quite mature age. Forgives even when brains-brains are drowning in an ocean of unnecessary information, absorbing it in incredible quantities and indiscriminately, still keeping them afloat, as long as the HEAT of the SOUL has at least some resource stored in the heart (ser-dce) and consumed from it. One day the resource may end, and then … corpse,the heart (cor) ceases (pse - all-oh-oh … already) to bullet the cup, and the heat of life (the soul) gradually leaves the body-body, and it becomes a cold and motionless physical mass.

And what are we suddenly talking about absolutely sad?! We have already found that the energy that sustains and protects us has not disappeared anywhere! “We breathe, and that means we live! We - live, and that means …”it means something! There is a meaning, there is a thought, and we move on … You can even remember an anecdote, quite kind and quite "bearded":

Once upon a time, in biblical times, the Lord GOD came to the garden he created on Earth, the abode of life, which Adam and Eve had already mastered.

- My children, I brought you two gifts. The first of them is such a kind of "personal belongings", "faucet", with its help you can do pee-pee (relieve a small need) while standing.


- This is for me! That's for me!

I grabbed the gift and ran deeper into the garden to try it out.


- And the second gift?

The Lord GOD took a deep breath and said:

- BRAINS, Eve! Brain! But they will also have to be given to Adam, otherwise he will o … o … in general, he will make the whole garden with his mother!

Yes, yes, in everyday life, CO-BEING, it looks something like this:


Somewhat echoes the anecdote and the actual masculine view of the different ways of thinking in males and females (an individual, I note in passing, is a feminine noun):

“I love a spring of female words

And round dance of female thoughts, Since we are smart from books, And women - straight from nature”

(I. Guberman)

So again, clarification is required: BABY and WOMEN are one and the same semantic content, or are they different … mmm … creatures?

The biblical Adam received as a gift from the Creator both the corresponding “sprout” - “teenager”, and brains, therefore, quite naturally, both the “seeder” and the ability to “produce” seeds in order to sow reasonable, good, eternal … And where to sow, when, why, and the meaning? (“My dear, good one, guess yourself?”) Oh, in that biblical paradise it’s so good: no worries for you, no trouble, the roof does not leak, it doesn’t squelch in boots, and boots are unnecessary … Something incomprehensible from the Re-bra (I counted my own more than once, not broken, everything is in its place, as it turned out). Then … because of the presence of this EVA, it turns out that a house needs to be built, a tree grown, a son to be born … Maybe it's better to give birth to a son right away, and that's all ?! No sooner said than done! “Back and forth,You and I are pleased”- from the voiced riddles in lectures for psychologists by Sofia Zalmanovna Agranovich (here is the answer, alas, simple and childish - SWING, but what did you think?).

Okay. Have given birth. And now, again, brains are needed to figure out what to do with the "SON" entity next? Hence - the original "sin": first, in the heat of the moment, they "give birth" to something, and then they think what to do with this "degenerate" … Well, approximately, like with K. I. Chukovsky in the book "From TWO to FIVE" parents to their son, more as a joke than in their hearts:

- And where did you get on our head?

- How is it - WHERE? You made me yourself, with your own hands!

And the other son, to the offer "to give birth to him back," somewhat gloatingly replied:

- And I'm already DEGREED!

True, such "illiterate" speech between parents and their children could have been only in the more chaste last century of the last millennium, and today's children from kindergarten age are enlightened how they "happen", thanks to the programs of the modern MINOBRAZ, the former MINPROSVET.

It turns out that ADAM is biblical and not adam at all as a male individual (as well as dama), but a kind of "packaging" just for the energy that CREATING-speaking and TWO-pche-sky-IЯ: And yes (in sense +, "plus", add, or X, UM-KNIFE-it) M or AM-WAy, in a purely physical sense, where A is work (visually and schematically - the EYE of God looking from above, from the SKY, from the space of the Big Cosmos, OKO ALL-SEEING), M - energy in all possible resonant interactions, pouring again for the entire planet “from above” and from the entire near-earth sphere, received by the planet's surface and, naturally, by the entire volume of the planet, will have a “mirror” in the symbol, or upside-down: W. In short and functional: M - W.

AM-way is the way of acquaintance of earthlings in practical matters, creative and destructive, including earthly minds during the evolutionary process from completely unenlightened to highly educated, with all kinds of energies known to mankind: from elementary mechanical to atomic and energies of interaction of elementary particles and … plasma, as well as different types of connections, from ordinary chains and ropes to cable, electromagnetic, optical, electronic, radio electronics and radio-photonics … because EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED WITH EVERYTHING without any mysticism and magic, which can already be explained with the access to NANO and PIKO - technologies and reliable digital equipment operating at speeds inaccessible to the brain-brainy, what exactly is for them, brain-brainow, which is still a biological structure,and poses a serious danger in case of unrestrained and uncontrolled introduction into everyday life, forming an unpredictable "complex-l-eks" SO-LIFE-IЯ. Joint being-living.

It seems that the BIBLE (baby-L-IЯ) tells not so much about the past event called the FLOOD (both read on the left and read on the right), or the ROTOR (well, in our opinion, the "rotor", something rotating inside "Stator"), is also read in both directions the same, albeit in "non-Nashen" symbols. So this FLOOD-ROTOR may turn out to be the planet EARTH as a rotating "rotor" inside the orbital "tunnel" -stator, only the rotation will look unusual … dancing, constantly-variable and … complex-transversely-twisted. Miracles-ah … Yes, and "FLOOD" may no longer be distant and past, but already gushing and landslide informational present, practically - almost apocalyptic, bearing irreversible consequences, as in "The Tale of the Golden Cockerel".

So where is the creative (life-giving resource) energy spent uncontrollably and without account?

Children's minds, having not yet learned how to organize their one and only body for simple household chores and normal self-care from kindergarten age, are already at the mercy of gadgets, tablets, interactive whiteboards, the Internet and "sex" education; the same "skylight" is being dragged into schools at more sophisticated levels, teenage minds are stuck in social networks like in drugs, along with "blue whales" and "pink ponies" without fear for their own lives, and the consequences can be dire and irreparable.

Some very learned minds are busy with financially and materially costly development programs - the appropriation of the Moon and Mars, where earthly mankind was never planned not only for life, but also for round-trip flights, because the earthly physical-chemical-biological body-body of the human body is calculated in genetics, only for 24 hours of the Earth's day, 365 (366) days in the quantitative composition of the Earth year and for the third in the radius of the planet's distance from the central Star - the SUN (SOUL-SUN), SVETILA (VESTI-la, WEIGHT- "bodies"), YR-ILY (Ilya) - the level of the radiation background softened by the near-Earth atmospheric envelope - "cloud", RA-arc "active power of heat and light supplied from the central corner", in which the Sun is located in relation to the Earth.

Other very scientific minds are very busy with researching the "health elixir", the corresponding company-copay - "pharmacopeia" (ie for good money) or / and "conjure" in laboratories (also not for cheap) with GEN-OM-OM, no matter what "material": human, animal, plant, bacterial, - creating GMOs … without thinking about the consequences (also - first "give birth", and then something will have to be done in order to "give birth back", and it back " do not want to go to sleep ": yes, come on - there will be no simple pore!).

Still others, very learned minds, slander about the "elixir of immortality", which is even more devoid of common sense: then neither children, nor old people, nor "immortals" themselves will be needed, since there will be no SENSE IN LIFE on planet Earth, and in an alien state it will not take place …

The fourth very advanced minds move NANO-developments in technology up to the "printing" of 3D-organs, arms and legs, skin coverings, all kinds of service "personnel" up to bed "business" … Everything is in the name of man, everything is for the good of man!.. Has anyone seen this name of the mythical MAN-who-MAN?

Yes, there are also FIFTHs, inventors who extract "free" energy from near-earth space, scattered in it in incredible volumes (probably from street "pool"). On November 16, 2017, for example, Yaroslav Starukhin had one such advanced inventor, the savior of humanity, reported.

Andrey Telegin


I would gnaw out relativism like a wolf!

No respect for the Einsteins!

Go to hell with your mothers, Einstein's nonsense dogmas !!!

I take out a

pocket magnetorotator from my wide trousers …

Look, you envy! I am not a cretin, but an ingenious inventor!

I take it out of the wide leg

for practical use.

Look, envy! I am a citizen of

our entire Galaxy !!!

I take it out of my wide trousers

for the sake of saving mankind, because once I was once a

citizen of the socialist Fatherland!

I take it out of wide trousers

and hear interjections around: it is

enviable to the people that I am not an idiot, and Copernicus of the third millennium "!!!

I take it out of my wide trousers …

Some hooligan approaches, grabs it, seeing that I am a citizen, and not some citizen!

I take it out of the wide leg

and put it back.

Knowing that I am a genius and not a cretin is

pretty nice !!!

I didn’t… hold back, answered this “incantation”, “invocation” on Yaroslav's page:

In wide legs … a magnet rotator ?!

And what do you get from there, friend, for use in practice, so that “… children of the Earth, the same children of the Galaxy …” are created?"

“… It's with a sheet, torn insomnia, to

break loose, jealous of Copernicus!

He, and not Marivanna's husband, considering his rival!"

Yes, and "… the hammer sickle …"

is no longer in the pockets, and in narrow trousers, alas, not only citizens, something tamm … grabbing

hooligans, but also citizens …

inventing magnetic rotators are running around.

Naturally, Yaroslav kicked off a somewhat "poisonous" remark about my "nostalgic" longing for the aforementioned "magnetorotator". However, dear respected, I did not take into account that this "nostalgia" can only threaten him and the entire male estate, and not me, since I, as well as the entire female half of the human population of the planet, have never physically and biologically ever had the indicated "magnet rotator" there is and will not be, and those enthusiastic purely masculine sensations, as well as longing for them, are unknown to me: I am a paternal female on earth and I walk in skirts, and not in wide trousers "with bottomless pockets." However, like males, it is not given to feel the birth of a new life inside their body, its first, barely audible tremors, and then sensitively tangible,right up to the very birth and separation of the infant flesh from the flesh of the female.

"Oh, APPLE, but where are you kotis!.. If you get into NANO's paws, you won't get back!" They laughed - and being! Enough, then.

And what about us, in this case, is going on with the life-supporting energy complex? And he's … almost at zero.

Healthy babies are born less and less, their health is "killed" in part already up to a year, while his mother's body bears it, in itself stuffed with medications from possible "frightening" consequences, which may never be realized: artificial "vitamins", miraculous tablets for "sleep", from "depression", to "increase" immunity, "from pressure", high or low, from "migraine", from "flu", "from lupus erythematosus" … the list goes on. And if the expectant mother took some hormonal drugs for a long time and disciplined … to disrupt the menstrual cycle (so as not to "fly in"), to "stabilize" it … oh, it is better not to remember this, as well as about those states of the mother's body when hardly the embryo that has been born is outside life, forcibly and unceremoniously.

The normal state of women's health is also a sad story, tk. and there the resource of life-sustaining energy is running out. As soon as the female body-body turned out to be “shoved”, roughly speaking, into clothes not according to GOST, not into skirts, sundresses and dresses, but into different-sized “pants”, the way of thinking from the natural female gradually, but steadily, “slides” into the “neighbor ", ie male mind, and this is as productive as listening to the radio station "MAYAK" on FM frequencies, you don't even have to suffer a lot, altering the indicating "nameplate", since you cannot "reflash" the internal water (memory) program …

The most famous historical figure and woman who donned specially made military armor for her was the Virgin of Orleans, Joan of Arc, one of the commanders of the French forces in the Hundred Years War. Her life ended at the stake, she was burnt alive, physically captured by the British test-takers.

Another vivid example of the non-feminine attitude of the female mind to its feminine essence is also the historical personality of the cavalry girl Durova, whose image is so romantic and touchingly played in the comedy film “Hussar Ballad” by Larisa GOLUBKINA. Nadezhda Andreevna Durova spent her entire adult life in a military situation, among the hussars and lancers, who, however, did not know about her real natural essence. As a woman, she did not take place, her parents gave her in marriage, but did not get along with her husband, she left his son for upbringing, and when the son grew up and intended to marry, at first she did not even want to bless him for family life, because he wrote to she, like a “mamma”, answered only when he turned for the blessing again, addressing her by her male name and patronymic. On the Borodino field, she fought with the French on flashes next to Bagration, was an orderly under Field Marshal M. I. Kutuzova, who knew that she was a woman, as, incidentally, and the emperor. In old age she was very lonely, wrote memoirs about her military youth. Before leaving to another world, she bequeathed to the funeral service and to bury herself in men's clothes and under a man's name. The priest, however, did not go against nature from God, he buried himself as a woman, but a cavalry girl with military honors was buried. And there is a monument to her in Yelabuga.bequeathed to the funeral service and to bury herself in men's clothing and under a men's name. The priest, however, did not go against nature from God, he performed a burial service as a woman, but a cavalry girl with military honors was buried. And there is a monument to her in Yelabuga.bequeathed to the funeral service and to bury herself in men's clothing and under a men's name. The priest, however, did not go against nature from God, he buried himself as a woman, but a cavalry girl with military honors was buried. And there is a monument to her in Yelabuga.

It is also known that Generalissimo A. V. Suvorov intended to divorce his wife, although he loved his daughter, Natalka, and tried to bring up like a boy. Of the modern and very well known to us, General D. Karbyshev, who supervised the construction of fortifications, also loved his daughter and even determined to study … as a cadet in a military engineering school. The general died in the fascist concentration camp Sachsenhausen, frozen alive in a block of ice.

Since then, a lot of different waters have flowed under the bridge … Women bravely fought alongside men on the fronts of the Great Patriotic War, there were women pilots, women in the marines, a woman tanker, snipers, scouts, anti-aircraft gunners, all medical personnel and nurses who pulled out the wounded from the battlefields along with their weapons … And since the October events of 1917, only the women's regiment at Kerensky's headquarters has been mentioned in history, and since the civil war, Anka is remembered as a machine gunner from V. I. Chapaev based on the film of the same name and … anecdotes, sir. After the war, women got behind the wheel of tractors (Pasha Angelina) and cars, mastered many male professions, cut their hair short (the haircut was called “like a boy”), and “pants” became quite everyday and even “smart” clothes, embroidered with flowers, decorated with sequins and rhinestonesperforated ones are also found (however, the pants from these ladies' delicacies have not ceased to be "pants", that is, clothes not according to the women's GOST).

How did it all start? Since it was not obligatory to register a family union after the events of October 1917 for some time, weddings in churches were canceled along with the "separation" of church from state, but temples, churches and monastic complexes on the territory of the Fatherland remained, although there were some of them turned into museums, clubs, somewhere in warehouses, or stables, or even were completely decapitated and destroyed … But in fact, only high church officials were practically separated from participation in the affairs of the young state, the republic of the Soviets, and religion was declared "Opium for the people."

After such cardinal innovations for society, the creative male energy, including the life-giving one, was in full swing, and the female, life-supporting and protective, began to fade and wither.

On the one hand, women and girls gained access to education, and it turned out that in the sciences they are in no way inferior in mastering different branches of knowledge to men and boys, and on the other hand, due to double employment, in production - 1 shift, at home household - 2nd shift, accumulated "drop by drop" fatigue and became chronic, and along with it increased and irritability, which not only accumulated, but also became denser. It would seem … even over trifles, quarrels and disputes grew, up to showdowns with shouts and fistfights. And the "divorces" began. First, with the motivation that "love is over," then - with a divorce "for money", with the division of jointly acquired property and even with the "division" of children between parents with varying success.

Gradually, children also ceased to be the value of the genus, moving into some kind of hyper-controlled "private" property under the auspices of one of the parents, more often - maternal and grandmother's (practically - same-sex education, especially as in nurseries, and in kindergartens, and in schools - the catastrophic shortage of teaching staff with a male-oriented consciousness). The army also ceased to be a purely male “school of life”, and there appeared “nurse-nurses”, civilian civil service personnel, and girls and women - not uncommon already - both in cadet uniforms and in policemen. Trouser outfit increasingly emasculates the female, protecting and supporting component of the energy resource of the female body-body, practically from birth: diapers, tights, pants, shorts, trousers, jeans,insulated pants … pantsuits for girls are also recommended by fashion designers as a school uniform. Both pregnant women and young mothers are all in "pants", and from morning to evening, and at night - pajamas.

And why don't men's minds object to such non-ladies' and non-mother's attire-dressing? And they have already forgotten how to object: they dreamed of having “their boyfriend” nearby without special contractual obligations? I dreamed! Songs were even sung like this:

“You are a good guy, You are a good guy, Natasha!

Why were you, Natasha, born a girl ?!"

Dreams, they tend to come true in incredible ways. The BIOLOGICAL FUNCTIONALITY of differentiation by the way of thinking almost disappears into oblivion, an extra "X" -chromosome is found in the blood of men and the SARS of a male individual creeps into a shapeless belly body-body, stimulated to "male" feats by the already advertised pharmacopoeia female drugs, and in the blood the same extra "Y" -chromosomes appear, the body becomes more and more narrow-hipped, and the uterus is underdeveloped, childish, not ready for conception, and the birth ways - to the birth of a baby, to Caesar - Caesarean has acquired a slightly different look and meaning …

Do you want to - believe it or not - do not believe it. I thought to recommend watching "The most incredible hypotheses" from Igor Prokopenko, which were on YouTube at the beginning of March this year, 2018, but now, it turns out, this video is not available on the network. There was a short announcement for the video:

“Extra members of the Planet. The most shocking hypotheses. Scientists note an alarming addiction, the more satisfying and prosperous we live, the more difficult it is for a modern woman to get pregnant. Physicians threaten a real epidemic of male infertility, it is more and more difficult for children to be born. What is happening with modern civilization and why do psychologists come to a paradoxical conclusion?"

Just right to shout: HALF-HAND! Save yourself who can !!! YOURSELF !!! ALARM !!! ALARM! SOS! SOS! SOS! Save your human souls! And who will save something? Brains-brains cease to think in human categories, having completely moved into virtual reality, becoming an insensitive electronic computer. Why exactly? And because, in fact, they have ceased to feel the need for their one and only body-body as a breadwinner and drinker, a constant keeper of the memory of the HUMAN KIND for earthly affairs and human actions.

The brain-brain itself does not know how to DO anything, cannot perform physical WORK, participate in the collective LABOR process. He can only synchronize the body-body ("body" of water - through hydraulics, simplified, as in a car) to physical movements, and thought processes to actions, again with the help of the same body-body. Yes, the brain-brain can sprinkle a huge amount of information without thinking about its need-not-need just FOR BIOLOGICAL FUNCTIONALITY, for LIFE as a way of existence in nature of the planet Earth.

I recall one remarkable dialogue from another screened Arab fairy tale, about "Aladdin's Magic Lamp", which took place in the desert, among the sands, between Aladdin himself and the Djinn:

“I was ordered to kill you.

- Well, kill …

- But … I cannot kill you, I am your friend!

- Then do not kill …

- But I am a Slave of the Lamp, and I am ordered to kill you!

- Well, kill …

- I am your friend, I - I cannot do it!.. The

genie darted with red lightning over the dunes, clasping his head and howling from the horror and suffering that gripped him:

- I am the Slave of the Lamp, but I cannot you kill, you are my friend!

- Can not? Then … get in … IN THE JUG!

- Noo … Jinn don't live in JUGS !!!

- Get in, get in!.. You will be FIRST!

Jin slowly pulled himself into an earthenware jug, tried on its inner space, threw out a couple of pebbles lying around and … burst out laughing! He liked the clay JUG as a dwelling, it turned out to be no worse than his former hut, the Copper (copper ?!) Lamp! But the PITCHER turned out to be a very difficult "structure": KU (Q) - heat, V (V) - internal volume (in), SHI (S-HE) - HE and LIGHT, SOURCE (S), and H (ash) - altitude, UHF-range.

It seems that the fabulous Aladdin (dina-lad) is a young male torso, full of strength and respecting life and beauty, and the fabulous Djinn is a brain-brain, too addicted to his power (through acquired KNOWLEDGE), to the usual comfort and everything is “sweet”, not so much electronic (copper), but delighting, soothing, dampening and comfortable (“honey”, very sticky).

The evil MAG-mushroom sorcerer (the destructive power of the same KNOWLEDGE) was deprived of his powers and spells for lack of demand, the Sultan (like another fairytale king, Saltan) returned to the palace, his daughter, princess BUDUR, turned out to be not only a beauty, but also a clever … However, see the story for yourself! You can watch a screened fairy tale about another "eastern" ruler, "Taste of halva" is called. Very much in the subject. "Search a woman"!


Let's summarize some interim results, taking into account the following statement found on the Internet: “Once Albert Einstein was asked how we can make our children smarter. His answer was simple and wise. If you want your kids to be smart, he said, read them stories. If you want them to be even smarter, read them even more stories. He understood the value of reading and imagination …"

And what awaits us next? And then … Spring 2018! And the difficult process of growing up and the formation of a way of thinking that accompanied and accompanies the male polarity of consciousness, quite clearly presented in the poem "Ruslan and Lyudmila" by A. Pushkin.

Author: Olga Shilova

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