Alchemy - Alternative View
Alchemy - Alternative View

Video: Alchemy - Alternative View

Video: Alchemy - Alternative View
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This article was written by me based on the following statements from esoteric literature.

1. “One Ray multiplies small Rays, Life precedes Form, and Life experiences the last Atom. Through countless Rays, the Ray of Life, One, like a Thread in a Necklace. " ("Book of Dzyan" Stanza VII / 2)

2. "From mineral to plant, from plant to animal, from animal to man ….." (Occult axiom)

3. "The force of cohesion refers to the form of matter, as the density of atoms to the mass of a substance" (Magic formula "Light of Egypt")

4. "… both the name and the very essence of alchemy are based on the formation of form with the help of light, fire or spirit." (Fulcaneli "Philosophical Abodes").

Well, now let's analyze these statements. And so what conclusion can be drawn from the first statement - Life (spirit - essence) appears at the birth of the Universe as the very first and disappears, with the dying of the Universe, the last. From the first and second statements, we draw the following conclusion: Life (spirit) is "like a Thread in a Necklace" and material forms cohere with it, in the process of perfection - minerals, plants, animals, people … … The third conclusion: which connects life (spirit), be it a mineral, a plant, etc. … The fourth conclusion: By influencing the Spirit, we can change the form.

I think that the spirit, more than light and fire, is influenced by vibration at certain frequencies. Fire and light apparently also have an effect, but much more time is spent on the impact. The influence of the spirit on the spirit, most likely, can be carried out if one spirit (say the spirit of a stone) is excited by vibration and influenced by it on the spirit of another object or another stone.

There is such a toy a row of balls of metal suspended on threads. If the ball from one edge is taken to the side and thrown onto the other, then when the first ball hits them, the one that was on the opposite edge bounces off the rest of the balls. Approximately according to this principle, you can influence the spirit on the spirit. That is, obviously spirit is also a transmitter of energy, and if energy acts on the structure of matter at atomic and subatomic levels, then the type and properties of the material object change.

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As you know, civilization can develop in both technical and magical (psychic) ways. Our civilization has chosen a technical development path. What have we achieved? Nuclear physics is the crown of our science. We can influence matter at the level of molecules - nanotechnology. The crown of science for a magical civilization was alchemy. And with the help of this knowledge, you can influence the Spirit (essence), which forms the basis of a material object, and therefore influence and change matter at the atomic or even subatomic level. How can you influence matter, and even at this level? If we consider that the basis of our world is movement, or rather vibration, then it becomes clear how one can influence matter at the subatomic level. An indirect confirmation of this assumption may be the fact that in his work "Philosophical Cloisters", Fulconelli indicatesthat medieval alchemists decorated their homes with sculptures depicting musical instruments.

Yes, and the Biblical parable about how the walls of Jericho were destroyed. It is not for nothing that the Tibetan and Indian manuscripts attach great importance to mantras. Most likely, this knowledge was passed on to them by the Aryans, whose civilization followed a magical path. Therefore, we do not find industrial structures in the traces of this civilization (Heperborea). According to historical data, alchemy appeared in Europe in the Middle Ages and came to us from Persia through Byzantium and Spain.

She could get to Persia from India. It is believed that the word alchemy comes from the name of the son of Noah Ham - Al Ham Iya. Variants of the origin of the word alchemy. are discussed in Fulcanelli's book "The Philosophical Cloister", where the Arabic and Greek versions are considered. But the Arabs themselves adopted this knowledge, most likely from the Hindus, but I think that this word contains Sanskrit roots. If among those who read the article there are experts in Sanskrit, I will be grateful to them if they confirm or refute my assumption.

But if my assumption is correct, I think that this will be another indirect proof of the existence of Geperborea. Alchemy is divided into subsections: aRchemy, Spagyria, and The Great Work. The methods based on the chemical principle of transmutation have nothing to do with the Great Work. And what is considered alchemy in Europe is an ancient spagyria that has absorbed elements of Arabic, Greek and medieval aRchemistry. Since the cultural and ethical code of the West is a material benefit, this explains the desire of the alchemists of Europe to obtain the Philosopher's Stone for gold. And the progenitor of chemistry is not alchemy itself, but spagyria.

According to hermetic philosophy, essence (spirit) is the basis of matter (substance) (.. "life precedes form..", "From mineral to plant … etc.), the substances themselves do not act on each other, and the spirits themselves are natural agents that cause the changes we observe in the depths of matter. What frequencies can be for influencing matter by magical technologies? Since the civilization following the technical path plays a huge role in the golden ratio (proportion 1.61803) and the number Pi (3.14159), it is possible that the purity of mantras, for changing matter, lies between these numbers. But in addition to knowing the frequencies, it is obviously required to know the duration of exposure to the object and the distance from the vibration source to the object, and most importantly, after which sign (number) to put a comma.

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