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About Obsession - Alternative View

Video: About Obsession - Alternative View

Video: About Obsession - Alternative View
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Among the stones of stumbling, presented by the practice of spiritism, one must put on the first plane obsession, that is, the power that other spirits are able to take over certain spirits. It can be only the lower spirits, trying to be present. Good spirits never make you endure violence. They advise, resist the influence of the wicked, and if they are not listened to, they leave. The wicked, on the other hand, are attached to those who succumb to them. If they manage to take power over a person, they unite with his own spirit and control him as a perfect child. (There are many enslaved in all the spirits. This must be borne in mind by the priests. Slavery in a heavy form is a very sad phenomenon …)

The content presents various modifications, which must be distinguished and which depend on the degree of violence and on the kind of phenomena produced by the spirit. The word obsession is a term, so to speak, a general one, by which all phenomena of this genus are understood, the main modifications of which are: simple obsession, defilement and enslavement.

The possession of the simple happens when the evil spirit is attached to the medium, interferes against his will in the messages he receives, prevents him from communicating with other spirits and replaces those who are called.

One cannot be called possessed by those who are sometimes only deceived by the lower spirit. The best mediums are susceptible to this, especially at the beginning, when they do not yet have the necessary experience, just like how the most honorable people among us can be deceived by swindlers. Consequently, one can be deceived without being obsessed. The content consists in the persistence of the spirit, from which one cannot free oneself.

In the possession of a simple medium, he knows very well that he is dealing with a deceiving spirit, and that the spirit itself is not hiding from him. He in no way disguises his evil intentions and his desire to do unpleasantness. The media knows the trick without trouble, and since it is being watched, it is rarely deceived. So, this kind of obsession is only unpleasant and has the inconvenience that it will prevent you from having communications with the higher spirits or with those you love.

In this category one can place cases of physical obsession, that is, in the noisy and puffy appearances of some spirits, which spontaneously produce a shock of shock and all the noise …

Reluctance has more important consequences. This is an illusion produced by the direct action of the spirit on the thought of the medium, which in some way parallels his perception of messages. The saddened media does not see that he is being deceived: the spirit has the skill to instill in him blind confidence in himself, which prevents the medium from seeing cunning and understanding the absurdity of all that he writes, even when it is absurd to look into the eyes. This occlusion can go so far as to make him see something sublime in the funniest language. Those who think that this kind of obsession can only be susceptible to simple people, uneducated and deprived of healthy judgment, people are the smartest, the most educated and the most pungent, which can be protected from other relations, can be protected from other relationships.that this delusion is the action of a third-party cause, the influence of which they are experiencing.

We said that the consequences of the affliction are much more important. Indeed, as a result of this illusion, the spirit sees the one whom he has managed to subjugate himself as a blind man, and can make him accept the teaching, the strangest, theories are the most false for the only expression of truth: he can even more exciting, …

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It is easy to understand all the difference that exists between the obsession with the simple and the darkened. It is also clear that the spirits producing these phenomena must be of different characters. In the first case, the spirit that binds to you is so, the building is boring only by its perseverance and from which they want to get rid of as soon as possible. In the second case, it is completely different.

To reach such results, a spirit must be clever, cunning and extremely hypocritical, because he can make him believe for a long time only by assuming the guise of imaginary virtues. Great words, compassion, humility and love for God serve as an aid to him. But through all this inevitably illuminate some signs of its low level of development, and you need to be saddened not to notice it. Therefore, he fears people who see too clearly, and his tactic is almost always to instill in his medium distance from anyone who could open his eyes. Under these conditions, avoiding contradictions, he is sure that he will always be right.

Enslavement is a tenderness that completely destroys the will of the one who has fallen on him and forces him to act regardless of his desire. In one word, he is under the perfect yoke.

Enslavement can be mental and physical. In the first case, the enslaved is prompted to make decisions that are often ridiculous and suggestive, which, as a result of some kind of illusion, he considers reasonable. This is something akin to resentment.

In the second case, the spirit acts on the material organs and produces involuntary movements. The enslavement is revealed by the medium of the writer with an irresistible desire to write even in the most unfavorable minutes. We have seen those who, for lack of a pen or a pencil, pretended to write with their finger wherever they were, even on the streets, on doors, and on walls.

The bodily enslavement is sometimes extended even further. It can induce the funniest actions. We knew one man, middle-aged and ugly, who, under the influence of the obsession of this clan, was forced by an irresistible force to kneel in front of a young girl, whom he had no views on, and ask her hands. Sometimes he felt a strong pressure in his back and under his knees, which forced him, in spite of his resistance, to kneel down and kiss the ground in public places, in sight of a whole crowd. This man was considered to have gone among his acquaintances. But we were completely convinced of the opposite, because he was fully aware of the ridiculous side of what he was doing against his will, and suffered from it terribly.

Formerly it was called the rush of power, which was revealed by evil spirits when their influence reached the point of dulling one's abilities. For us, obscurity will be synonymous with enslavement. If we do not accept this term, then for two reasons: firstly, because this term indicates the belief in the sacrifice, created for evil and eternally inflicted evil, while there is only peace, more or less incomprehensible, which are powerful. Secondly, because it contains in itself the idea of the power of a foreign spirit over the human body, a kind of some kind of life, while this is only violence. The word “enslavement” expresses quite this idea.

Author: A. Kardek

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