UFO Spotlights - How And Why? - Alternative View
UFO Spotlights - How And Why? - Alternative View

Video: UFO Spotlights - How And Why? - Alternative View

Video: UFO Spotlights - How And Why? - Alternative View
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A man circles around the lamppost at night. A policeman appeared nearby:

- Citizen..!

- I dropped the keys. I am looking here.

- In this puddle?

--Not there. - The man points his hand into the darkness.

- ???

- And it's brighter here.

One notable feature is that the UFO beam can slowly "advance" from the UFO, or the UFO ("spotlight") can fly away and the beam remains!

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In my opinion, contrary to the obvious, UFO rays have nothing to do with research or scanning, etc. the surface of the Earth by aliens. As in an old joke: we are looking in the wrong place.

First, it is generally known that UFOs gravitate towards energy-rich objects, natural and man-made.

Secondly, UFOs have the ability to stop cars.

Third, the study of UFOs (not always!) Is associated with the formation of crop circles, which is accompanied by a protective effect: Protective effect in circles.

The first, second and third can be easily explained by the process of absorption of the energy of the surrounding physical fields: the light ray "moves" in the direction and as the gradient of the intensity of the physical fields decreases. Therefore, the UFO can disappear, and the process of energy absorption in this area of space will continue ("black body" in the figure below; light appears in the area of absorption, energy accumulation).


This is confirmed by the observation of a decrease in the radioactive background near UFOs and in crop circles.

If the beam was explained by radiation from a UFO (for example, the movement of electrons, as in a ray tube), after the disappearance of the "spotlight" ions of the same sign should scatter and the UFO beam should disappear just as quickly.

CONCLUSION: You can admire the technology of aliens on UFOs (looking for keys under the flashlight is easy, but hopeless) Conversely, you can see this as a natural phenomenon - the principle of the latest battery for your electric vehicle.

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