Ancient Slavic-Aryan Holiday - PASKHET: The Way Of Asami Hodyashe There Is Solid Creation - Alternative View
Ancient Slavic-Aryan Holiday - PASKHET: The Way Of Asami Hodyashe There Is Solid Creation - Alternative View

Video: Ancient Slavic-Aryan Holiday - PASKHET: The Way Of Asami Hodyashe There Is Solid Creation - Alternative View

Video: Ancient Slavic-Aryan Holiday - PASKHET: The Way Of Asami Hodyashe There Is Solid Creation - Alternative View
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PASKHET: The Way of Asami Hodyashe There is Solid Creation, i.e. The path along which the Gods walked”is a day of remembrance of the 15-year migration of our Great Ancestors from Daaria to Russenia and Belovodye. The memory of how our ancestors in the 16th summer praised all the Gods and the priest of the Savior for salvation from the Great Flood.


The first Great Flood on Midgard-Earth occurred as a result of the destruction of her moon Leli, on which representatives of the dark forces from the Pekelny world - Koschei - focused on invading Midgard.

The Light God - Dazhdbog Tarkh, Perunov's Son, who arrived from Ingard-earth, did not allow the Koschei to attack Midgard-earth. He struck at Lele and destroyed the forces of darkness, but at the same time Lelya was destroyed.

This is reported by the Santii Vedas of Perun. Circle One ":

“You, on Midgard, have lived in peace, since ancient times, when the world was established …

Remembering from the Vedas about the deeds of Dazhdbog, how he destroyed the strongholds of the Koscheevs that were on the nearest Moon … Tarkh did not allow the insidious Koschei to destroy Midgard, as they destroyed Deya …

These Koschei, the rulers of the Grays, disappeared with the Moon in half a distance …

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But Midgard paid for freedom, hidden by the Great Flood by Daaria …

The waters of the Moon created that Flood, they fell to the Earth from Heaven like a rainbow, For the moon split into pieces and a host of svarozhnites descended to Midgard"

(Santiya 9, slokas 11-12).


Since Lele had 50 seas and was close to Midgard, salt waters and fragments of the destroyed moon fell on Midgard-Earth. Daariya disappeared under the waters of the Great Flood, and the impacts of Leli's fragments displaced the axis of Midgard-Earth, which began pendulum-like movements.

The final flooding of the mainland did not happen immediately. Daariya either sank into the ocean, then rose from the ocean, but in the end, the Sacred Ancestral Homeland of the Slavic-Aryan peoples went under the waters of the Arctic Ocean. Some high-mountainous parts of Daaria remained on the surface, for example, modern Greenland, Franz Josef Land and other islands.

However, the descendants of the Clans of the Great Race and the Heavenly Clan did not perish along with Daaria. People were warned by the Great Priest named Spas about the upcoming Heavenly Battle and the death of Daariya. They started moving to the Eurasian continent in advance.

15 settlements from Daariya were organized. For 15 years, our Ancestors moved along the mountain isthmus (Ural Mountains) between the East and West Seas to the Eurasian continent.

111 816 years ago (in 109 806 BC) there was a complete resettlement of the descendants of the Clans of the Great Race and the Heavenly Clan from Daaria. Part of the Rasiches escaped by climbing into low-earth orbit on the Whiteman.

Others have moved (teleported) through the Interworld Stargate to the Bear Hall in the possession of the da'Aryans. The main part of our Ancestors remained to settle in the new territory of Midgard-Earth (Ural and Siberia), where there was then a subtropical climate.

In honor of the salvation from the Great Flood, the holiday PASKHET was established on the 16th Summer, which in translation from the Kh'Aryan Runic writing means: “The path of Asami Hodyashe Is Firmly Kommersant (co-creating), i.e. The path followed by the Gods."

In memory of the salvation from the Flood and the Great Migration of the Clans of the Great Race in the 16th year, a kind of rite appeared. On Easter, colored eggs hit each other, checking which egg is stronger. The broken egg was called the Koscheev egg, that is, the destroyed by the Moon Lelya with the Chuzezem bases, and the whole egg was called the Power of Tarkh Dazhdbog. The tale of Koschey the Immortal, whose death was in an egg (on the Moon Lele) somewhere on the top of a tall oak tree (that is, in fact, in heaven), also appeared in everyday life.

The Slavs have preserved the commandment of God Svarog, which says: "Honor the eggs in honor of the eggs of the Koscheevs that broke our Dazhdbog, causing the Flood." On the egg they drew: Worlds: heavenly, earthly and underground.

This Eurasian tradition is thousands of years old.

It is captured by Christianity, its meaning is distorted, but initially it is pure paganism. Since ancient times, as the Vedas say, the Slavs had a great holiday “PASKHET” (The Way of Asami Hodyashe Is Firmly Creation), which was celebrated in honor of the completion of the 15-year exodus Slavic-Aryan families from Daaria, the ancestral home of our ancestors (approximate date April 5, 36 days). The legends and traditions of the Vedas tell us the following about this event. 111 812 years ago, the Creatures of the koshchei captured one of the satellites of Midgard-Earth (planet Earth), Moon Leia, and made their nest on it. From there they descended to Earth and terrorized the peoples who inhabited it. And then the great Tarkh Dazhdbog, the patron saint of the Aryan clans, Destroyed the Moon, and it fell to the Earth in a fiery rain. Due to the fall of the lunar debris on the Earth and a change in the magnetic effect, the Earth's axis of rotation has shifted,and she began her pendulum oscillations. As a result of all this, the Great Flood began (described in the same way in the Bible, but with a great distortion), which plunged the great Daariya into the abyss of the oceans. But many of the Aryan clans managed to escape and cross the stone isthmus (the Epiphean mountains) to the continent. This exodus lasted 15 years and on the 16th summer the great city of Asgard of Iriysk (present-day Omsk) was founded, and the great settlement of the Aryans throughout Midgard-Earth began.and the great dispersal of the Aryans all over Midgard-earth began.and the great dispersal of the Aryans all over Midgard-earth began.

In honor of this event, the Easter holiday (Easter) appeared, which carries the memory of what happened. Since then, on Easter, it has been customary to paint eggs and beat them against each other when they meet, and then the broken egg was considered a koshchei egg (destroyed by the Moon Leia), and the whole was Dazhdbozh (that is, by the power of Tarkh Dazhdbog, who destroyed the refuge of the koshchei). The dyeing of the eggs itself was caused by the events of the fall of the debris of the Moon Leia on the Earth, which, like a fiery (meteorite) rain, poured on the earth and caused a disturbance in the atmosphere akin to the northern lights (a truly beautiful sight caused by a very tragic event. The sky at that time was shimmering with fire and colors of the entire light spectrum). Subsequently, tales even appeared about a certain evil koshchei who stole beauties, burned cities and lands and was almost immortal, since his true death was hidden in an egg.


Easter eggs - eggs decorated with intricate designs are an obligatory accessory of the spring spell-casting rituals.

The cosmological meaning of the composition on Easter eggs suggests that the egg intended for the ritual was supposed to depict the world as a whole, with all its earthly and heavenly sections.

In Kalevala, the birth of the Universe is presented as the appearance of an egg:

From the egg, from the bottom

Came out mother-earth-damp, From the egg from the top

Became the high vault of heaven

I propose to watch the broadcast of the All-Ukrainian TV channel STB about the origin of the Orthodox holiday Easter.

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