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Will The Mystery Of The Novokhopersk Fault Be Solved? - Alternative View
Will The Mystery Of The Novokhopersk Fault Be Solved? - Alternative View

Video: Will The Mystery Of The Novokhopersk Fault Be Solved? - Alternative View

Video: Will The Mystery Of The Novokhopersk Fault Be Solved? - Alternative View
Video: Новохоперск. троллей🤟 2023, May

There has probably never been such a large-scale experiment here. The nodules hidden from frost contain samples of plants, minerals and bacteria. Their stay in a place where, presumably, there are several dimensions and the strongest energy flows is the essence of the experiment

Scientist: “Determine what the impact of a given point is. Because then adaptation, adaptation may occur, and this will already be a change in parameters”.

Laboratory rats as natural scientists. Scientists are trying to figure out the effect of the abnormal zone on the endocrine system of rodents. The experiment is purely scientific in nature, biologists, physicians and physicists emphasize - the pursuit of green men is not included in their plans, but they immediately felt the fact that there is something incomprehensible here.

Nikolay Prostakov, professor of Voronezh State University: “Krivotolkov goes around a lot about these places. And so, we saw a ball there, saw radiation, and so on, and so on, and we came to see. We didn’t see radiation, didn’t see balls, didn’t see aliens, but we saw something”.

The Novokhopersk Fault, as a unique anomalous zone, has been talked about for several decades. You can count similar places on the planet. Powerful energy affects everyone in different ways: someone falls into a trance, someone starts euphoria. Scientists, however, hit upon philosophy.

Lyudmila Nemykh, Candidate of Medical Sciences: “You understand that you find yourself in such a thing that you can only obey, you are powerless, well, probably, it fits into the category of elements. When we get into the element of fire, water. Hurricane, what can be done in a hurricane, just adapt and try to survive."

Only one day was taken away from sin for the practical part of the conference. Now the samples that have been in the anomalous zone await a thorough laboratory analysis. Perhaps he will help to make obvious the very truth that is somewhere nearby.


Historical reference.

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The laboratory of spectral analysis of the Federal State Unitary Geological Enterprise "Voronezhgeologiya", headed by Genrikh Mikhailovich Silanov, head of the public research expedition "Khoper", is systematically studying anomalous phenomena in Voronezh.

In 1978, when a small group of enthusiasts, united by a common idea, formed a section for the study of anomalous phenomena, the whole work was reduced to interviewing eyewitnesses and collecting scant material on the topic mentioned, which sometimes appeared in the media. This was just the beginning. In 1983-84, two expeditions were organized to the mountainous regions of Tajikistan, the results of which made it possible to draw a conclusion about the occurrence of various phenomena precisely in regions with active tectonic activity and various variations of electromagnetic fields.

In the Voronezh region, researchers identified a tectonically active area near the city of Novokhopersk and organized a systematic study of rare phenomena, using it as a natural, natural testing ground. The generalized material collected as a result of regularly conducted research allows us to assert that it is in anomalous regions that various kinds of accidents most often occur, the population living in these places more often observes the appearance of glowing balls and UFOs, and sometimes meets with ghosts and ghosts.

The impetus that served to start the research was the reports of military pilots of the Borisoglebsk Flight School about encounters in the air with luminous balls, who, according to them, showed an interest in flying and behaved unpredictably. The pilots said that sometimes UFOs, accompanying the car, maintained its speed, altitude and distance, and sometimes, demonstrating clear intelligence, imitated an attack on the plane or interfered with its landing. At the same time, variations of some geophysical fields (magnetic and electric) were recorded. Later, using computer processing, it was possible to establish correlations between the appearance of UFOs and variations in electromagnetic fields, but it is still unclear what is the cause and what is the effect in this case.

With the help of specially made equipment, adapted to photographing in a wide spectral range, and special photographic materials, the researchers managed to "look" into another world of phenomena existing next to us, occurring outside of our visual perception, and to find in it clots of cold plasma exhibiting elements mind. This completely new form of the existence of Life was called Plasma. In the same optical range, an amazing phenomenon was discovered, which received the code name "Field Memory". With a great deal of confidence, we can assume that all the events that take place are recorded in the memory of the space around us, and under some still poorly studied conditions, they can be photographed, that is, to receive pictures of the Past.

A documentary from the past

The first test picture of this phenomenon was taken with a special camera in late June 1991 near the laboratory. Immediately developing the film, Genrikh Silanov, together with the laboratory staff, discovered next to the car he had just filmed, the distinct outlines of another car in the shade of growing trees. Having immediately checked the shooting location, the staff did not find an unauthorized vehicle. The overlap of frames was also excluded, since, while photographing from a tripod, Silanov made only one frame, moreover, bumpers and headlights of various cars were visible on the film, which baffled scientists. “This strange photo posed before us a lot of questions, to which we had no answers at that time,” says Genrikh Mikhailovich. “A few days later I took another photo. …

The hot sun was ready to incinerate everything around. Two members of our expedition were standing on the asphalt, sticky from the heat, talking about something. Seeing me, they came up and began to examine with interest the unusual design of the camera. Having photographed part of the expedition's territory and the place where our employees had just stood, I developed the film … The figures of two standing people were clearly visible in the photograph. Now there was no longer any doubt: we managed to get photographs of a previously unknown phenomenon! So you can take pictures of the Past!"

Photo: The car in the photo, hours after he left.


Soon, during the next expedition in the zone of the Novokhopersk tectonic fault, the first photographs were obtained, capturing the events that happened in the past: in the foreground of one of the pictures, a tied bag was clearly visible, next to which a fragment of an inflatable rubber boat clearly appeared. Here one could also distinguish a female figure, parts of cars and a motorcycle, license plates, a step-ladder and many other unrelated objects, which indicates their difference in time. In the right corner of the picture, a tree with a broken crown was clearly visible, a faint shadow in the picture showed what was once its top. Part of the image showed up better in a negative form, and part in a positive one (this fact has yet to be explained). On the negative, one could distinguish a woman sleeping in a rubber boat, covered by a tarp,and at her head is the face of a girl with a clock in her hands.

On the negative of another photograph, taken the same day, but a few minutes later, the heads of the soldiers sitting in the trench were clearly visible.

Indeed, during the Great Patriotic War, one of the defense lines passed here. In the forest surrounding the camp of scientists, traces of wartime are still found. Here, near Novokhopersk, in 1941-1942, a Czechoslovak brigade was formed under the command of Ludwig Svoboda. Next to the images of the soldiers, the head of a wild boar and an owl with an owl sitting in the nest appeared in the positive. In the upper right corner of the photo, against the background of the stairs, you can discern a tall, dark figure of a humanoid creature, and next to it - the head of a man in a helmet.

Studying the phenomenon of “Memory of the Field”, one can already make assumptions about the significant amount of the energy that accompanied the “recording” of the plot, which led to the self-circulation of photographic material.

A similar phenomenon was encountered by Russian and foreign scientists who studied the "Shroud of Turin", in which, according to legend, Jesus Christ was wrapped after his crucifixion and on which (in negative) his image was imprinted.

According to Heinrich Silanov, one can say with a high degree of confidence that the plot recorded at a given point in space does not change its spatial coordinates from time to time and remains in them indefinitely for a long time. At the same time, it has never been possible to reproduce at the same place a fragment of the Past once photographed - the pictures were always different, reproducing a different plot at a different moment in time. “Undoubtedly, it should be so,” believes Genrikh Silanov, “after all, in these, as well as in other places, a lot of events took place, and all of them, superimposed on each other, were remembered, and since then they have been stored indefinitely in the“memory”of those around us space, and the likelihood of repeating the same story is incredibly small.

During the entire time of studying the phenomenon of "Memory", we have repeatedly managed to get photographs in which the same plot of the past was captured, but this was due to the fact that we repeatedly photographed the same area at a ten-minute interval. This fact suggests that the conditions for the excitation of "Memory" in this period of time did not change. Once, while photographing a site within the framework of the Memory of the Field study program, for three hours we received the same type of photographs of a soldier walking with a rifle. It should be noted that neither his posture, nor his perspective have changed at all during this period of time."

The approximate time of the event reproduced in the photographs can be determined by some distinctive features, such as clothing, household items, hairstyles, military paraphernalia and other similar signs. Plots of military topics allow you to most accurately set the time frame. In this regard, it should be noted that, according to the features described, a group of researchers has already obtained photographs from the times of deep antiquity, which can be dated to the XII-XIII centuries, and a number of images - to earlier times.

Thus, we can assume that once a recorded plot is stored in the space around us indefinitely!

This circumstance once again confirms the assumption of Voronezh scientists that depending on the degree of excitation of the field in which the "Memory" is written, it is possible to obtain visible images in their dynamic sequence. When ways are found to "excite" the recorded information, it will be possible to provide historians, archaeologists, forensic scientists and other sciences with a most valuable tool that allows them to "see" the Past, and, looking at the WORLD around us from other, unconventional positions, remove the veil of mystery from some, while unexplained phenomena, perhaps giving them the status of physical.

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