Dr. Rijk Hamer: The Iron Law Of Cancer - Alternative View
Dr. Rijk Hamer: The Iron Law Of Cancer - Alternative View

Video: Dr. Rijk Hamer: The Iron Law Of Cancer - Alternative View

Video: Dr. Rijk Hamer: The Iron Law Of Cancer - Alternative View
Video: Meeting Dr. Hammer 2023, April

Ecology of Life: Renowned German oncologist, Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, contracted cancer in the late 1970s. The disease developed shortly after the death of his son.

Renowned German oncologist, Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, contracted cancer in the late 1970s. The disease developed shortly after the death of his son.

Thinking like a professional oncologist, Hamer came to the conclusion that there is a direct correlation between the stress associated with the death of his son and the development of the disease.

He later analyzed brain scans from his patients and compared them with corresponding medical and psychological records. To his surprise, he found a clear link between shock (stress), blackouts in various areas of the brain damaged by a specific type of shock, and the corresponding organ where cancer developed depending on the type of psychological trauma.

Shock or psychological trauma strikes completely instinctively on the human body, automatically activating deep biological mechanisms, moreover, evolution has specially created these mechanisms to adapt to difficult circumstances.

For example, a woman's mammary glands immediately begin to malign (produce malignant cells) when her baby is injured, enhancing milk production in order to protect the baby. In the case of refugees, due to the fear and risk of dehydration, bladder cells begin to malign.

Based on more than 40,000 case histories over many years, he developed the theory that a specific type of trauma is the basis of every disease.

Within the framework of a holistic worldview (philosophical and medical concepts that connect all phenomena in nature, including processes in the body, into a single whole), Raik Hamer formalized his views in a system of views called "New German Medicine".

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From his own experience with the death of his son and subsequent illness, and the experience of others, Reik deduced the concept of a syndrome that causes cancer. It's not even stress, but the most severe mental trauma. In 15,000 case histories, he was able to document the relationship between this initial syndrome and the subsequent development of the disease.

He named him DIRK HAMER SYNDROME (DHS), after his son, Dirk, whose tragic death in 1978 caused his illness. The experience of thousands of stories helped Raik to formulate the so-called Iron Law of Cancer, which, in his opinion, nothing can resist. Every cancer begins with DHS, resulting in an extremely brutal form of shock, the most dramatic and poignant conflict ever experienced by a person alone.

The essential is the type of conflict or mental trauma, expressed at the moment of DHS in its characteristics, defined as follows

Hamer's focus is a specific area of the brain that, under the influence of mental trauma, suffers from serious disorders and, as a result, induces the proliferation (reproduction) of carcinogenic cells into an organ associated with this part of the brain

Localization of cancer in a specific place. There is a direct connection between the evolution of conflict and the development of cancer in two planes: cerebral and organic.

The second and third DHS conflict situations may be related to the first conflict. For example, a diagnosis of cancer can cause a sudden fear of death, which will be reflected in round spots in the lungs, or self-abasement with subsequent cancer in the bones: according to Hamer's theory, these are not metastases, but new tumors caused by new Hamer focus locations formed under the influence of new mental trauma …

At the moment when the conflict is successfully resolved, polarity inversion occurs and brain disorders are corrected, forming a certain edematous area, while anarchically multiplying cells, due to the incorrect coding of the brain computer, are no longer innervated by this erroneous coding, and tumor growth stops … The reverse process of reversal is accompanied by the appearance of swelling in the area of the tumor, ascites (fluid accumulation), pain.

Obeying the rearranged nerve signals, the body begins a long phase of restructuring with the formation of edematous areas in all problematic parts of the body, returning to normal sleep, appetite, although weakness and fatigue, typical of vagotonia (disorders of the autonomic nervous system), can lead to incorrect diagnosis.

During the recovery period, various types of cerebral complications can occur, depending on the duration of the conflict resolution and the localization of the Hamer focus. During the period of development of edema, one should completely abandon alcohol, cortisone drugs, diuretics, and coffee. Anti-inflammatory drugs are used, sometimes ice is applied to the neck or forehead. During this period, you should limit fluid intake.

Until today, doctors have followed the unwritten law that patients should not suffer. The pain symptom immediately preceding death, considered the worst and most terrible, in this healing process seems unbearable for four to six weeks, spontaneously ending after 2-3 months. It is important to realize that pain syndrome is highly individual for each patient, and if a person understands that this is an intermediate part of the disease, then one can refrain from taking medications, psychologically strengthening oneself in thoughts about the light at the end of the tunnel.

Hamer considers the use of morphine one of the most terrible principles in modern medicine in the treatment of cancer. Even with relatively early stages of the disease and relatively little pain, the use of a single dose of morphine, or similar drugs, can be fatal.

According to New German Medicine, the body goes through several stages during illness.

After the initial initiation of DHS, the period of the conflict-active phase of the disease (CA-Conflict Active phase) begins. This phase is associated with sleep disorders, appetite, various autonomic disorders, leading to many diseases. The CA phase, due to the unresolved conflict, can last for years, eventually destroying the body in one way or another.

Hamer called the conflict resolution stage CL (Conflictolysis-destruction of the conflict). This is where the CA phase ends and the recovery period begins. The phase beginning with CL is the period of complete tissue regeneration of all organs.

Hamer called this phase PCL (Post Conflicolytic phase).

During this period, the body carefully gets rid of useless cancer cells or cells necrotic as a result of peptic ulcer disease (Hamer's theory considers many diseases besides cancer in its plane).

This general cleaning is due to microbes. During the PCL period, microbes attack us, leading to infections, while actually acting symbiotically, freeing the body of unnecessary junk. What conventional medicine calls infectious diseases, Hamer called the "Epileptic Crisis."

According to Hamer's theory, cleaning microbes cannot act in an organ that receives the wrong coding of brain signals, since stress does not allow them to enter the tissue.

Returning to the above, a single dose of morphine during the EC phase can be fatal, since, according to Hamer's theory, this dose alters the functioning of the brain, paralyzes the intestines and completely disrupts the restorative functions within the body. A person, plunging into a lethargic state, does not realize the lethality of the action of morphine just at the time when he was on the way to healing. Second stage pain is actually a very good sign of the healing process, but modern medicine is not aware of it.

Probably two-thirds of the cancers initiated by the DHS stalled before they were suspected and diagnosed due to prior conflict resolution. The only danger in these cases may be misdiagnosis associated with the interpretation of encapsulated cancer. When diagnosed with DHS cancer, trauma from panic attacks can cause blemishes in the lungs. Thus, the patient who had a chance to avoid the disease is thrown back into the cycle of general therapy.

Acute leukemia is also the result of DHS trauma.

Computed tomography shows DHS brain injuries as spots with concentric circles. Radiologists can misinterpret the results obtained, considering them to be brain metastases, which means, according to Hamer's ideas, that a huge number of people have undergone completely unnecessary operations with incorrect diagnoses of brain tumors.

Hamer attaches great importance to the process of resolving a conflict situation to physiotherapy. On the other hand, toxins and drugs act destructively, interfering with the resolution of the conflict.

The paradox of New German Medicine lies in the acceptance of the fact that the mechanism of malignancy as a result of shock at a certain stage is even beneficial for the body, but radio and chemotherapy intensify this process, interfering with the resolution of the conflict situation and the recovery of the body.

Using his technique, Dr. Hamer cured 6,000 of 6,500 end-stage cancer patients, not including himself.

Professor and MD Rijk Hamer has worked in conventional medicine for 15 years and has also devoted part of his time to the development of specialized medical instruments.

After the tragedy in 1978, when a mentally ill man shot and killed his 19-year-old son Dirk, Rijk developed testicular cancer as a result of psychological trauma within a year. His wife later also developed cancer. Despite the colossal shock, he had the strength to start fighting his own disease and begin a critical revision of all theories of the occurrence and development of cancer.

All various factors of the disease, including surrounding carcinogens, in his opinion, do not cause cancer, but only exacerbate it. All cancer treatments, including radio and chemotherapy, and many surgeries to remove tumors, he theorized, are at the top of the list of causes of cancer.

Raik's revolutionary theory was so hostile to the medical world that he was prosecuted.

9 сентября 2004 года Райк Хамер был арестован в Испании, затем подвергся экстрадиции во Францию. 70-летний профессор был приговорен к трем годам тюрьмы. Формально он был обвинен в ведении частной медицинской практики без соответствующей лицензии, кроме того, от него требовали отказа от основных положений «German New Medicine» (кого-то в истории уже требовали отречься от научных теорий), обвиняли в нанесении ущерба здоровью и смерти многих людей, лечившихся по его методу.

Numerous protests followed, including those of major medical institutions and organizations. German New Medicine has been tested in institutions such as the Universities of Vienna (1986), Duesseldorf (1992) and Trnava / Bratislava (1998), with very convincing and impressive results. Under public pressure, in February 2006, Dr. Reik Hamer was released from prison.

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