G. Sidorov On The Mystery Of The Death Of Ancient Civilizations - Alternative View

G. Sidorov On The Mystery Of The Death Of Ancient Civilizations - Alternative View
G. Sidorov On The Mystery Of The Death Of Ancient Civilizations - Alternative View

Video: G. Sidorov On The Mystery Of The Death Of Ancient Civilizations - Alternative View

Video: G. Sidorov On The Mystery Of The Death Of Ancient Civilizations - Alternative View
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At present, many archaeological artifacts have been discovered in various places on Earth that do not fit into the official version of history at all and clearly indicate that highly developed civilizations existed on our planet in ancient times.

But why is all evidence of these civilizations carefully hidden and hushed up, and the discovered artifacts themselves, under any pretext, are withdrawn into private collections or are openly destroyed with the help of terrorist organizations of fanatical religious radicals? It is no secret that these terrorist organizations were created, armed and continue to be financed by structures controlled by the so-called. "World government". It is no secret that many artifacts of ancient civilizations are deposited in the private collections of the ruling and richest families of the Earth, controlled by the clan of dark priests and their non-humanoid masters.

First, representatives of the "elite", with the help of secret scientific institutes controlled by them, try to reveal the secrets of these civilizations and use their achievements for their own selfish purposes. This is one reason why the very existence of these civilizations in distant antiquity is carefully hidden from the common people.

The second reason is connected with the fact that any sensible person, knowing about the presence of highly developed civilizations of antiquity, will ponder the cause of their death. And once he thinks, he will try to avoid their tragic mistakes. But this is exactly what the non-humanoid owners of our world "elite" do not need, since their far-reaching plans are connected with the complete destruction of mankind by his own hands. And for this, with the help of their servants, they are again trying to knock their heads together in the world thermonuclear war, the descendants of Atlantis and Arctida-Oriana, represented by the present Anglo-Saxon Empire and Russia.

Therefore, it is the dissemination of knowledge about those distant events that can help humanity to realize these criminal plans and allow itself once again “not to step on the same rake” of the world thermonuclear conflict, as has already happened more than once in the real history of mankind. In this aspect, information about those distant events obtained by the Russian traveler, biologist, anthropologist G. Sidorov in one of the communities of the keepers of the ancient Arctida-Oriana tradition can be very useful.

This is what the elder of the congregation told him:

Well, yes, it is very convenient - to invent a version of history that would benefit the ruling families of the Earth and their masters. This is the origin of Darwin's theory, which denies the "star trail" in the appearance of mankind on our planet and the official version of history itself, denying the existence of ancient highly developed civilizations, and therefore hiding the reasons for their death.

Ancient myths say that the reason for the death of Atlantis was the transition of its priesthood and ruling circles to the dark cults of human sacrifice. And here it was not without the influence of the non-humanoid mind on the consciousness of the high priests of Atlantis. Having subjugated the consciousness of the "top" of the Pyramid of Power of the Atlanteans, this force unfriendly to humanity organized the attack of Atlantis on the Arctic ancestral home of all people of the white race - Oriana. And this happened twice already during the world wars 40 and 12 thousand years ago. As a result, a large number of people perished each time, and those who survived were rolled back into the "stone age".

The ruling "elite" of New Atlantis, controlled by the same forces, is preparing something similar for us now. That is why they built underground cities of refuge all over the world, so that representatives of this "elite" could sit out in them the nuclear and climatic apocalypse. And if they do not refuse to implement the plans of their masters, then for its salvation, humanity will have to sacrifice this very “elite” that has betrayed its interests. Otherwise, new trouble cannot be avoided.

Here is what the elder of the community of Oriana's descendants said to G. Sidorov: “Again the same alignment of forces: ancient Atlantis was revived in the USA. Its natural ally, as well as twelve thousand years ago, could be Western Europe. Russia, whether our ruling circles want it or not, is the heir to Oriana-Hyperborea. And in our natural allies, like thousands of years ago, the people of Iran, India, Africa."

Thus, history repeats itself. And this next round of it reveals the scenario of a multi-thousand-year plan for the destruction of humanity. But do we need people to continue playing games invented for us by a non-humanoid mind? Isn't it better to remove the “scriptwriters” themselves from our planet, who prepared for us a “game” of self-destruction? Think about it carefully, if you do not want to once again play the roles of "sacrificial rams" prepared for you.

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