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Barriers And Blockages To Enlightenment - Alternative View
Barriers And Blockages To Enlightenment - Alternative View

Video: Barriers And Blockages To Enlightenment - Alternative View

Video: Barriers And Blockages To Enlightenment - Alternative View
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The biggest barrier to enlightenment is identifying with old beliefs, conventions, and programming. This is the activity of the egoistic “I”, that part of the personality that experiences a sense of separation from the whole. The egoistic “I” is a necessary part of being in a physical body on Earth. The teachings that suggest ego suppression are wrong because in order to communicate and function on earth, you all need to have personal boundaries and a sense of self. However, as you well know, the ego can get out of control and reduce the perception of the soul to the fact that it completely identifies itself with the earthly self and forgets about its spiritual purpose and mission. We will not go into the details of how to take control of the ego. Chapter 4 of Life on the Front Line explores the tricks of the ego very well and explains how to move beyond the limits of self-centeredness. We will be discussing the issue of emotional states, and specifically fear, as this unresolved aspect of the soul plays a vital role in how the soul copes with Earth changes.

Fear of change

The fear of change plays a leading role in the consciousness of individuals and all of humanity. It manifests itself in many ways, including denial of Earth changes. The “business as usual” syndrome is widespread, especially in those countries that attach great importance to the acquisition of material goods.

As described in Life at the Forefront, the fear of change is usually a fear of the unknown, similar to the fear of death. Undoubtedly, humanity will have to perish if it does not change. This is the Catch 22 paradox. The psychology of the desire to preserve the past, even if it does not satisfy and leads to depression, grows out of the repression into the subconscious of the primary experience of the soul's fall or densification into matter. When souls first descended into matter, the experience was so traumatic that any subsequent change was viewed with extreme excitement, lest the experience be repeated. Souls preferred the relative comfort of knowing what to expect in life, even if it is not actually possible.

The main difference in today's situation is that change is necessary. The behavior of most of humanity is similar to the behavior of a ram climbing to the very edge of a cliff. Most of the ram people have only one step left to fall off the cliff. Or, to use a similar analogy, the stag man is frozen in the headlights, and the truck is moving too fast to stop. Fear must be looked into the eyes, but from the position of identifying oneself with the Higher Self, the essence of the soul. To dispel fear, it must be illuminated with the light of truth. The root cause of problems (fear of another fall) can be dealt with through psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, and other techniques such as healing time lines.

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Emotional problems

The greatest barrier to happiness and well-being, especially in the turbulent times that are now manifesting on Earth, are the emotional problems of the Self. As discussed above, psychology usually involves the study of the mind-body relationship with emotion, but in the next few paragraphs we will focus primarily on the emotional self as the primary player in psychological health.

There are three main negative emotions: fear, anger, and sadness. Regardless of the reason for these emotions, they must be loved and accepted that they exist before they can be changed. They must be fully experienced before being transformed. Resisting or suppressing emotions is the cause of psychopathic behavior and all forms of violence. Later in this section, we and the channel will review the two steps needed to get rid of emotional problems.


Most addictions, be they “gist” or “process,” fall under the category of emotional denial. As you know, life on earth is very stressful and it is not easy to deal with “buried” or repressed emotions, despite the many psychotherapeutic approaches offered by your so-called specialists. Most people would rather “buy to the point”, engage in sexual escapades, or fill their minds with new strategies for increasing their material wealth, rather than dealing with uncomfortable and “immoral” emotional problems.

Therefore, most people resort to addictions as a way to avoid “looking in the eyes” of negative emotions. Most addictions offer a temporary “rise,” followed by a decline. Recession stimulates the recurrence of the uplifting state, and a vicious cycle begins. Addictions can be overt and subtle, depending on the level of suppression and denial. Many people don't even realize they have addictions. We could devote a whole volume to this topic, because often it is addictions that prevent us from clearly seeing what is happening now and will happen in the future on planet Earth.

What happens if you quit addictions? Everything is very simple. You will have to deal with negative feelings, including fear of what will happen on Earth. You will have to face your problems and, as a result, pay attention to the situation in which you would find solutions. But before finding a solution, you need to understand the problem. This is why we have included a section on psychology in this book.

Psychology of Human Relations

Nowhere is the psychology of denial manifested more clearly than in human relationships. While some people are quite happy with their intimate partners, most find true happiness and satisfaction in this area lacking. Many people asked the channel what will happen to their partners during the Earth changes. Some fear that family members or spouses will not go through the transition from third to fourth density. Others planning to move into fifth density feel that their partner or spouse will be stuck in third and fourth density. As has been said many times before, you cannot force someone to change, especially when that person is placed under the demands or expectations of your ego.

Each person should follow the true desires of his soul. If your spiritual path is different from the spiritual path of your close partner, you should accept that you may not be traveling together. Accordingly, you should face any unhealed emotional issues related to separation, rejection, rejection, loneliness, and the like.

The biggest psychological problem we see in your relationship is the desire to control and manipulate partners. Sometimes it is very subtle, but it can be quite obvious. You enter into a relationship with certain expectations and requirements, and when your partner cannot or does not want to meet your expectations and requirements, you get angry and frustrated.

The desire to avoid loneliness or the pursuit of love can force you to try to decide for the other what his or her spiritual path should be during the period of Earth changes. Each soul will have to make its own choices, which path to follow as the changes accelerate. The business of each of you is to love and accept your loved ones with unconditional love. But first, you have to unconditionally love and accept yourself. You will find that the path of Ascension is difficult unless you cleanse yourself of these problems in the most appropriate way for you.

Sal Rachel, Earth Change and 2012

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