The Price Of Wealth - Alternative View

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The Price Of Wealth - Alternative View
The Price Of Wealth - Alternative View

Video: The Price Of Wealth - Alternative View

Video: The Price Of Wealth - Alternative View
Video: THE PRICE YOU PAY FOR WEALTH! 2023, September

Nowadays the saying is very popular - “money is energy”. I won't even argue. It's just not entirely clear why?

Probably because in order to make money you need energy, i.e. mental and physical strength, and to spend - you need the same.

A lot of energy - a lot of money. You have a lot of energy when there is a place in your life for both material and spiritual values. If your money is connected only with the material part or only with the spiritual, then there is not enough energy.

In the first case - it will be "children's money", to please yourself loved ones, my want. And in the second - you are an enlightened person, everything worldly is alien to you, and you do not need money, then you need to go to Tibet to the monks.

We will deal with "children's money" today. So, the income level does not suit you. But inside you live attitudes, rules of behavior, values, abilities, etc. And this is all worked out by you and your ancestors. And all this your inner content is reflected in the level of your income.

Once again, I repeat that you collected all this inner baggage at the age of 6 and now you are carrying it. There are certainly great things there, but there are also many unnecessary ones.

Are you ready to get rid of the excess? Are you ready to change your habits, behavior, change jobs, social circle, appearance, etc.? What price are you willing to pay for your wealth?

Money doesn't just come. The price of money is a different life, a different sense of oneself, one's purpose and the meaning of life. The latter is already spirituality, it is not available to children, they need to learn to just live, to satisfy their children's needs.

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And if we go back to our children's luggage, then from there we can get two outdated things:

- lies even for no reason;

- the ability to qualitatively spread rot.

Parents taught us to lie in childhood. By the way, reticence is also a lie. Remember: “let's not tell mom / dad about this”, “pick up the phone and say that I am not at home”?

If for some reason you did not go to school, your mother wrote a note that you were sick, and she herself told her boss that she would be late for work, because the child does not feel well at the time when you joyfully "stood on your head."

You were promised and not done, extremely unpleasant things happened in your life, but you were reassured: "Nothing terrible happened." You are so used to it that you yourself do not notice when you are lying and why.

You lie even when the truth is not hard to tell. Someone owes you money, and you ask for it back, inventing "all sorts of reasons" to justify your demand.

In life, this translates into the fact that you:

- You try to guess the thoughts of another person in order to answer what he wants to hear, and not what you think;

- You agree to perform tasks that are beyond your power, because you think you can do it, otherwise you would not be asked about it.

The second popular but unnecessary thing is self-flagellation. Your parents were often unhappy with you. It is likely that you have concluded that without you their life would have been much better, or you must become perfection itself, so as not to darken their years.

Criticism from the outside turned into a negative attitude towards oneself, a very high-quality internal critic developed. Moreover, when I ask at a consultation: "Why are you criticizing yourself so relish?"

The answer is always about the same: “How different? You have to somehow stimulate yourself to change! At the same time, everyone is looking for support, but they do not know how to support themselves!

Parents are afraid to praise their children - they will spoil them. So you, grown up, are afraid to praise and support yourself, otherwise you will be spoiled! And you continue to improve yourself through criticism of yourself, but at the same time, no matter how much you do and no matter how hard you try, it is always not good enough.

Others you judge not as strictly as yourself "black and white", "good or bad" is your way of evaluating events and people.

In reality, you:

- You think that if something goes wrong in life, you are to blame, - do not accept praise especially for simple work, - underestimate your merits, often excuse yourself with the phrase: "This is my job."

As a summary, I want to share with you a parable

“There was a jester at the king's court. He was quite frivolous and people didn't take him seriously. Everyone laughed at him, pointed a finger at him. The jester was getting tired of it. And one day he felt the desire to live better. He wanted to be rich, have a big house, dress nicely, travel to different countries.

But most of all he wanted people's respect. The jester conveyed his request to the king. The king thought about it and decided that the jester was worthy of a good fortune, because for many years served him faithfully, creating a cheerful atmosphere. Having received his wealth, the jester enjoyed a new happiness, a big house, delicious food, beautiful clothes.

But he soon began to notice that the people around him were only pretending to respect him. He remained a jester for them, only rich. In addition, he was spending his fortune at a tremendous rate.

The jester told the king's sage about his problems. He shook his head with a smile, pointed to the glass and amphora of wine and said:

“I would not be able to pour all this wine into one glass, it is too small. Your personality is too small for your desires. You are like a glass, you cannot contain all the riches that the king gave you. You are not able to keep them, you will lose it all. If you continue to live like this. To change the circumstances around you, you need to change yourself!"

Each has its own price of wealth.

Author: V. B. Ryabova