Cars That Disappeared Right Before Our Eyes - Alternative View

Cars That Disappeared Right Before Our Eyes - Alternative View
Cars That Disappeared Right Before Our Eyes - Alternative View

Video: Cars That Disappeared Right Before Our Eyes - Alternative View

Video: Cars That Disappeared Right Before Our Eyes - Alternative View
Video: Our car disappears right before our eyes!!! GTA 5 p 20 2023, September

Cars disappearing into thin air without warning and right in front of one or more people seem to be more common than they might first appear.

Indeed, cases that can be described as "Glitch in the Matrix" occur on the Internet quite often. Like this story from a user named “pixelpants” on Reddit.


“I was busy taking the dishes off the table after dinner, and I noticed through the window a car driving towards my house, which, it seems, was driven by a woman. I was surprised because a) I live at the very end of the street and this is a dead end and b) there is no place to turn around.

For about a minute I watched her slowly drive along the road, and then I went out into the street, believing that she might be lost or just looking for a place to turn around. It only took me about 10 seconds to go outside and … there was no car.

She simply could not back up in such a short time and completely hide from the road, so that she would not be noticed at all. And she could not turn anywhere without reaching my house or turning to the neighbors, there is a very narrow road. And if she turned to the neighbors, she would also be visible, in 10 seconds she could not get through to them, ask them to open the garage and drive into it.

On the street, you could still see traces of dust left by this car and it felt like it had dissolved into thin air. I felt creepy and before you ask, I assure you that I do not take any hallucinogens or anything that would make me see something so unreal. I also get good sleep.

It was just absolutely strange thing. I have never seen this car or the woman behind the wheel before or after this incident."

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Another user from the same site described how he was driving on a one-way road from his place of work, when something very strange also happened when he pulled up to a parking sign.

He claims that this road was technically only for cars that were driving on the right side and there was a right turn sign ahead, but sometimes some cars, when there were no other cars nearby, turned left in order to turn onto another road.

In this regard, the user says that a large black SUV suddenly stopped behind him at a traffic light, and he describes what happened next, as follows:

“I was always a little nervous about the fact that it is not quite right to do things like turn where there is no such sign, although it is not such a big offense and I myself have done so from time to time. But there was a car behind me and I nevertheless decided to go straight and not to the left, although I could have taken a shortcut.

So I stepped on the gas and started going straight across the street, and I saw that the car behind me was doing the same thing as me. After we both hit the road (it's a quiet road with densely planted trees around the edges and only one or two houses further down the road), the SUV also followed me.

I watched him with my eyes in the rearview mirror for some unknown reason, and suddenly, when I blinked just for a second, this car disappeared. In broad daylight, on the road. where there were no access roads, it could only disappear by crashing into the trees. I even specifically looked to see if there was a gap where branches would be broken off and leaves lie, but no, the car was nowhere to be seen.

He literally disappeared, vanished into thin air. And trust me, I went through all the possibilities in my head about where he could hide and there was simply no way to do it.

An eerie detail, but I did not remember who was in the driver's seat, although the car was driving right behind me and you could easily distinguish the person's face. I don't know if his glass was tinted or something else, but that also confused me."


Another case from the same Reddita thread from a user with the nickname "whorl" and this time there were two eyewitnesses.

“I was driving home from school with a friend of mine on my usual route, and at some point we have to turn down the highway. There is a large hill along the way and immediately after the hill there is a traffic light, which is why there are often congestions there. To the left of the highway is a dirt road separated by a ditch.

While we were standing in a long line of cars to drive past a traffic light, a friend of mine noticed a car driving along a dirt road in the opposite direction. I was immediately a little surprised, because first of all I would have noticed this car even when we were driving up the hill, from there an excellent view, and secondly, I had no idea where she was going at all, since this dirt road rested on a dead end in a place we recently passed.

It was a pretty old white car, unfortunately I don't know the old brands enough to name it a model. When the traffic light was green and I drove under it, I looked back to see where that strange car was now. And he was no longer on the dirt road or on the highway. And he could not just go to the highway, there is a wide ditch between them (he was not even in the ditch).

I looked at my friend with a surprised face and he just muttered "what the hell …". I have no explanation for this incident and it was rather disturbing."


In addition to these various stories of cars that literally disappeared into the air, there is another story that appeared on the ThoughtCo website. and was reported by a witness calling himself Mike.

He claims that in January 2012 he traveled with a friend to Clayton, Victoria, Australia, and then drove home late at night. It was about midnight when Mike was driving along the road and there were no other cars. And suddenly he noticed that a car was driving right behind him, which seemed to come out of nowhere. And then a chain of strange events happened:

“When I drove up to the shops along the road, I noticed in the rear-view mirror how a car was catching up with me, but still following in the distance. I thought it was unusual that he accelerated so much, especially in this zone, where there is a limit of up to 60 km and up to 40 km during the day. (We have a place here where you can drive no more than 3 km per hour at all, and there will be a big police fine for violation if caught. So this is all pretty serious).

I saw that this is a jeep and it has a trailer. By the time we reached the end of the shopping lane, the traffic lights at the intersection were still green. When I drove through the intersection, I expected that jeep would pass me, but when I looked in the rearview mirror, I did not see it on the road at all.

It would seem that he turned right at an intersection, but at his speed, which was 60 km / h or more, I don't think he could have done it without slowing down too much, especially with a trailer. And if he slowed down at a turn, he would slow down and I would definitely notice him.

I couldn't understand what had just happened. One minute ago, a jeep with a trailer was driving behind me and practically caught up with me, and suddenly it is nowhere to be found and I cannot logically explain where it went.