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Quartz Crystals In The Magic Of Atlantis, Shamanism And In Our Time - Alternative View
Quartz Crystals In The Magic Of Atlantis, Shamanism And In Our Time - Alternative View

Video: Quartz Crystals In The Magic Of Atlantis, Shamanism And In Our Time - Alternative View

Video: Quartz Crystals In The Magic Of Atlantis, Shamanism And In Our Time - Alternative View
Video: All About Magical Crystals & Their Powers 2023, May

The most magical stone on Earth is a quartz crystal. There is a theory that quartz crystals represent the crystalline consciousness of our planet, its "brain cells". They are the conductors of the most ancient meta-consciousness, and we humans are able, through quartz crystals, not only to connect to this Superconsciousness, but also to use it.

It was quartz crystals that were the very legendary crystals of Atlantis. At some point, the magicians of Atlantis were tempted to use them for war. With their help, entire cities and peoples were destroyed, incinerated. Below you will find out the basis of this psychotechnique.

But all this does not deny the creative role of these magic stones, which is the main one.

“There is a completely extraordinary story about the Earth Guardian Crystals, a story of hope and inspiration.

Very, very long ago, when our world was still very young, and the entire universe was much younger, highly evolved beings visited the Earth, whose homeland was much closer to the center of the galaxy, and they were raised by a source of abundant light emanating from the great central sun. With more light at their disposal and being closer to a source of pure energy, they evolved very quickly, and soon traveled to other star systems in search of new knowledge and adventure.

Looking at the virgin Earth, and seeing its blue waters, lush vegetation and fertile soil, they named it "Terra", which means "one that gives life."

Observing the natural physical laws that Terra obeyed, they realized that she was ready for fertilization. These creatures, which we will call "the Ancients", worked tirelessly with the forces of the elements, preparing the planet for the emergence of intelligent life forms. They took the natural substance of the earth, silicon dioxide, and, by directing a stream of their power of light on it, created huge crystals of quartz, known to us as the "Guardians of the Earth." With the help of these crystals, which were their predecessors, these beings, preparing for incarnation on the physical plane, created the electromagnetic force field of the Earth.

When all the elements were in proper order, and the Earth Guardian Crystals brought the planet in line with the highest cosmic power, the Ancients took human form and incarnated in the world of feelings. Many of them came to Earth and created the primordial civilizations of My, Lemuria and Atlantis, it is they: they are the ancient ones, about which all myths, legends and religions speak. They stood at the edge of time and were the Teachers who created the evolution of the universe.

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Advanced civilizations used the Earth Keepers in their daily lives and bathed in their radiation. These crystals served to preserve the attunement of consciousness to the higher vibrations of their ancient ancestral home, and everyone who entered the field of their aura was filled with strength. They became powerful tools through which cosmic power could be conducted, serving to obtain food, water, the manufacture of jewelry and sacred clothes, which were subsequently worn.

These crystals encourage positive action. They create harmony. They came to reunite us with the source from which we all came and to teach us to maintain a connection with both the earth and the sky. The Earth Keepers carry the memory of how they were brought here and can teach us the art of time travel. They can teach us to maintain physical existence, while at the same time leaving it with our personality to soar in the higher dimensions of reality."

Flying Quartz Crystals

In the US state of Arkansas, there is an old rock crystal mine located 15 km from Maina in the Ouachita National Park. Since February 2017, strange phenomena began to occur on the territory of the mine, glowing balls fly, bright strange flashes appear at night, as well as stones fly. The video, taken on July 16, 2017, shows quartz crystals moving in space.

Quartz crystals in shamanism

Most shamans are healers, but they can also do divination, looking into the past and future of other people. The shaman is the seer. The word "see" comes from the word "know, know". A thousand-year tradition has brought to us the only correct meaning of this word - and this meaning is the heritage of shamans. The shaman can engage in clairvoyance when he is revealed to what is happening at the present time elsewhere.

The shaman lives between different realities. He is the mediator between the two worlds, and at the same time the ruler of forces with the aim of helping people.

Traveling to the Lower World and meeting with the guardian spirit there, the shaman can consult with him. Such advice is usually called "predictions." The reasons for such advice can be different (for example, the need to solve their personal problems, the desire to receive help in working with the patient, etc.). More often than not, the Guardian Spirit provides the answer. Sometimes he takes the shaman on a journey to the extraordinary places of the Downworld. The experience that the shaman experiences at the same time will be the answer to the question posed.

A shamanic journey can also be made at someone's request in order to find out in advance what will happen to that person in the ordinary world. Thus, one European who visited Sakhov (a people in Siberia) reported:

“When I was leaving for my summer trip, I asked the sorcerer in Obdorsk: will I be lucky? He began to beat the drum and flew on the clouds to my destination. When he arrived at the Pur River, he had a headache, which means I would have been ill there too. In a small whirlpool at the mouth of the river, his boat capsized - it would have happened to me. Finally, sailing further along the Taz River, he reached the Spirit Giving Light. This means that the journey should have ended happily for me, and I would have returned safely."

Unfortunately, the writer did not indicate to what extent the predictions were accurate. Consingerr, however, respected the divinatory power of the shamans. Here is one of his references to this.

“Several shamans who have never been to Pucallpa in their usual state have visited him in an unusual state. They described to me the streets and shops of the city in sufficient detail for me to recognize them, and also told me that they had seen the death of my parents. It was exactly two days before I heard about it on the radio."

For his healing purposes, the shaman collects various objects into the so-called "bundle of power". Particularly important of these are the items found by the shaman during the powerful experiences associated with his shamanic work.

Many shamans store their power items in the skin of a wild animal, some in a cloth bag, leather bag, or wooden chest. These items are stored wrapped and unfold only during work. The shaman should not brag about them or talk too much about them - they can lose their strength from this. When the shaman unfolds the knot and takes out the objects of power, they evoke in his soul the memory of the states with which they were associated.

Almost any small object can be put into the medicine bundle. Only a shaman knows what can become an object of power.

While there can be an innumerable number of power objects, one of them is considered special - it is the QUARTZ CRYSTAL. Shamans attribute special importance to these stones - hexagonal, pointed, from transparent to milky white. Shamans use crystals of different sizes - from the length of the little finger joint to smaller ones.


Quartz crystal is considered the most powerful item of power. Many peoples call it "living stone". For many thousands of years this crystal has been used by shamans, who believe that its material and spiritual nature are one.

A quartz crystal, like other power items, is considered a helper spirit. He is, in a sense, “solidified light” associated with illumination and vision. During training, shamans feel that the crystal is “sunk” in the middle of their forehead so that they gain the ability to see the essence of things through it. Crystals are often pressed into the skin, rubbing them on the bodies of training shamans to give them power, and even pouring "liquefied" quartz on their bodies. Shamans put a quartz crystal in water and drink it, after which they acquire the ability to see ghosts.

Shamans have long used quartz crystals for vision and divination. The crystal ball familiar to the people of our culture is simply a polished descendant of an old shamanic crystal.

In Australia, the finest shamans looked into the crystal to evoke visions of the past, present and future. The Indians would often send a quartz crystal or its spirit to capture the image of someone's face. This technique was also used for long distance healing. The shaman sent a crystal at night to bring the image of the patient. When the image arrived, the shaman danced around the crystal, shaking the rattle (while he was in a shamanic state of consciousness). Then the shaman asked the crystal to remove the harmful power from the image. A sick person, who was far away, thus recovered.

As a rule, the shaman wears his crystal hidden from people and from the rays of the sun. The Sakhov Shaman keeps it in his shoulder bag. The Australian shaman also stores his quartz crystals in a bag along with other power items, he can also store them in the stomach. A Tsimpani shaman wears a crystal in a pouch around his neck. The Papayan shaman is so dependent on a quartz crystal that it looks more like a guardian spirit than a helper spirit.

You can also keep it in your pocket. One shaman said:

“When you carry it in your pocket, it tells you in a dream everything that you will do, answers all questions. You need to carry it with you if you want to be a real shaman."

The shaman of South America has quartz crystals inside the rattle and is considered to be his helper spirits, which help the shaman to remove harmful intrusions from patients. It is believed that after death, the soul of the shaman merges with quartz crystals inside his rattle and rises into the sky in the form of light. The association of crystals with the sky is significant - it symbolizes the connection not only with light and the sun. A shaman's soul can return to Earth from its heavenly dwelling in the form of a quartz crystal, and an aspiring shaman can take a 'journey to heaven to retrieve such a crystal from behind the Sun.

The quartz crystal is also associated with the sky and can be found by the shaman at the foot of the rainbow, where it ends in the body of water. The Australian shaman Kaby "with many crystals in his body could travel down to the deepest wells where the spirit of the rainbow lived, and acquire even more crystals." Such a shaman rises "full of life" and "becomes a physician to the highest degree."

Some California shamans possessed very strong "ancestor" crystals, which were considered especially powerful. According to some beliefs, you need to work with them very carefully, especially with large ones: if the crystal is damaged, then the "end of the world" can come at the individual level. From the point of view of physics, this is quite understandable, since a huge amount of energy of the order of hundreds of thousands of volts can be released from a large crystal, which is dangerous for someone who knocks with such a crystal.

The question involuntarily arises: why are quartz crystals considered so powerful? The answer may lie in a very interesting coincidence. In modern physics, the quartz crystal, like shamans, 'is associated with the control of power. Its remarkable electronic properties quickly made it a major component in radio transmitters and receivers. Thin layers cut from the crystal have become an important element in computers and time relays. While this may all be a coincidence, it is one of the many synchronicities that make the shaman's accumulated knowledge fascinating and often even awe-inspiring.

Taisha Abelar on the magical uses of quartz crystals

“The magicians of ancient Mexico made extensive use of crystals. This is a weapon with which you can defeat the enemy. It is believed that ancient sorcerers used them in this way: in a state of incredible concentration of attention, they recreated in their imagination the image of their enemies, and then in this state of their mental and physical presence, the magicians found the center of concentration of their energy. This requires an unusual state of concentration that is almost impossible to achieve. These magicians found in the image of their enemy a hole located in the region of the heart. It is a small vortex in the flow of energy. As soon as they managed to find it, they sent their deadly crystals to this point. It could also be that a person whose image was subjected to such an influence on the part of the magician endured such a test without any consequences. It is believed that the magicians themselves did not know for sure what was going to happen, although if their forces were significant, they could be sure that the enemy would not be well.

There were times when magic weapons played a very important role. Weapons such as crystals became an extension of the magician's body. It was filled with his energy, which at the same time could be directed to any point in space-time. The fact is that it can be turned into a means for the accumulation, storage and transmission of energy.

Crystals will help you direct your INTENTION in the right direction and release the captured energy after MEMORIES.

Pinch the crystals between your middle and index fingers. Then stretch your arms out in front of you at shoulder height and rotate them counterclockwise. Make it so that at first the circles were large, and then they should become smaller and smaller until the movement stops and the crystals are directed into the distance with their points. The imaginary lines extending them converged to a point on the horizon. When describing circles with your hands, make sure that your palms are facing each other. And always start with soft, sweeping movements. Thus, you collect energy, which you can then direct to everything that requires its impact, be it an object, thought or feeling. This orientation of the crystals and this movement of the hands draws energy from things. The effect in this case is similar to the demining process.

But never, under any circumstances, rotate your hands clockwise while holding crystals in them. In this case, you will not only create a bomb, but also set fire to the fuse, as a result of which a huge explosion will occur. Remember that clockwise hand movement energizes things, it is used to concentrate energy.

You can collect a lot of energy by just simply NOT DOING what you used to do, like complaining, regretting what happened in the past, or worrying about something that cannot be changed. Stopping spending energy on these unnecessary worries, you get the opportunity to direct it to self-improvement and healing yourself. Whereas the energy that you will collect by moving your hands with crystals clockwise is a dangerous energy that is released in large quantities and which you cannot currently control.

Weapons like these crystals have nothing to do with war or peace. You can be whatever pacifist you want, but still you will need a weapon. You need it right now to fight the enemy.

You must hold the crystals between your fingers as a weapon and repeat your magical tricks, focusing on the heart of your enemy, which in this case is a sense of self-importance, breaking through to you under the guise of self-pity, moral indignation, or righteous sadness.

A sense of self-importance, a lack of purposefulness, uncontrollable ambition, short-sighted sensuality, cowardice - the list of enemies who seek to interfere with your flight to freedom is endless, and you must be merciless in the fight against them.

Crystals work wonders in everything related to focusing our attention and keeping it on one object. This is the quality of all quartz crystals."

It must be borne in mind that quartz crystals are primarily a magical weapon. And like any weapon, it carries destruction. Does it follow from this that they cannot be used for good purposes? Of course not. Following the technique described above, a person can "clear mines", "dissolve" his own and other people's diseases, any problems, obstacles of any kind. Quartz crystals are amazingly effective. However, it is highly discouraged to rotate the crystals clockwise, in this case you do not dissipate energy, but concentrate it, "collect a bomb" that can explode at any moment and cause damage to you. Only very strong and experienced magicians can use such a technique without harming themselves.

Quartz crystals should never be purchased from hands, as they will indelibly store the energy of the previous owner. They become one with the person. It is necessary to acquire only "virgin", pure crystals in order to merge with them later.

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