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Abnormal Zones - "Enchanted" Places - Alternative View
Abnormal Zones - "Enchanted" Places - Alternative View

Video: Abnormal Zones - "Enchanted" Places - Alternative View

Video: Abnormal Zones - "Enchanted" Places - Alternative View
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Anomalous zone in …

According to the dictionary, the physical law is a necessary, essential, stable repeating connection between phenomena, processes and states. But not a single natural law is fulfilled 100%, although it is statistically the most probable. For example, the likelihood that a rock thrown upward will fly into space is so negligible that it can be neglected. However, there are situations or places on our planet where the known physical laws are not fulfilled.

Places with broken gravity

There is such a zone in Dagestan on one of the roads where a car with the engine and brakes turned off climbs the mountain on its own, contrary to all the laws of physics.

One of the first to notice this was the drivers passing through this area. On the track, where the ascent begins, you can safely turn off the engine and watch the heavy car slowly climb a steep slope. The invited physics professors, not understanding how to give an explanation for this phenomenon, call it exclusively optical illusion - they say, cars roll only because there is a downward slope. But the simplest carpentry tool - a level or even a plumb line - shows the opposite.

A similar area was found in California, near the town of Santa Cruz. Today it is called the Preiser Zone, after its owner, Bruce Preser, who discovered it in 1940. This small area on the side of the mountain has become a place of pilgrimage for ufologists from various countries. In front of the entrance to the zone lies a massive concrete beam, the other end of which is inside a patch of distorted gravity. With the help of the level, each visitor can make sure that the beam is strictly horizontal. But if you put one person of the same height at each end of the concrete pillar, then the person in the anomalous zone will look a few centimeters lower, and when changing places with a friend, the same amount higher than him.

In the zone itself there is a barn, built by its owner many years ago, which is very skewed due to the distorted force of gravity in this place. Indeed, approaching the center of the anomalous spot, visitors have to bend over to maintain balance. The compass inside the zone, a meter from the surface of the earth, shows correctly, but if you lower it lower, then it changes its data to the opposite. Non-magnetic objects behave in a similar way, and the distortion of gravity is most pronounced in the center of the zone, which is the middle of the shack built by Bruce Placer.

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There are similar "enchanted" places in other parts of our planet. In China, this is a hill in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Mount St. David in the center of Tbilisi, as many as three anomalous zones in Israel, Megure Hill in Romania, as well as two more zones on the territory of our country - the Red Ridge rock, near Krasnoyarsk, and Sredneuralskaya zone of increased seismicity, etc.

There are no laws of gravity here

We are talking about a small lake called Salantina, located in Argentina, near which there is a zone where gravity sometimes completely disappears. People, animals and various objects that fall on this place suddenly soar into the air to a height of up to 3 meters for several minutes, and then gradually descend back. "Disconnection" of gravity comes suddenly without any system, and therefore it cannot be predicted. The duration of weightlessness is from a few seconds to half an hour. Sometimes the disappearance of gravity occurs every day, but more often it takes months to wait. One local resident has been in the zero gravity caused by this place 5 times already. He said that the feeling of flying was very pleasant, and the takeoff and landing were soft.

Zones with changing the passage of time

This includes the city of Kotor in Montenegro, where all clocks go wrong: some are in a hurry, while others are lagging behind. Especially large interruptions in timing occur when there is a threat of an earthquake, which is not so rare in these places.

And in our country with similar properties there is the so-called Sandovsky Triangle near Tver, where a clock malfunction is also noted. Here, not only perfectly serviceable chronometers, but also the compass and electronic devices cease to work correctly. There is something similar in the Verkhovazhsky district of the Arkhangelsk region. The first violations of the flow of time were noted there back in 1912 by a scientific expedition studying the Earth's magnetic field. Subsequently, already during the Great Patriotic War, many instruments for the pilots were denied over this zone.

Such violations of the tempo of the passage of time were noted in the places of UFO landings, near the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, in the place of the fall of the Tunguska meteorite, etc.

Zone of Silence

This mysterious territory is located in Mexico, not far from the border with America, the main feature of which is that radio waves do not penetrate here, and therefore radios and televisions do not work, there is no cellular connection, and the compass needle "dances". Called the "zone of silence", this area is an empty and bleak plain, overgrown with liquid vegetation and inhabited by poisonous snakes.

Already 200 years ago, local residents noted here a frequent fall of meteorites, and since the discovery and spread of the method of radio communication, this area has gone into disrepute. The first to notice the anomaly was a pilot who had the imprudence to fly over this desert area back in the 1930s, when his radio stopped working. Subsequently, the pilots simply avoided flying here.

But scientists became seriously interested in the mysterious valley only in the 1970s, when the American Athena research rocket launched from a nearby test site deviated from the main course towards this zone and exploded on its surface. A few years later, a similar story happened with the Saturn rocket. After that, the American space agency sent a special commission to the zone, which found that, due to unknown reasons, this area attracts metal objects and does not allow the passage of radio waves.

In recent years, UFO flights have begun to be observed in this deserted place, their landing sites have been recorded, and encounters with aliens have also been observed. Tourists who regularly visit the anomalous zone talk about glowing balls flying over the earth's surface at night. The first successful photographs of a silvery UFO were taken here in 1976. But in the overwhelming majority of cases, the newcomers, as well as their "means of transportation", try to avoid being seen by tourists.

Science is silent

Science is at an impasse regarding the gravitational or chronal paradoxes described above. The only thing that scientists have found is the presence of tectonic faults and deposits of magnetic ores in some places considered anomalous. But they still cannot connect all this with the above phenomena. Most traditionally minded researchers simply dismiss the topic, explaining all this by delusion or hoax.

A. Vyatkin

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